Spiritual Meaning of Bed Bugs (Dream Interpretations of Bed Bug Bites)

Back in Theology College, I was intrigued and fascinated by bed bugs. That is because there was once a serious infestation which led to many discussions about whether or not the bed bugs had a spiritual sign with a special meaning.

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to research the matter of bed bugs and the supernatural beliefs around them. For my research, I first interviewed our college professors and the local clergy to get their opinions.

Next, I read many books and texts (both physical and on the internet) available in the college library about the beliefs, myths, and superstitions surrounding bed bugs. During my four-week research period, I formed informed and educated opinions and conclusions about bed bugs.

Recently, while teaching a class about animals and religious beliefs in the local community college where I teach theology, some of my students started arguing about the issue of bed bugs and some associated mystical beliefs.

Some students argued that bed bugs were a bad omen in your life, while other students argued that bed bugs were nothing more than just parasites.

As the lecturer, the students turned to me to settle the debate. With the conclusions I drew from my earlier research on bed bugs back in college, I knew I was the right person to educate these students.

So, is there any spiritual meaning of bed bugs?

The Bible does not mention bed bugs, but some verses have been interpreted to mean or include bed bugs. In Leviticus 11: 41-42, the Bible says that things that creep or crawl and have many legs should be considered an abomination. Some people believe that since bed bugs crawl and have six legs, they should be considered unholy. Still, some cultures believe that bed bugs are a sign that something bad will happen, while others believe they may signal good things to happen.

Join me in this article as I discuss the spiritual meaning of bed bugs, related beliefs, and more. Keep reading for more information.

What is the symbolic meaning of bed bugs?

To many people, bed bugs symbolize many things, for example:

  • Extremely poor and dirty. To some people, bed bugs mean you are poor and dirty. Although bed bugs can attack anyone, regardless of how rich or clean they are, they only show you are poor and unclean according to some cultures.
  • Determination. According to some cultures, bed bugs represent a strong will and perseverance. Bed bugs can last for a long time without food. Some people take it to mean that we should show the same determination and endurance and not give up.
  • Trial and difficulty. To some people, bed bugs represent a trying and difficult stage in our lives. Just like bed bugs are irritating, so will this period be to you. Negative emotions like stress and anxiety will also accompany you during this trying period.
  • Change. In some cultures, just like bed bugs can survive and adapt to any environment, it represents that you should always be willing to change and adapt to new situations. They believe that only by change can you overcome the negativity and challenges that come into your life.
  • Emotional and spiritual cleansing. Some people believe that bed bugs mean it is time to clean and purify yourself emotionally and spiritually before you can make new and meaningful changes. Just like cleaning is necessary to eliminate bed bugs, you should do the same to prepare yourself for new things.

7 spiritual meanings of bed bugs

Spiritual Meaning of Bed Bugs 
Spiritual meanings of bed bugs. Image source: Pixabay

Different cultures, communities, and people have different spiritual beliefs regarding bed bugs. The following are such examples:

Even the little things matter

Since bed bugs can annoy and irritate you greatly, some people believe this is a spiritual lesson to learn that even the little things matter.

As small as they are, a few bed bugs will cause discomfort and torment to a whole household or building. This is believed to be a sign that we should not ignore even the small details of our lives.

It is from such small and simple details that bigger things are built.

A better life is coming.

Some people believe that through the discomfort caused by bed bugs, it is a spiritual sign that things will change for the better.

These people believe that the current discomfort caused by bed bugs is preparing you for the good things to come. From your current troubles and hard times, a better life is coming.

Poverty is coming

Still, some believe bed bugs are a spiritual sign that your life will soon experience or enter into a depressing and poor state.

Just like bed bugs destroy your valuables in real life, that is believed to be a sign that your luck is about to run out. It means you should be prepared for tough times ahead financially.

Keep your expenditure in check.

Since bed bugs are believed to be destroyers, some believe they are a sign that you should save to prepare for hard times ahead.

It is believed that if you see a bed bug, it has come to warn you that you should not waste or destroy what you have, for bad times are coming.

To be ready for the difficulties ahead, you should use or spend what you have wisely and save as much as possible. You will need these savings in the future when things get rough.

Maintain balance and control.

Once bed bugs infest your home, they multiply quickly and will soon become impossible to exterminate or eradicate. Some take this as a sign of loss of self-control and a reminder of the many wrong things you may be doing.

It is believed that bed bugs have been sent to teach you the need to regain control. It is a way for the world to re-introduce balance into your life.

Conflict, division, and disagreements

Some people believe that when you see a bed bug at home, you will soon have a lot of conflicts and disagreements, which may lead to division.

The bed bugs should be a warning that you should be careful and try as much as possible to avoid these conflicts and make peace with each other.

