7 Spiritual meanings of crows cawing loudly in the morning (Spiritual message of cawing crows)

One of the scariest things that have ever happened to me is being cawed at by a number of crows on my morning run. Initially, I feared being pecked, and I just assumed that I’d disturbed their nest or nestlings, but then it happened a few more times, which got me thinking. I read all about crows, and my findings were fascinating and eye-opening. From my research, here are some of my findings about the spiritual meanings of crows cawing in the morning.

It is believed that a cawing crow could represent several things, such as communicating valuable information or warnings from the spiritual realm because these birds from the oscine passerine family are mostly considered the most devout messengers of the cosmos. The crows’ cawing could represent a warning of potential danger, or they could be just trying to frighten someone off.

In this article, I’ll share the many insights I have gained about crows cawing. I’ll also share the different types of cawing, the spiritual meanings associated with their caws, and what the number of crows mean. To learn more, take this deep dive into the significance of cawing crows with me.

What is the spiritual significance of a crow cawing?

Spiritual meanings of crows cawing loudly in the morning
Spiritual significance of a crow cawing. Image source: Pixabay

It is believed that cawing crows are spiritual messengers that relay messages from the spiritual world. These spiritual messengers are believed to carry positive or negative messages from the other world. Unfortunately, the crows are often associated with carrying negative messages or warnings of impending doom, death, or the end of something precious. Other times, the crows could be carrying positive messages about self-development, the start of something good, or importance of self-reflection and trusting one’s intuition.

Additionally, a cawing crow could represent the end of something like one’s career or relationship, so the crow is believed to caw as a warning. For years, cultures worldwide have held on to the belief that cawing crows could be doing that to notify you of a dangerous situation or they could be bringing something to your attention.

Others also believe that cawing crows could represent a transformation that could be personal, spiritual, physical, or mental. In this regard, the birds’ caw could also serve as a warning about the changes that are about to occur.

To understand precisely what the message from the crows is, it is believed that people should listen out to the crow’s crow, listen to their intuition, become more aware of the things happening in their lives, and trust that the transformation or change that the crows could communicate could lead to something positive or offer some strength.

With the knowledge that the crows are believed to have, which makes them spiritual messengers, many of the Native American tribes with crow clans are said to have consulted crows for wisdom, especially in challenging times. This was the case for Native American tribes like the Hopi, Chippewa, Pueblo, Tlingit, Caddo, and Menominee tribes.

Despite the negative and dark symbolism around crows, the Celtics, like the Native Americans, believed in the wisdom and prophetic nature of the black-feathered birds. They also believed that these birds represented prophetic knowledge and individuality, so it’s perceived that their knowledge could be positive or negative. Celtics also believed that crows were signs sent to them either by oracles or clairvoyance and that the crows carried secrets under their wings. With these in mind, the cawing crows are, therefore, believed to be spiritual animals with the knowledge that people wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. And so, it is believed that the crows cawing represents different kinds of messages from the spiritual realm.

What does it mean when crows caw at you?

Crows can be territorial and will caw if they feel like someone, or something is threatening their nest or getting in the way of their food. Crows could also caw to warn you of some danger, especially if it’s been around your home severally in the past and is a familiar bird. It’s also believed that crows could be cawing as their way of creating a connection with you and warning you in case of a threat.

In the spiritual sense, however, crows are believed to caw as a way of notifying you of danger or something terrible about to befall your family or life. In Indian cultures, it is believed that a cawing crow represents a form of warning and that the sound the bird makes points to something wrong or unfortunate that might happen to you or your loved ones – this could be anything from falling sick, falling in financial difficulties, or death. It is also believed that if the crow cawing is sitting south of your property or location, the crow’s caw could be a bad omen, and the ancestors could be unhappy with you.

Finally, a crow cawing at you could represent a message from a recently departed loved one. This could be the case because of the belief that crows represent messengers from the otherworld and that the souls of the dead could pass to the living through the crows.

7 Spiritual meaning of crows that are cawing in the morning

Spiritual meanings of crows cawing loudly in the morning
Spiritual meaning of crows that are cawing in the morning. Image source: Pinterest

Good Omen

Crows cawing early morning is believed to symbolize something positive or good in your life. While the exact interpretation of the cawing birds could depend on the current life circumstances, it’s believed to represent good fortune coming your way.

It’s also believed that when crows caw early in the day, they represent the universe communing with you and reminding you that it’s keeping its watchful eyes on you and directing you in the right direction. The birds cawing could be the universe showing you its support or a reminder that something positive is about to happen to you.


