Meanings of Purple Color Aura (Meaning and Personality)

As a youngster, I was always fascinated by the color purple. Growing up in a Christian family, I never knew about cultural beliefs surrounding colors and their symbolism.

Curious to discover more about the color purple, I did a lot of reading and research and came across a mythology book about purple auras and their meanings. Upon further study, I learned the spiritual meanings of the different shades of purple auras according to various cultures.

Recently, my theology students and I were discussing the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. As my students all mentioned their favorite colors, one of them asked if the color purple or purple auras had any spiritual meanings.

Thanks to my previous readings, I had all the answers, and we had a fruitful discussion as I enlightened them on what some cultures believed were the spiritual meanings of purple color aura.

So, what is the meaning of purple color aura?

The Bible does not mention purple auras. However, certain cultures believe a purple aura represents spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, and intuition. These cultures also claim that the purple aura is associated with the third-eye chakra – the chakra responsible for your state of alignment. It is believed that purple aura meanings vary depending on the shade of purple.

Join me as I talk about the meanings of purple color aura and what different cultures believe about this color and its spiritual symbols.

I will also discuss the different shades of purple and their alleged meanings and the purple color aura’s implications on relationships, careers, and finances. Read on and find out more.

What Does it Mean to Have a Purple Aura?

Meanings of Purple Color Aura
What Does it Mean to Have a Purple Aura? Image source: Pixabay

Traditions believe that a purple aura indicates a person seeking to be spiritually aware. These traditions claim that individuals with purple auras find themselves drawn to exploring different angles of spirituality, such as astrology, the tarots, and mythology.

It is also claimed that these individuals are drawn to meditation and yoga and always focus on expanding their consciousness by following different meditation practices.

According to many, the color purple is exceptional as it is the only color seen in both the infrared and visible spectrums – as a reflection of this, it is believed that people with the purple aura are connected to both the astral and physical realms.

According to cultural belief, the purple aura signifies three things; spirituality, intuition, and psychic abilities.


Cultures claim a purple aura indicates a strong connection with the spiritual realms. It is believed that a purple aura signifies a person who is seeking a deeper purpose in life or someone interested in exploring existence and the mysteries behind it.


Many people claim that the color purple is associated with the third eye chakra that connects with enlightenment, dreams, and higher consciousness.

They, therefore, believe that people with purple auras are wise beyond their years and have strong personalities.

Psychic Abilities

According to cultural belief, a person whose aura is purple is a deep thinker. People believe that these individuals may perceive the world from out-of-body experiences, and while they may not predict future events or read minds, they possess heightened empathy and strong instincts that enable them to discern situations.

Spiritual Meaning of Different Shades of Purple Aura

People claim that purple aura meanings vary according to shades. Here are a few shades of purple aura and their meanings according to different cultures.

Violet Aura Meaning

According to cultural belief, violet is the purest purple aura form. It is believed that violet shows a balance between the mind, body, and spirit, and the bearer is creative and in tune with their emotions.

It is claimed that people with violet auras meditate and practice yoga since they honor their bodies and value health. It is also an assumption that individuals with violet auras have a highly developed intuition that comes from the strong inner connection they have with their higher beings.

Light Purple Aura

It is believed that a person with a light purple has attained a balance between spiritual intuition and knowledge of the physical planes.

People also claim individuals with light purple auras are visionaries and imaginative – they are also empaths, in tune with other people’s thoughts. Furthermore, many believe those with purple auras have a calm and balanced personality.

Dull Purple Aura

According to some cultures, a dull purple aura means that the person’s energy field is dampened, probably from pain and discomfort, causing distraction from the otherwise intuitive natures of people with purple auras. It is believed that it is hard to access the spiritual insights of a person with a dull purple aura.

Lavender Aura Meaning

Some cultures claim that a lavender aura indicates an imaginative and creative person. It is believed that lavender aura bearers are drawn to hobbies that require creativity, such as art, music, writing, or dancing.

People also claim that lavender is a cheery color and that those with lavender auras around them live rich, enjoyable lives.

Dark Purple Aura Meaning

Many people allege that a dark-colored aura signifies spirituality, healing, and transformation. It is also claimed that this shade of purple aura represents a difficult situation you are in.

It is an assumption that those with dark purple auras should self-reflect and explore experiences and feelings. According to other people, a dark purple aura may indicate struggles with your spiritual journey.

What Makes an Aura Color Turn Purple?

People believe that throughout our lives, auras change. It is claimed that some people are born with purple auras.

According to many people, those born with purple auras are individuals who seek out spiritual pursuits and meditate regularly.

However, those born without purple auras can develop them. It is believed that your aura can turn purple if you have experienced low moments and emerged victorious.

People also claim that a purple aura can result from meditation and creative endeavors.

What are Some Personality Traits of People with Purple Aura?

