Spiritual meaning of gold or amber eyes (meaning and symbolism)

As a Christian and a passionate theologian, I have studied various spiritual beliefs, meanings, and symbolisms. The Spiritual Meaning of gold or amber eyes is one of the most exciting research and study I have done.

For six years, I lived with various groups of Native Americans and realized that they revered individuals with gold or amber eyes because such eyes had a significant spiritual meaning.

That was a major learning experience. During our last theological session, one of my students wanted to know whether gold or amber eyes have any spiritual meaning.

Having studied and lived among people who attach spiritual meaning to gold or amber eyes, I decided to make a comprehensive answer through an article. So, what is the Spiritual Meaning of gold or amber eyes?

Although the Bible does not provide the meaning of gold or amber eyes, many beliefs point to such eyes as meaning purity, wisdom, wealth, knowledge, and omens of good fortune. Also, some people believe that such eyes mean a person has shamanic powers and can connect to the spiritual realm more easily.

This article will discuss the symbolic meaning of gold or amber eyes and what it means to have such eyes. Read on to find out about these and more.

What is the symbolic meaning of gold or amber eyes?

Vince Ayaga says that the symbolic meaning of gold or amber eyes is radiant love, good fortune, wisdom, knowledge, innocence, and purity.

It is believed that the amber or gold eyes symbolize a spiritual strength or abilities beyond a regular individual. Therefore, some people are of the view that the gold eyes symbolize strength or abilities that enable one to achieve more than a person with regular eye color.

It is believed that the gold eyes symbolize purity and innocence. Gold symbolizes purity in that it passes through a rigorous purification process despite being mixed with many impurities during mining.

It is purified through fire, and a person with gold eyes symbolically possesses purity.

Additionally, some people believe that gold eyes have a symbolic meaning of wisdom and knowledge. Individuals with such eyes are perceived to understand things better. The eyes see beyond physical appearance and thus enrich the person with knowledge and wisdom.

Finally, in some African cultures, gold symbolizes divinity since the sun is gold and is perceived as divine. Therefore, a person with gold eyes has a special connection with the divine and possesses special magic powers.

What does it mean to have golden or amber eyes?

Spiritual meaning of gold or amber eyes 
What does it mean to have golden or amber eyes? Image source: Pixabay

Some people believe that to have gold eyes means that you are more spiritually connected. Some cultures believe that such individuals can communicate easily with the spiritual world.

They can perceive instructions from the spiritual world and perform them, thus getting more success than a regular person.

In some Western cultures, such as Japan, having gold eyes means possessing feline or lupine traits. They have werewolf characteristics. Thus, they are believed to have heightened sight, hearing, and smell senses.

Such individuals are believed to have shapeshifting abilities. Such individuals also had supernatural powers.

According to some traditions, to have golden eyes also means physical and spiritual alertness. Amber or gold eyes are associated with animals such as foxes and wolfs.

Such animals depend on their hearing, smell, and visual senses to hunt and evade predators. In the same way, individuals with such eyes are believed to possess such qualities and thus have a more significant sensory advantage than a regular person.

Having gold or amber eyes is taken to mean that you are unique. The uniqueness is that only a small percentage of people worldwide have such eye colors.

Brown eye color is the most common, and it is believed that 10 000 years ago, all humans had brown eyes. Possessing a gold eye color is significantly unique.

In some cultures, possession of gold eyes also means that you are loyal. In such cultures, loyalty is often measured by the level of an individual’s endurance.

Gold is associated with endurance due to the rigorous heat purification process. Such is a good quality in a relationship because a person who endures for the sake of a relationship is loyal.

Spiritual Meanings of Having Golden Eyes

Some people believe that golden eyes have a spiritual meaning of spiritual wealth and purity. Often, gold is rare and is a symbol of wealth. Although most people know gold as a symbol of physical wealth, some cultures view it as a symbol of spiritual wealth, especially when it is a color pigment f the eye.

Such is because gold is a mark of perfection in spiritual matters. Anybody that achieves spiritual perfection has undergone rigorous purification, just as gold is taken through. A thoroughly purified individual has possessed spiritual wealth.

It is also perceived to mean that you have unique spiritual gifting. Some cultures believe an individual with golden eyes has spiritual gifts such as prophecy.

Such means they can foresee the future and tell with certainty what will happen. They can therefore provide accurate warnings of danger or opportunities in the future.

Other spiritual gifts that such people are believed to possess include wisdom. They are more spiritually aware and can guide dilemmas or difficult situations.

Some cultures believe that golden eyes mean that one has good luck. As mentioned, some cultures perceive golden eyes as a symbol of good fortune.

Spiritually, having golden eyes means one is likely to encounter better opportunities, and most of what they do will succeed. It also means that interacting with such a person will get better outcomes in your endeavors.

Finally, golden eyes mean more spiritual alertness in some religions and cultures. Golden eyes are primarily found in canines, such as cats, foxes, and wolves.

Such animals’ excellent sense of smell, hearing, and taste are a significant quality among them. An individual with golden eyes is believed to possess such qualities in spiritual matters.

