What does it mean when a mourning dove visits you (Mourning dove biblical meaning and symbolism)?

I have grown up in a spiritual background where almost everything is symbolic and taken into consideration. Each bird had a meaning, and we could even chase some from our backyard because my parents insisted that they brought bad omen to the family. However, what I have never fully understood is what mourning doves symbolize. What does it mean when a mourning dove visits you?

The meaning of a mourning dove visiting you varies depending on one spiritual belief. Some view a visit from a mourning dove as a sign of love, hope, renewal, and peace. Others regard these doves as a bad omen; hence, it is a warning sign of impending danger. However, these birds have had a long connection with humanity and have been referenced extensively throughout history. Therefore, whatever a mourning dove means to you, you should definitely try to decipher the message it is trying to send.

In this article, I delve into the symbolism of mourning doves. What do they mean spiritually? Do they signal death, or are they a sign of a bad omen? Are mourning doves divine messengers? What are the different symbolic meanings of mourning doves? Keep reading to learn more.

What does a mourning dove mean spiritually?

Mourning doves are quite symbolic birds in the spiritual world and hold a lot of meanings. These birds have been referenced a lot throughout history and have spiritual connections with humans. In many spiritual traditions, this dove is seen as a symbol of peace, love, and spiritual connection. Its gentle nature, soothing coo, and graceful movements make it a famous symbol for many people who seek comfort and guidance in their spiritual lives.

One of the most common spiritual meanings associated with the mourning dove is that of peace. Its gentle cooing is often seen as a calming presence, and its peaceful nature is thought to represent the ideal of living in harmony with oneself, others, and the natural world. The mourning dove is also associated with love and devotion. The fact that mourning doves mate for life is often seen as a symbol of the enduring power of love and the importance of commitment and fidelity in relationships.

Mourning doves could also spiritually mean renewal, hope, and connection. This is linked to the fact that mourning doves return to the same nesting sites year after year is seen as a symbol of the cyclical nature of life and the possibility of renewal and new beginnings. The mourning dove’s ability to adapt to different environments and thrive in a wide range of habitats is also seen as a symbol of the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of taking care of the natural world. The connection of mourning doves is also linked to the spiritual realm, and they are viewed as divine messengers.

What is the name meaning of the mourning dove?

Mourning dove meaning and symbolism
Meaning of the mourning dove. Image source: Pixabay

The mourning dove is among the most common and widely spread bird in North America. But why is it referred to as the mourning dove? This bird is said to have earned the name mourning dove due to the cooing and sad sounds that it makes. The cooing sound combines a melancholic mourning voice that often triggers despair and sadness. These doves are pretty unique as the male and female sexes have similar appearances. The appearance of most birds varies between sexes.

Are mourning doves good or bad luck?

Some people consider mourning doves as a sign of good luck, while others view them as bad omen. These birds often appear when the growing season comes to an end; hence it is associated with new beginnings and renewal. This interpretation is what makes some people view these birds as a sign of good luck. They believe that seeing a mourning dove is a promise of good things that are yet to come. For example, during the time of Noah, God used a dove to communicate to him by bringing an olive branch to him (Genesis 8:6-12). This served as a spirit of newness and renewal at a time when the earth was being destroyed by rain. Furthermore, other than a hope for a new start, a mourning dove can symbolize balancing internal peace. This might mean that you are going through storms in your life but are finding peace when navigating everything, just like Noah did.

However, some cultures view these birds as a bad omen. They believe that they symbolize death, and when they visit you, they are sending a message of either impending danger or death. However, this depends on personal spiritual beliefs and cultures.

Are mourning birds a sign of death?

Though mourning doves are often associated with death, they do not always mean an impending death. These birds can symbolically represent love and peace, even when you are going through grief. While some cultures and belief systems associate mourning doves with death, there is no universal or scientific evidence to suggest that mourning doves are a sign of death.

Are mourning doves divine messengers?

Most people believe that mourning doves are divine messengers as they tend to link these birds with the spiritual realm. Most people believe that the same way doves were used in the bible to deliver messages, they still are divine messengers. One occurrence of a bird being symbolically used as a messenger in the bible is when Jesus was being baptized (Mathew 3:16). A bird came down to him on his shoulders, and God’s voice was heard from heaven, acknowledging that Jesus is indeed his son.

Till now, most people believe that these birds connect the spiritual realm to the physical world. Other cultures believe that when a mourning dove visits you, it has come to deliver a message to you from someone who has departed. However, the different interpretations of these birds depend on the diverse cultural and spiritual beliefs we hold.

8 symbolic meanings of a mourning dove

What does it mean when a mourning dove visits you?
Symbolic meanings of a mourning dove. Image source: Pinterest

When it comes to interpreting the symbols of a mourning dove, there is no one whose interpretation is utterly correct or wrong. We all have different interpretations of this bird depending on our past experiences and cultural beliefs that we have picked up along the way. Below are some symbolic meanings of a mourning dove;


The mourning dove is often associated with peace, representing a calming and peaceful presence in times of trouble or grief. Its gentle cooing is soothing and has a calming effect on those who hear it.


The mourning dove is also associated with love and devotion, often symbolizing the love and commitment of a long-term relationship or marriage. They are known to mate for life and work together to care for their offspring.


In some cultures, the mourning dove is considered a spiritual symbol, representing the presence of divine or spiritual guidance. Their gentle nature and soothing sound are thought to connect individuals to a higher power.


The mourning dove is associated with renewal and new beginnings, as they often return to the same nesting grounds year after year. Their presence can represent the start of a new chapter or the possibility of a fresh start. Christians link the mourning dove to the dove that appeared during Jesus’ baptism, and baptism simply translates to a new beginning in the life of a Christian.

