Spiritual Meanings of coughing (Meaning and symbolism)

In theology school, there was a time I had a terrible cough. Once, I was around a group of friends when I coughed, and one of them jokingly told me that the universe was trying to tell me something.

I was so unsettled after that that I decided to research what it could mean, especially since it’s not taught in school. After a few days of reading different articles, journals, and books, I discovered some of the suggested spiritual meanings of coughing.

Yesterday, a similar occurrence happened in my online Christian forum. One of the members complained she had been coughing, and one of her relatives had suggested that there could be a deeper spiritual meaning.

I gave my opinion since I had previously read about the topic. So, what is the spiritual Meaning of coughing?

Despite the scripture not mentioning what coughing could mean, various cultures have given its spiritual Meaning. Most people believe that coughing could be a way the universe communicates to a person. In this way, it could be a form of protection from outside negativity. Some have the idea that it shares one is due for a transformation. Some say it means that you are getting purification.

I invite you to join me in the article below as we discuss the spiritual meanings of coughing. We will also look at the spiritual meanings of coughing while sleeping and talking.

Not forgetting, learn whether coughing is a bad sign and whether it should concern you. Read on to find out more.

Spiritual Meaning of coughing

There are many interpretations of the spiritual Meaning of coughing. Apart from the health concerns, it could mean different things.

Some are of the idea that it means you are receiving spiritual purification. In this way, it protects you from outside negativity or toxins in your life.

Others believe that the universe is trying to communicate with you. For instance, to share that you are due for a transformation or change.

In this regard, some interpret this to mean that you will go through change and advance to higher forms of existence.

Also, some suggest that spiritually, coughing means that you are going through anxiety or stress. In another light, coughing reassures you that all will be well.

What is the symbolic Meaning of coughing?

Spiritual Meanings of coughing
What is the symbolic Meaning of coughing? Image source: Pixabay

According to science, coughing can mean one is allergic or has asthma or acid reflux. However, some have come up with symbolic meanings for coughing outside medical explanations.

For instance, some are of the opinion that coughing has a spiritual symbolic meaning.

They argue that it’s a sign from the universe. Most are of the opinion that coughing displays a spiritual awakening. The universe is trying to protect you from negative energy.

Others argue it could symbolically mean that it’s acting as caution from engaging with danger or placing yourself in a delicate position.

We cannot do away with the physical, symbolic Meaning of coughing. For instance, some argue that the body is reacting against something. In this regard, it shows irritation and rejection.

Some add that the cough suggests one has an allergy, acid reflux, or is one of the side effects of taking a particular medication.

Nine spiritual meanings of coughing

Stop making haste decisions

Some suggest that when you cough, it signifies that you are making rush decisions. In this regard, the universe is warning you from making a biased judgment.

It implies that you should make decisions with a clear mind. They argue that it helps with your perception and spiritual core.

Exhaling toxins

Most people are of the opinion that coughing is a way of releasing toxins from the body. In this way, you are releasing harmful substances in your body. Medically, you could be releasing dangerous pollutants from your respiratory system.

Others argue that you may release bad intentions sent your way. You are exhaling the bad energy and welcoming positivity. Another explanation is that it indicates that you are due for a change.

It suggests you are due for a clean start, such as a job, new relationship, or relocation.

Stress or anxiety

Some suggest that coughing is a sign of anxiety or stress, meaning something is wrong with your body. It could be that you are going through something in your life which is not pleasant.

Perhaps a close friend is acting differently towards you, or it may be self-reflection. If you have gone through emotional turmoil, such as a heartbreak that gives you anxiety or stress, the universe is trying to communicate that you are emotionally healing.

The universe encourages you to have an open mind and let go of whatever is troubling you.

Manifestation of desires

Some people are of the opinion that a cough is a sign of you manifesting your desires. You are releasing energy into the universe for the things you desire.

Some suggest that the cough, accompanied by powerful meditation and dedication, may help you acquire things you long for.

Protection from outside negativity

Others argue that a cough is a protection from negative outside influence. They suggest that coughing exhales negative energy into your body and allows positive thoughts, wishes, and desires to enter your life.

Physical and emotional imbalance

Some people say a cough may be a sign of emotional and physical imbalance, from health concerns such as asthma or common cold to emotional uneasiness such as anxiety or stress.

Therefore, one should medical assistance or guidance from spiritual leaders if they believe in spiritual meanings.

