Spiritual Meaning of car accident in a dream (dream interpretations)

Though I have never dreamt about being in a car accident, I have heard such dreams from my friends and even family. It was not until a few years ago in theology school, after reading the “Dream Book” by Edwin Raphael, that I decided to research more about what various dreams signify.

One particular dream path caught my attention as I had heard about it several times; dreaming about car accidents. I carried out extensive research and read different books that explain such dreams.

Last week, a church member approached me and asked what it meant if one dreams about an accident. She told me she had dreamt about being involved in a car accident, which was pretty terrifying.

Since I had researched such dreams, I explained everything she needed to know. So, let’s look at the spiritual meaning of a car accident in a dream.

Though God has used dreams in the Bible to communicate to His people, a car accident dream is not pictured in the scriptures. However, some people believe that dreaming of a car accident signifies a fear of losing control over a vital part of your life, like your finances, job, or relationship. Others interpret this dream to mean that change is on the way. It is key to note that these are not biblical beliefs.

So, join me as we delve deeper into the spiritual meanings of a car accident in a dream. I will tackle the various biblical dream interpretations of a car accident, the spiritual meaning of seeing a car accident in your waking life, the various dream interpretations attached to some common scenarios involving a car accident, what it means when you dream about someone getting a car accident, and more.

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Spiritual meaning of witnessing a car accident in the waking world

Spiritual Meaning of car accident in a dream
Spiritual meaning of witnessing a car accident in the waking world. Image source: Pixabay

Some people believe that there is a message attached to witnessing a car accident in the waking world. They interpret witnessing a car accident in real life to signify protection.

They assume that the fact that you were not a part of the accident but witnessed it means that the universe is watching over you and protecting you.

Additionally, they believe that this incident will lead you more into prayers as you would want to pray for protection.

Others interpret this incident to mean direction. They believe that because you were not a victim of the unfortunate incident, maybe you observed where the driver went wrong, forming a basis of direction.

They presume that when you meditate upon this, it will illuminate other areas of your mind and help you obtain some sense of clarity.

Others believe that seeing a car accident in real life is an indicator that you need to slow down. They associate this with the fact that most car accidents are a result of overspeeding.

Therefore, they interpret witnessing a car accident to mean that you should take a chill pill and stop rushing through your life.

They believe that by slowing down, you will grow spiritually and immerse yourself in opportunities that you were otherwise missing.

Additionally, some people interpret witnessing a car accident to mean that you should appreciate your blessings and not take them for granted.

They believe that witnessing such a tragic event should prompt you to more grateful and be appreciative of the good things that come your way.

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Car Accident in Dreams

Watch your perspective

If such a dream happens and you are happy all through the dream, it is interpreted to mean that your view of the world is skewed. This is related to real life, where rejoicing about the failures of someone else is viewed as something bad.

Therefore, if this was the case when you dreamt about the accident, it is believed to be a cautionary tale that you need to work on your mentality by closely watching your thoughts and what you feed on.


Dreaming about a car accident is also interpreted to reflect focus. Some people believe that such a dream suggests that your mind is preoccupied with destruction.

They believe that this dream’s goal is to help you get back on track to the path you have chosen. Such a dream is also perceived positively to mean that it is helping you shut out harmful external influences.

Keep an open eye

Others suggest that this dream means that you should keep an open eye on your surroundings as there could be a possibility that someone is planning your destruction, hence why the dream happened.

Depending on how you felt during the dream, it is believed that this is not a positive sign and that you must be alert and watchful.


If you were the driver when the accident happened in your dream, it is believed to mean that there is somewhere you went wrong; spiritually, this is viewed as a mistake in your waking life.

Therefore, some people believe that you need to solve the issue immediately after you have such a dream.

Sometimes, the aftermath of the mistakes we make can leave us feeling powerless. Therefore, some people believe that a car crashing in your dream could represent these feelings of guilt, regret, and remorse of being unable to control the outcome of things.