Cawing crows are believed to represent transformation. In most cases, the crows cawing could indicate something coming to an end in your life, some emotional purge, or a suggestion that it’s time for you to undergo some kind of transformation.

The active cawing of the crows is also believed to be associated with a personal, emotional, mental, or spiritual transformation coming your way. The transformation could be positive or negative, but the change could be exactly what you need to enter the new chapter of your life, which could be the best one yet.

Reminder to pay attention to your surroundings

Additionally, crows cawing at you during the morning hours is believed to be a form of inspiration from the spiritual realm. The birds could also be cautioning you and trying to get your attention, reminding you to pay more attention to your spiritual surroundings. This is believed to be the case for persons who may have gotten into trouble with the universe because of their lack of empathy, and this could have led them down a sad path in life or even gotten them in danger. And so, when the first thing someone hears when they wake up is craws cawing, it is believed that the birds symbolize a call to action and a reminder to avoid recklessness or other kinds of behaviors that are frowned upon.

Communicating messages from a loved one

Crows are also believed to possess the spiritual gift of clairvoyance. When they caw, they could be helping or guiding the souls of the departed into the afterlife or bringing messages to the living from souls that departed. It is believed that one crow or a group of crows may appear on your window at dawn and start cawing if they detect some changes in spiritual energy, for example, when someone is terminally ill, about to pass, or just died. In such instances, the birds’ presence could allow the dead to transition peacefully into the afterlife.

In cases where the crows start cawing after someone’s passed on, it is believed that these birds could be communicating to you and perhaps informing you that the person transitioned peacefully.

Threat warnings

Crows cawing is also believed to represent a warming about some impending danger or something saddening. The threat could be in the form of death, bad fortune, or some misery. Unfortunately, it is also believed that despite the warnings from the crows, bad things that may happen to you or anyone else cannot be stopped. The crows could be there to help you prepare for whatever may happen.

In other cases, cawing crows could be there to make you aware of the impending threat in a way that reminds you to be more cautious or vigilant. The cawing birds could be making noises to remind you to be more aware of everything happening in your life to avoid ambushes by preventable threats and misfortunes.

With these beliefs in mind, it is recommended that you become more aware and sensitive to the energy around you because this could help you avoid dangerous situations or have a better way of navigating challenges.

Reminder to connect to your spiritual self

Crows are believed to represent messengers between the physical and the spiritual worlds. So, encountering cawing crows could be a reminder to reconnect with your spirituality. It’s believed that the crows cawing could be doing that to represent the need to reconnect with oneself, especially when you’ve been neglecting your spirit.  

Stability, Balance, and Grounding

In their natural settings, crows spend a lot of time on the ground, despite their ability to fly, and it is believed that this is because the birds prefer staying on the ground. After all, it keeps them connected. And so, most cultures that have taken note of the crow’s peculiar preference for the ground over the air believe that the cawing of the birds represents the need for stability and staying grounded. When you come across crows cawing, it is believed that this is a message sent to you from the spiritual realm for people to examine their lives and work on creating more stability and balance in areas like health, relationships, work-life, finances, and emotions.

Does the number of times a crow caws at you have any spiritual meaning?

Spiritual meanings of crows cawing loudly in the morning
Spiritual meaning of crows that are cawing. Image source: Pinterest

It is believed that the number of crows cawing has a spiritual meaning.

Crow caws once

It is believed that a crow’s caw represents different things, such as someone going to die or that misfortune could strike. A crow cawing once is often believed to symbolize bad luck, a bad omen, or some destruction coming up soon in your life.

Crow caws 2 times

A crow cawing two could symbolize success and good luck, and the crows may be there to remind you that good things are coming. It is also believed that a crow cawing twice represents the need to become more in tune with our emotions rather than losing control over them. It could also be that the crow wants you to embrace confidence and become less fearful, even when you feel pressured or like you are losing control.  

Crow caws 3 times

A crow cawing three times could signal that a loved one that passed has transitioned to the spiritual realm and is at peace. The crow cawing is believed to represent the bird’s message of comfort and peace when grieving. It is also believed that a crow cawing three times means that something potentially significant could happen in your life in 3 days.

Additionally, the three caws could be the universe’s message or alarms meant to draw your attention to insights or specific knowledge that could affect your life.

It’s believed that odd numbers represent spiritual elements or Godly aspects of life. So, the three caws from the crow could represent things like embracing unity between your spirit and soul, anticipating good things coming your way, or warning of things potentially going wrong in a relationship.