Be mindful of what you say

Others are of the opinion that coughing is a caution and that you should watch out for what you say. They suggest that you should be careful and avoid saying bad things as they will come to pass in real life.

The vice versa is possible; if you utter positive words, you attract good things in your path. The pause that the cough creates is to prevent you from saying something that will release bad energy into the air.

Also, others suggest that it is a message for you to stand up for what you know is right and use your voice to benefit the greater good.

Healing from your past

Others are of the opinion that a cough is a sign that you are healing from your past. In that, it indicates a more profound healing process.

It could be that you had experienced psychological pain and physical trauma, and now the body is healing through these emotions and is working towards individual growth.

Trust your inner intuition

Some are of the opinion that when you cough, the universe is telling you to trust your intuition. It is sending a message for you to trust your gut feeling.

People suggest that you should listen to your thoughts and not others’ opinions, as it may confuse you.

It also suggests that you should trust in yourself. If you are not confident in your abilities and potential, it sends a message for you to have self-belief. It guides you to focus on the brighter side and see how amazing and able you are.

Spiritual Meaning of coughing when sleeping

Awakening your spirituality

People suggest that if you cough when sleeping, it may indicate that the universe is awakening your spirituality. You may be going through a difficult period; hence the universe is communicating that you are in a difficult position that needs your spiritually heightened.

In this regard, it communicates that your spiritual senses need to be alert and awakened. Some interpret this to mean that you are going through a hard time.

However, it is reassuring you that all will work out.

Peace of mind

Coughing during sleep is often interpreted medically as a sign of potential health issues. That aside, others have spiritual interpretations of coughing while asleep.

If you need Peace of mind from stress or anxiety, some imply that coughing when sleeping is a sign that you will receive Peace of mind.

Hence, it messages you to accept Peace of mind and mental stability. Others suggest that the universe is sending a promise that all shall be well.

Spiritual Meaning of coughing when talking

Spiritual Meanings of coughing 
Spiritual Meaning of coughing when talking. Image source: Pixabay

You need to be careful

Some people are of the idea that when you cough while talking means that the universe wants you to take caution. In this regard, it gives a warning from making a mistake.

Others are of the opinion that you should watch out for what they say. If you speak negatively, it may attract bad things in your life. While also uttering positive statements brings positive things into your life.

You should be cautious about telling delicate information

If you cough while conversing with someone, people suggest that the universe tells you to be cautious of the information you give.

When this happens when you are disclosing delicate information, it should be more reason to take caution and not reveal such details. It could be a secret or your plans that you have not shared.

It cautions you from trusting certain people

Some suggest that when you cough while talking, it spiritually means that you should take caution from trusting certain people.

They argue that if you notice that you cough when conversing with specific persons, it could be a sign for you to fall back on trusting them. People also suggest you are in a season of solitude and should resist sharing.

Pause for a moment

Others suggest that the spiritual Meaning of coughing when talking is trying to tell you to stop or pause. It could be what you are saying is delicate information hence a sign for you to take a step back and analyze what you are saying.

In this way, it protects you from getting in trouble or oversharing. The pause helps you from releasing bad energy into the atmosphere.

Is coughing a negative sign?

Spiritual Meanings of coughing
Is coughing a negative sign? Image source: Pixabay

According to sentiments, coughing could either be a positive or negative sign. Some are of the opinion that coughing is a bad sign.

For instance, it could be a sign of anxiety or stress. In that, you could be going through issues that have built up, and as a result, the body reacts through coughing.

Some suggest that cough is a sign of protection from negative energy. In this regard, it may not be a negative sign, but it points out worrying aspects of your life.

How you perceive the sign depends on your spiritual and cultural beliefs and surroundings.

Should I be spiritually concerned about coughing?

Some suggest that when you cough, the spiritual forces try to communicate something. Therefore, you should be concerned about coughing and look at the possible causes.

If you have doubts about whether the cough has spiritual meanings, it would be best to consult further. Some are of the opinion that coughing is a sign of something terrible that will happen to the person.

It should be enough reason to worry about coughing.

If you are a Christian, you should not be concerned about any spiritual meanings attached to various occurrences. The Bible, in Philippians 4:6-7, tells us not to worry about anything but present every request to God in prayer and thanksgiving.

We are assured of Peace that surpasses all understanding.

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