Spiritual blindness

Other people interpret a car accident in a dream to indicate spiritual blindness. This is mostly associated with if the accident happened at night; the darkness prevented the driver from seeing possible ditches or things that ended up causing the accident.

Therefore, this dream is believed to suggest that you should work on having a strong spiritual vision as it offers you an edge over the competition, preventing you from falling in real life.

Others suggest that the universe brought this dream to you to help you grow to a higher spiritual sensitivity.


Other people associate a car accident dream to signify your emotional state. They believe that if you are dealing with difficulties in your life, the anxiety might manifest in your subconscious mind through a dream like a car accident.

They suggest that such a dream is an indicator that something is disturbing you. They believe that it is key you take action to deal with whatever it is, or it might crash you too.

Bad luck

A car accident appearing in a dream is also believed to signify bad luck, mostly if you experience such a dream more than once.

If you have such a dream and wake up feeling low and unhappy, it is interpreted to denote defeat. Some people suggest that this bad luck does not necessarily mean someone will pass away, but you can lose money or your job.

Biblical Dream Interpretation of Car Accident

Though the Bible does not directly address a dream about car accidents, we can see in the scriptures that God used dreams to communicate to his people.

Dreams were used to deliver divine and crucial messages to key figures in the Bible. For example, in Genesis 28:10-17, Jacob had a dream that revealed to him that God would use him to carry the promise of the blessings he made to Abraham.

While others biblically interpret a car accident dream to mean impending change in one’s spiritual life, there is no biblical basis for such interpretations. Others believe that such a dream could be a warning from God.

With the Bible being complete, some theologians believe that God does not have to communicate to us through dreams, not saying that He cannot.

However, when trying to make a decision in our lives, we should refer to the Bible and not dreams.

Dream interpretations of common scenarios involving a car accident

Spiritual Meaning of car accident in a dream 
Dream interpretations of common scenarios involving a car accident. Image source: Pixabay

A dream that Someone Else will Cause a Car Accident

A dream of someone else causing an accident is interpreted to mean that you are dealing with something troubling and want to ask for assistance.

It could be something present or a traumatic past. It is believed that the person in the dream could be a total stranger or even your friend. Others suggest that having such a dream means that you are dependent on others and you are not aware of it.

Dream about Car Accident in Water

Such a dream is often associated with emotions. Some people believe that if you dream of crashing into a water body, it could be an indicator that you feel overwhelmed or consumed by particular emotions.

They claim that this dream means you are letting this emotion overcloud your judgment. Others believe that this dream serves as a reminder that you need to go the logical way.

They suggest that you need to take a new approach to how you view some situations in life so as not to get overwhelmed by particular feelings.

If you dream about a car accident in water and are drowning after the car crash, this dream is interpreted to mean that you are afraid that the emotions holding you down might lead you to react negatively.

Dream interpreters suggest that if this is the case, then it is good to figure out which emotional situation is leading you astray and work on it.

Dream about Getting Away From a Car Crash

According to medical experts, when an accident is about to happen, one gets into survival mode, patiently wishing to survive. If you dream about such a scenario, it is believed that the adrenaline rush and senses in your body will be more inclined to escape.

They presume that you will be more inclined to run. Therefore, they suggest that avoiding a car crash in a dream signifies that you are dealing with complicated and dramatic issues in your waking life that you wish to run away from.

Dream about You Driving Someone Else’s Car in an Accident

Such a dream can be pretty disorientating and confusing. You might have questions like; why were you in that car in the first place? Were you with someone else? What is the meaning of such a dream?

Well, dreaming about you driving another person’s car in an accident is believed to be an indicator of how the choices you make affect other people. Human beings thrive in connections.

Therefore, some people suggest that such a dream is an eye-opener to know that our decision impacts not only us but also those around us. This dream is also believed to signify that you are careless with your choices, and they are affecting others.