Others believe that seeing bed bugs in another person’s house is a warning that you will soon enter into a bitter argument and disagreement. If you are not careful, this conflict may cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

A time of plenty is coming.

Some people believe that seeing a white bed bug is a sign that you will soon enter a period of plenty. That is because white bed bugs are very rare and hard to see.

If you see a white bed bug, then it is believed that money will soon come to you. It is a sign that the end of your hard times or the challenges you are facing, especially financially, is near.

Dreams meaning and interpretation about bed bugs

In some cultures, dreams about bed bugs have different interpretations. The following are some examples:

  • Dreaming about Bed bugs climbing walls.

Some cultures believe that dreaming about bed bugs crawling all over the walls indicates your health is declining. Since bed bugs are supposed to stay in hiding, once they appear all over your walls in a dream, that is a bad sign regarding your health.

It is believed that you may soon fall sick or enter into a period of poor health. It may also indicate that you have neglected your health, so it is time to visit a doctor for a check-up.

  • Dreaming of bed bugs biting you or crawling all over you.

Some people believe that if you dream about bed bugs biting you or crawling all over you, that is a sign that you are living dangerously due to your bad choices.

It can also mean that you will soon experience danger. It may also be a sign that you should abandon all the negative emotions you may have been having, like jealousy, rage, worthlessness, etc.…

  • Dreaming of dead bed bugs.

To some people, dreaming of dead bed bugs indicates that your luck is running out. It may also mean that you may soon fall sick. After seeing dead bugs in your dreams, it is believed to show you should be prepared for bad things in the near future.

  • Dreaming that bed bugs are crawling inside your nose, ears, or mouth.

For some people, this indicates that you will soon face hardships. You may face mistreatment and other forms of abuse you feel are undeserved.

If, in your dream, you see bed bugs crawling inside your nose, ears, or mouth, then it is believed you should prepare yourself for the upcoming upheavals in your life.

  • Having nightmares about slaying bed bugs.

To some people, dreams about killing bed bugs usually indicate good things to come or happening in your life. It means you are about to overcome the challenges you have been facing.

It may also indicate that you are kicking bad habits out of your life. These dreams generally indicate that your life is on the right track or you are about to enter a period of prosperity.

  • Seeing bed bugs crawling everywhere in your dreams.

There are those who believe if you see bed bugs crawling everywhere in your dreams, then that indicates you may soon fall sick. It may mean impeding unfavourable situations in your life.

These dreams also mean that your life will generally enter into a bad and depressing period. In short, it may mean tough times are coming into your life.

  • Trying to kill bed bugs in your dreams.

For some people, this is also another bad omen. If you are trying to kill bed bugs in your dream, then that may indicate your health will soon decline.

It may also mean that you will encounter an accident that will be bad for your health. These dreams can also indicate that a family member or a close friend will suffer from bad health.

Myths and superstitions about bedbugs

Dream Interpretations of Bed Bug Bites
Myths and superstitions about bedbugs. Image source: Pixabay

The following are some myths about bed bugs you should know about:

  • Bed bugs live in dirty places. It is not true since bed bugs can attack or infest anywhere or anyone, regardless of how clean or dirty.
  • Bed bugs bring diseases. It is not true since there has not been any proof that bed bugs carry or transmit any known diseases.
  • Bed bugs only live in the dark. Some people believe that bed bugs only live in dark places and environments. It is false since bed bugs can also be seen in the light.
  • Bed bugs jump and fly. There is a common belief that bed bugs can fly or jump. It is not true because bed bugs have wing pads but no wings. They also don’t jump but only crawl.
  • Bed bugs are a sign of witchcraft. In some cultures, bed bugs were believed to be a sign of witchcraft. These people believed that if your household was infested, it was a sign that you had been bewitched.

Are bed bugs a sign of spiritual attack?

Some ancient cultures believed that bed bugs were a sign of a spiritual attack. These people also believed that bed bugs were a form of supernatural attack. It was a belief that by sucking your blood, they also drained your energy.

But according to Christians, these are nothing but beliefs. Although the Bible in Ephesians 6:10-12 mentions that spiritual attacks exist, there is nothing to prove that bed bugs are a sign of spiritual attacks.

Should I be concerned about the presence of bed bugs?

Although bed bugs are not believed to cause diseases, they cause disturbance and disrupt your peace. You should be worried about a bed bug infestation in your house.

The excessive itching and lack of sleep they cause are not pleasant. You should also know that bed bugs suck your blood, which is bad for your health.

Regarding spiritual or supernatural attacks, you should not be worried about bed bugs. That is because they are just myths. Remember, the Bible in Proverbs 3:5-6 says should trust and have faith in God. If you do, He will show you the way.

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