12 Nun Costumes Ideas (Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute)

I have always loved the concept of fun Christian-themed costumes, especially nun outfits. Although not many believers think it is a good idea, interacting with priests and nuns from the local Catholic Church taught me that not all Catholics find such costumes offensive if they are done tastefully. Now that I teach theology, I always advise my students to only wear religious costumes that are decent and acceptable. With Halloween around the corner and many costume parties in full swing, some of them asked me to help them come up with religious costumes for their kids. Since I was acquainted with nun outfits, I majored in habit-themed costumes. For my last class, I went over some excellent nun costume ideas.

Wearing nun costumes for special holidays, events, and occasions can be tricky, but my rule of thumb is to keep them refined and appropriate. If executed the right way, they can be harmless. Avoid costumes that are too sexy, revealing, or controversial.

Take a walk with me in this article as I explore wholesome nun costume ideas. If you plan to be a nun for an upcoming occasion, you definitely don’t want to miss out!

12 Nun Costumes Ideas

If you want to be a nun for your next costume party or event but don’t have the budget for an extravagant, expensive outfit, you’ll probably need to improvise. You even might have to use what’s already in your closet! Here are 12 decent nun costume ideas that you’ll surely love:

Simple and Quick Nun Costume

Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Quick Nun Costume. Image Source: PopSugar

All you will need for this easy nun costume is a plain black mini dress, black stockings, a white shirt (or blouse), black boots, and a habit. Make sure to heavily accessorize with lots of necklaces and rings because that’s what takes the costume from basic to amazing.

Mother Superior Nun Costume

Nun Costumes Ideas

Mother Superior Nun Costume. Image Source: Halloween Costumes

If you want a more elaborate nun costume idea, try out this combo: a long black dress, a black veil/habit, cowl, simple black shoes, and white gloves. Also, carry a Bible around to make the costume look more authentic.

All-White Nun Costume

Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

All-White. Image Source: Halloween Costumes

If you want to really go out of the box, why not go for an all-white nun costume? To achieve this super scary look, you will need a long white dress, belt, white heels, and a white habit if you can get your hands on it. Use SFX makeup and even white body/face paint to take it to the next level.

Scary Little Girl Nun Costume

Nun Costumes Ideas

Scary Little Girl. Image Source: Halloween Costume

You can also get your little girl to dress up in fun nun costumes. For this particular look, you will need to get any old black dresses (or skirts) she has. Rip them up for a rugged look, add white leggings, black shoes, black gloves, dark makeup, and a black headpiece to complete this scary kid costume.

Mother Theresa Costume

Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Mother Theresa. Image Source: Mother Theresa

Another creative nun costume idea would be dressing up as a famous nun, and Mother Theresa is a perfect muse. To achieve this look, get a plain white dress with preferably long sleeves. Wrap a white shawl with blue detailing around the dress, and keep accessories and makeup to a minimum.

Unconventional Nun Costume

Nun Costumes Ideas

Unconventional Nun Costume. Image Source: MJ Trends

You can also experiment with your nun costume’s textures and materials. Use leather, velvet, vinyl, or even latex fabric and clothes to construct your outfit. This will make your ordinary nun costume stand out from the rest.

Festive Nun Costume

Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Festive Nun Costume. Image Source: Freepik

For a more festive nun costume, you can try this look. To a black dress and veil, add a statement belt and headpiece. Also, have fun with your makeup. You can make it colorful or have a more gothic theme. If you want your costume scarier, add fake blood splatters and bites/wounds.

Blue Nun Costume

Nun Costumes Ideas

Blue Nun Costume. Image Source: Walmart

Nuns do not just wear black outfits; they also don other colors like this ocean blue. So, why not incorporate that into your nun costume? Instead of a black dress, opt for blue tones and pair them with white blouses or shirts. Accessorize with a black belt, rosary, Bible, and candle. Your costume will look great.

Conservative Nun Costume

Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Conservative Nun Costume. Image Source: Walmart

This nun costume idea is fantastic for those who happen to have black aprons. Just grab a long black dress/skirt and a black bedsheet (cut it up into the size and shape of a habit). Put on the black apron to finish the outfit, then wear some black shoes.

Summer-Friendly Nun Costume

Nun Costumes Ideas

Summer-Friendly Nun Costume. Image Source: Walmart

If you need a nun costume for the summer or hot weather, an easy alternative nun outfit to quickly put together would be this one: a black vest, a long black skirt, and a habit. You can also accessorize with long gloves, a cross, and dark makeup like black lipstick.

Creepy Nun Costume

Nun Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Creepy Nun Costume. Image Source: Walmart

Another scary nun costume idea is a demon nun. Like the little girl version, this outfit will require ripped-up, old-looking dark dresses or skirts. You can also use black and white body paint and dramatic makeup to give it more effect. Complete the look with black high-heeled boots.

Nun Valak Costume

Nun Costumes Ideas

Nun Valak Costume. Image Source: Funidelia

Finally, for people that are looking for an extreme nun costume idea, they should try this one. It incorporates heavy special makeup effects and, if possible, party-city gloves, teeth, and contacts. You can also incorporate a monk cross necklace. It’s a terrifying costume that will leave all the party attendees wowed!

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