Thus, they can spiritually discern danger, detect lies, and understand love, even when not demonstrated.

Are People with Gold (Amber) Eyes Special?

People with amber eyes are special in some communities and cultures. For example, in some Asian cultures, such people are believed to come from the legends of kitsune foxes.

The foxes have significant traits that make them unique. They are considered to be shapeshifters, intelligent, and have supernatural wisdom.

Although born foxes, they grow to attain human-like intelligence and possess supernatural powers. So, when a person is born with amber or yellow eyes, they are unique because they share the same character traits as the legendary foxes.

Such people are also seen as unique because they are rare. Only 5% of the world population has such eye color. Eye color is not only rare among people but also among reptiles, insects, and wild animals.

The eye color is more attractive than other eye colors, such as blue, green, or brown, and has a more profound brightness that is conspicuous. They, therefore, make individuals more attractive and relatively beautiful.

They are believed to be unique because they are held in high regard in some cultures. Although people with such eye color may not have unique talents or better personalities, some cultures believe they are physically and spiritually endowed.

For instance, most African cultures believe that people with such eyes have supernatural abilities and can perform magic. Most Asian cultures, including those from Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea, believe that such people can change forms and attain the bodies of humans or animals, such as foxes. Due to the beliefs surrounding such people, they are held in high regard, making them special.

Why are Pure Golden Eye Colors Rare in Humans?

Pure golden eye colors are rare in humans because such was not the original eye color of humans and only came from mutation. The original eye color of humans was brown, and it is believed that the eye color changes only began 10,000 years ago.

Such changes in the eye only affect a small portion of the population, and genetic transmission to a broader population will take a long time.

Since eye color is determined by combining several genetic factors, production, and distribution of melanin, achieving the pure golden eye color is complex.

Also, the pure golden eye color is rare because it requires a rare genetic factor and a combination of a particular type of pigment in the iris. The lipochrome of the pheomelanin subtype pigment is responsible for the pure golden eye color.

The pigment is rare and in small quantities compared to the eumelanin, which is responsible for the brown or black eye colors.

Therefore, the golden eye color will only occur when an individual has an exceptionally high concentration of pheomelanin in their iris and a reduced amount of eumelanin.

What does it mean when you dream about glowing amber eyes?

Spiritual meaning of gold or amber eyes 
Glowing amber eyes. Image source: Pixabay

Some people believe that when you dream about glowing amber eyes, you deal with a mysterious or supernatural thing.

The mysterious things you could be dealing with include unconscious desires or fears. The unconscious mind can process things, not necessarily the conscious mind.

When that happens, such things may try to come to the conscious mind through dreams, and one of the ways is by dreaming about glowing amber eyes. Therefore, believers in this myth advise to search your mind for any desires and fears that might not be obvious and resolve them.

Such a dream might also mean you are gaining a deeper understanding of things. Eyes carry the ability to sight. Glowing eyes mean increased insight and understanding.

Therefore, a dream of glowing golden eyes suggests that you are gaining a better understanding of mysterious things in your life. A divine revelation of such things is believed to give you a better understanding giving you clarity.

Some cultures attribute dreams of animals with glowing amber eyes to various meanings depending on the type of animal. For instance, if your dream has the amber glowing eyes of a wolve, you have grown your intuition, connection to the wild and attained greater freedom.

If the glowing eyes are of an owl, it is believed you are gaining more clarity due to increased wisdom, and you can see the truth by uncovering deception. If the eyes glowing eyes are of a cat, it is interpreted that your curiosity is helping you to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

Is having golden or amber eyes a good spiritual sign?

According to most cultural beliefs, having golden or amber eyes is an excellent spiritual sign. For instance, such eyes indicate that one has elevated consciousness.

This means one’s spiritual consciousness is active and better than a regular person. The individual is implied to hear and understand the spiritual world’s instructions, cautions, and warnings.

Due to such, they are more enlightened and have higher consciousness.

In other cultures, such eyes signify spiritual guidance and protection. In most African cultures, the golden color is associated with divinity. Thus, individuals with amber or golden eyes are believed to have more connection to the divine and enjoy a higher form of guidance and protection.

Such people are said to rarely encounter danger or loss; when such happens, they find an easy way to escape.

The golden color is often associated with abundance and prosperity in most cultures and religious teachings. Therefore, golden or amber eye color is seen as a spiritual sign of wealth and abundance.

Individuals with such eyes are believed to have the potential to prosper and gain notable wealth in their society. Also, gold is associated with luxury and wealth because it is a precious metal.

Golden or amber eyes are associated with positive spiritual meaning, and individuals with them are perceived to be endowed with unique spiritual gifts.

Although such beliefs are popular, the Bible in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and 1 John 4:1 encourages Christians to discern, to know the truth, and to understand the spirit behind every belief.

However, it is crucial to note that no scientific evidence exists that such people have better personalities or unique gifting than individuals with regular eye colors.

Additionally, the Bible does not recognize any special spiritual gift for such individuals. The spiritual meanings and symbolisms associated with eye color mainly come from some religious and cultural beliefs.

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