Dream of Colliding With Another Vehicle

Some people interpret dreaming of a collision to mean that you might be handling complex issues at work or home. They believe that this could mean that these issues are catching up with you.

They suggest that in such a case, it is important to pay attention to how you are driving. Were you showing off before you got into the accident? Or were you speeding? In either scenario, they suggest that you need to be careful about how you handle things.

Dream of Hitting a Bus with a Car

This dream is interpreted to symbolize that someone else is trying to dominate your life (the bus). Some people believe that since you are unable to do anything without permission from someone else, you fall into a depressed state.

They believe that this dream is an indicator that despite how low you are feeling about this situation, you are not taking any action toward changing it. Instead, you are willingly giving other people the power to have control of your life.

Others suggest that this dream is a wake-up call to move with courage and get back your authority. They believe that if you do not act upon it, then just like the bus in the dream, you will go through external and internal conflict.

Dream of Hitting a Tree with a Car

A dream of hitting a tree with a car is associated with problems in the family. Dream symbolism sometimes is derived from word associations or word plays.

In this case, it is believed that the tree has a connection with the word “family tree.” Therefore, some dream interpreters suggest that such a dream reflects family drama, most if you feel it’s burning you out.

Others interpret the tree in such a dream to signify a lack of sense of security. They believe someone who dreams about such an unfortunate scenario thinks they can handle everything, yet they do not have a plan.

Others suggest that this dream means you have forgotten or abandoned the most important thing in your life.

Dream of Hitting a Truck with a Car

Dreaming of hitting a truck is interpreted to mean that your future might be challenging. It is believed that the truck symbolizes the constraint that you have to overcome in your future.

Therefore, if you have this dream, some people suggest that you must prepare yourself for the hurdles that will come your way and handle them with sobriety.

Dreaming About a Car Accident in the Snow

A dream about a car accident in the snow is interpreted as a reflection of cold emotions because of the cold weather. Dream interpreters suggest that these cold emotions could either be of someone else or yours.

Others posit that this dream can happen to reflect someone in your life who is either giving you a cold shoulder, making you freeze out, or making you feel that your relationship with them is going to crash.

It is believed that these scenarios might make you lose your drive, making you dream of getting a car accident in the snow.

Dreaming About Someone Crashing Your Car

Dreaming about someone crashing your car is interpreted to denote that the person involved has a desire to shift responsibility for a challenge or something difficult for others.

It is also believed to be an indicator that dreamers should take ownership of their life and not blame others for their choices.

This is because some people interpret this dream to mean that the person who crashed your car in a dream represents someone who has power over your life. Others suggest you might have such a dream if you feel you have lost control over your life.

What does it mean when you dream about someone getting in a car accident?

Spiritual Meaning of car accident in a dream 
Dreaming about someone getting in a car accident. Image source: Pixabay

There are various interpretations of what such a dream could mean. Others believe that there is actually some possibility that this person might get into an accident in real life.

They suggest you should not ignore such a dream but instead pray it doesn’t happen. Others believe you should reach out to the person in the dream and warn them from traveling if they want to.

Others interpret this dream to denote destruction. They claim that this dream indicates that the person in the dream is preoccupied with distractions, which eventually leads to a crash.

Is a dream about a car accident a premonition for a future accident in real life?

According to dream interpreters and analysts, dreaming of car accidents is pretty common, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will become a reality.

They believe that to determine if such a dream might affect your real life, there are other things that you need to put into consideration, like the cause of the accident, whether you were injured, and even the type of car you dreamt of.

However, generally, such dreams are viewed just as dreams and not necessarily a reflection of your real life.

Furthermore, the Bible is clear that we should not be swayed away by any form of superstition or seek wisdom from spiritists. In 2 Kings 2:16, the Bible notes that Manasseh, who ruled Jerusalem for 55 years, committed evil against the Lord by consulting spiritists and mediums.

Therefore, as Christians, we should strive to lead holy lives by consulting God when we are stuck instead of seeking outside interpretations.

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