The promise of everlasting life

Some Christians link a mourning dove to the promise of living eternally after earthly death. This is because this dove mostly appears when a family member has died or is about to die. Rather than linking this bird to a bad omen, some cultures attach it to life after death.


The mourning dove is sometimes seen as a symbol of hope, representing the promise of better things to come. Their presence can provide comfort and a sense of optimism during difficult times.


The mourning dove is known for its patience and perseverance, as it will often wait for long periods of time for the right conditions to build its nests and care for its young. They can represent the value of patience and persistence in achieving goals.


These birds could symbolize a spiritual connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm. Furthermore, the mourning dove can represent the interconnectedness of all living things, as they are part of a larger ecosystem and rely on the health of their environment to thrive. Their presence can remind us of our connection to the natural world and the importance of caring for our planet.

6 reasons why a mourning dove is visiting you

Mourning dove meaning and symbolism
Why a mourning dove is visiting you. Image source: Pinterest


Some people and cultures tend to believe that mourning doves visit you to warn you of impending danger. Some cultures associate this dove with death or impending danger. Therefore, when they visit, you need to slow down on whatever you are doing and assess your life. You have to prepare yourself emotionally for what awaits you. However, you should remain calm despite your beliefs, as a mourning dove does not always visit you to inform you of danger.

Spiritual messenger

Others believe that when these doves visit, they are sending a spiritual message. However, the exact message depends on the context. For example, when a dove visits you during a funeral of a loved one, many people tend to link this with eternal life. They believe that this bird brings hope that their loved one is in heaven. And if you have recently lost a loved one, this dove might be coming to deliver for you a message from the departed. Mostly it indicates that the departed is in a good place.

Loss of a loved one

A mourning dove can also symbolize impending death, or you are already mourning. If someone close to you has already died and this bird visits you, it is a reminder that you will experience peace even though life might seem so dark at the moment. However, sometimes, these birds send a message of death. Therefore, it might mean you take care of your loved ones while they are alive or someone who is close to you has departed.


As stated above, mourning doves can symbolize renewal. Therefore, a mourning dove might be communicating to you about a certain season in your life. Since they appear when the growing season is ending, it might be a preparation for your next chapter in life. Always be open to letting go of what no longer serves, and take such spiritual signals as stepping stones to carry on.

Good luck

A mourning dove might also visit you to bring good luck your way. When a dove visited Jesus, God declared that he was his son. Therefore, maybe this dove is bringing hope and love your way, just like it brought to Jesus. If you are heading out and meeting this dove, this might be an indicator that you are awaiting good things to happen your way.


Sometimes a mourning dove can visit you for no reason at all. Maybe it just decided to chill near your house or around your compound, and you spotted it. Nothing will follow its visit, and your life might continue as usual. However, this often works if you have not placed certain meanings to this bird. Therefore, always be calm when you see a mourning bird, as it is not always a bad omen.

What does it mean when two mourning doves visit you?

Two mourning doves symbolize unfailing love. Many people believe that if two mourning doves visit you, they are a symbol of harmony, peace, and ultimate love. They indicate profound love between two people. Most people believe that when you encounter two mourning doves, your love life can only get better, moving forward.

If you encounter these birds when in a relationship already, your relationship is about to move to the next step. Maybe a glamorous wedding is on the way, or an engagement might happen. And if you are single, maybe this is the time you will meet an amazing person in your life.

What does it mean when you find a mourning dove feather?

When you encounter a feather of a mourning dove, this symbolizes angelic protection and love. These doves are viewed as divine messengers from the spiritual world, and they communicate for us in the divine world, just like they do deliver information to use from the spiritual world. Therefore, finding a dove feather is not something alarming but mostly sends a message of love, peace, and protection.

What does it mean when a grey dove visits your home?

A grey dove symbolizes optimism, renewal, trust, and compassion. When they appear, they often signify an end of a challenging time and offer a new turn in one’s life. It is a reminder that your life is not yet over, but it was just a trying season that has come to an end.

A grey dove can also symbolize sadness. This bird can arouse emotions of sadness from a dark point in your life where you were so low. However, these emotions are not meant to break you but renew you. They are meant to serve as your source of healing and confidence. All you have to do is patch things up with your past and move on.

Furthermore, grey doves may signify depression or emotional disturbances. Such disturbances might be because of consuming a lot of negative content, which is taking a toll on your life. Maybe it is a reminder to take a break from consuming toxic content and focus on yourself. Build yourself and make peace within you. This bird brings you peace and love.

What does it mean when you see a dead mourning dove?

What does it mean when a mourning dove visits you?
Meaning when you see a dead mourning dove. Image source: Pinterest

The interpretation of seeing a dead dove depends on the context and different cultural beliefs. Generally, it symbolizes misfortune, loss, failure, and death. If you walk outside your house and see a dead dove on your window before you head out, it might symbolize awaiting death or failure. A dead dove is something that you should be cautious of.

Some cultures believe that a dead mourning dove symbolizes the soul departing from the body. This might mean that someone who is close to you has died. Additionally, since death is part of human nature, such a dove might be a reminder that we cherish those we love when we are still alive.

It symbolizes impending harm or danger that might be coming your way. It can also symbolize loss of money or someone in your family is about to fall ill. Such a dove might have come your way to warn you of the danger ahead of you or your whole family.

Furthermore, a dead dove might be communicating something dark from your past that will come back to haunt you. If you encounter such a feeling when you see a dead dove, maybe it is time you patch up things with your past and move on.

If you encounter a dead dove on the street, it might mean that a battle or major conflict is awaiting you. Therefore, most of the time, seeing a dead dove is not a good omen. Though it might not necessarily mean danger, you should prepare yourself for anything that might come your way.

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