Crow caws 4 times

It is believed that a crow cawing four times represents a positive sign and an encouraging spiritual message that’s from the universe asking you to press on, regardless of how challenging the circumstances may be. The four cawing crows are also believed to signify goods that could be lying on the horizon for you or that the cawing could represent change.

Crow caws 5 times

Five crows cawing are believed to represent endurance, good fortune, and abundance, and the crow cawing five times means that something good could happen to your life soon. It’s also believed that the number of times that the crows caw represents the number of days until that thing happens.

Crow caws 6 times

 A crow cawing six times could mean that the crow carries a message of persistence, not giving up, and standing firm on one’s decisions, especially when things feel tough.

Crow cawing nonstop

The nonstop crows cawing is believed to represent the need to take action and stop postponing. The crows could be a form of guidance on the kind of decisions that you should make. Also, the crows’ nonstop cawing could be a message asking you to pay more attention to things happening around you and your spirituality.

What does it mean when a specific number of crows caw at you?

Spiritual message of cawing crows
Spiritual meaning of crows that are cawing. Image source: Pinterest

The interpretation of the meaning of a crow’s caw is believed to differ depending on the number of crows cawing.

One crow

It is believed that when one crow caws at you, it represents or symbolizes destruction and bad luck looming on the horizon. A single crow cawing at you could be a sign requiring you to take necessary steps in abating the calamity that could be impending.

Two crows

When two crows caw, it is believed to represent good, which could be in the form of good fortune in life, good luck, and harmony. The two crows cawing are, therefore, considered a good omen. They could also make certain moves in life or some reinforcement, letting you know that the actions taken are correct or that they could be the right decisions for you.

Three crows

Three crows cawing at you is believed to be a good omen and something that could mean you will enjoy good health. This is considered a good omen when it happens to someone who’s struggled with illness. And for a healthy person, the crow’s message could be interpreted as a promise of a long life.

Four crows

If you notice four crows cawing at you, it is believed that the cawing birds could represent luck, prosperity, and abundance. The four cawing birds are believed to symbolize the universe’s abundance of blessings. It’s also believed that most people who experience this are generous and compassionate, which could be why the universe acknowledges and rewards them.

Five crows

Five crows cawing at you is considered a bad sign and is interpreted as a warning of illness and poor health. However, it could also be a warning believed to be sent out to remind you to take care of yourself or your health matters seriously.

A murder of crows

Coming across a murder of crows (group of crows) cawing at you is believed to represent a bad omen, often an impending death – this could be the death of a loved one or even your death. If not death, the swarm or murder of crows could also mean losing something precious and close to you, and it could be wise to do a spiritual cleanse intensely and immediately.

What is the meaning of a crow cawing on my window?

Spiritual meanings of crows cawing loudly in the morning 
Meaning of a crow cawing on my window. Image source: Pinterest

If you notice a crow cawing on your window, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Although the behavior is a tad bizarre, a crow cawing on your window is believed to represent a good thing – it could be assessing how much of a threat you are. On a deeper level, a cawing crow on the window could point to the healthy spiritual energy within your home. It could also mean that your home is haunted, perhaps by lost spirits or that your home’s energy level is unusual because the occupants also have varying energy levels. Therefore, the crow could be bringing this to your attention while encouraging you to perform a cleansing to restore a state of equilibrium.

What is the meaning of a crow shouting in front of my house?

When a crow shouts or caws in front of your home, it is believed that the cawing symbolizes a guest that could be visiting your home. The visitor could be a friend or family member who lives in a foreign land or far away from you.

Is a cawing crow a sign of good or bad luck?

Historically and across cultures, crows have earned a negative reputation and are associated with bringing bad luck, misfortune, and even death. As a result, many people deem cawing crows as beacons of misfortune and bad omens.

While this is mainly true, and cawing crows are associated with bad luck, which they bring from time to time, cawing crows are also believed to be positive spiritual creatures that could represent the beauty and peace of having a strong spiritual connection. Some cawing crows could, therefore, represent impending doom or something bad, but they could also be agents of transformation, bringers of good and abundance, reminders of the importance of courage and persistence, or messengers carrying positive messages from the otherworld.

It is believed that one way of interpreting the crows is by listening to the number of caws they make or counting the number of crows cawing. One, five, or multiple crows cawing at you outside or in your home could signify bad luck and a bad omen, while two, three, four, or six crows cawing could represent something good.

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