Meanings of Purple Color Aura
What are Some Personality Traits of People with Purple Aura? Image source: Pixabay

According to popular belief, if you have a purple aura, you are ambitious, intuitive, creative, and original. It is also believed that purple aura bearers are natural leaders who can take charge and motivate others.

Here are some positive and negative traits people with purple auras are assumed to have.

Positive Traits

  • Royalty
  • Mystery
  • Luxury
  • Power
  • Magic
  • Wisdom
  • Femininity
  • Dignity
  • Spirituality
  • Calmness
  • Authenticity
  • Vision
  • Creativity

Negative Traits

  • Suppression
  • Introversion
  • Decadence
  • Gloominess
  • Inferiority
  • Snobbery

Challenges that People with Purple Auras Face

Many people claim that some of the challenges purple aura bearers face are rumination and worry. Apparently, these individuals are good at calculating risks, but when they run out of balance, their imagination creates the worst-case scenarios in their minds.

It is believed that individuals with purple auras often self-sacrifice and lose their identity because of a lack of clear boundaries.

People allege that purple aura bearers must work on strengthening their solar plexus and develop healthy boundaries and self-confidence.

In addition, it is said that these individuals need to practice grounding and not pick up on other people’s energies as their own to achieve balance.

How to Interact with People with Purple Aura

People believe that individuals with purple auras are unique, and as such, you need to find a way to interact with them. Here are some tips believed to be the best way to interact with purple aura bearers.

Set Up Boundaries

It is believed that people with purple auras are intense in sensing energy, so one is advised to establish boundaries so that they do not give you unwanted advice.

Display Your Creativity

According to common belief, purple aura bearers are very creative, so if you are creative as well, you will get along well.

Prepare for a Tarot Card Reading

It is an assumption that purple aura bearers are psychic, so while you interact with them, be prepared for a card reading as they tap into their spiritual energy.

Accept Your Role

People claim that those with purple auras require encouragement from time to time – play that role and encourage them to take chances and explore new things in life.

Purple Aura in Love and Relationships

According to some beliefs, people with purple auras should avoid two things if they want to prosper in love and relationships:

  • They should not be so eager to make other people’s lives easier after getting married. People believe that while this is a nice gesture, they should not go above and beyond to please others at the expense of their own happiness. Many people claim that purple aura bearers deny themselves love – and this is a potent and beautiful form of magic, but it is not beneficial to either party in the long run. Therefore, people advise that purple aura bearers should think of themselves and the love they deserve before giving it all to others.
  • Some people allege that purple aura bearers should avoid one-night stands because of their exceptional capacity for love and the effortless ability to make connections. It is assumed that someone with a purple aura will easily fall in love, so one-night experiences will leave them unfulfilled, demotivated, and adrift from reality.

It is an assumption that when an individual with a purple aura falls in love, they do so without limits. Therefore, people believe that when such an individual finds the right partner and share genuine love, they will feel valued and understood.

Purple Aura in Career and Professional Life

Meanings of Purple Color Aura 
Purple Aura in Career and Professional Life. Image source: Pixabay

According to popular belief, people with purple auras venture into employment in the lines of counseling, therapy, teaching, the medical field, and meditation.

It is also a common claim that purple aura bearers enjoy humanitarian work and feel fulfilled when they help others in their line of work.

People also claim that purple aura bearers do well as veterinarians or volunteers at animal shelters. It is believed that these career paths work for people with purple auras because they are empathetic and understand the needs, feelings, and thoughts of all living things – not just humans.

Purple Aura in Career and Finances

Many people claim that people with dominant purple auras do not choose their careers for the sake of money and are not self-promoters by nature.

It is an assumption that these individuals value feeding their interest by studying and delving into subjects that fascinate them. People with purple auras are rarely satisfied or fulfilled by money or status in the long term.

What is the Relationship between Purple Aura and Crown Chakra?

According to cultural belief, most of the purple hue features correspond with the function of the crown chakra.

It is an assumption that the purple chakra connects one to the divine force and a steady and endless stream of healing energy through devotion, wisdom, self-realization, and enlightenment.

It is also believed that an energy pathway that connects you to your higher self is your 7th chakra, and it will help you be aware of its bright, divine light. People believe that the following elements of your life fall under the purple chakra’s control:

  • Self-realization
  • Spirituality
  • Consciousness
  • Life goals
  • Enlightenment
  • Fulfillment

People also claim that as a purple aura bearer, your crown chakra helps your higher being stay connected to God. In addition, it is an assumption that you will also develop an awareness of life’s complexity than it first appears due to the crown chakra.

The Bible does not mention the purple color aura or any spiritual meanings connected to it. Christians should focus on God’s Word as their spiritual guide to lead them toward the path of success they desire (Isaiah 55:11).

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