Spiritual meanings of pooping in a dream (biblical meaning and dream interpretation)

As a devout Christian and theologian, I often marvel at the different meanings people attach to dreams. Last week I was having a conversation with a dear friend, and he was telling me about a dream he kept having recurrently.

He was pretty embarrassed about it because this particular dream was about pooping. He confided in me, and he also had some interesting interpretations of the dream. I was quite intrigued.

As a Christian, I started thinking about what this could mean and researched pooping in the Bible. I also read some books on Eastern Mythology, where I discovered that in Chinese and Middle Eastern folklore, pooping or seeing poop in dreams was a sign of prosperity.

I was quite enlightened about my discovery, and I planned to answer my friend’s question at our next coffee meeting. So, then, what is the spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream?

The Bible does not explicitly explain to us the spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream. However, different cultures believe that pooping in a dream or seeing poop in a dream is a sign of prosperity. These cultures, especially in Eastern mythology, suggest that poop in dreams is a good sign. They believe that poop is a symbol of spiritual release and that a very accurate meaning is said to be derived from the color of poop that one sees.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the meanings of pooping in a dream, the Biblical meaning of feces in a dream, interpretations of feces in a dream, and so much more!

What does pooping represent in a dream?

Spiritual meanings of pooping in a dream 
What does pooping represent in a dream? Image source: Pixabay

Pooping is a natural process that we must perform for the body to release waste. It is often shameful, and many people shy away from discussing matters of defecation.

Many people will spend thousands on products promising flowery and powdery-scented poop. Because of the unclean nature and often disgusting smell of poop, dreaming about it can be depressing and confusing.

The poop itself is unclean, and nothing good is associated with it other than the relief it accords an individual once it is out of the body.

You might be wondering what good representation a dream about pooping would have. Well, after this, you will want to be dreaming more about pooping because pooping in a dream is believed to represent:

Spiritual release and clarity

Whenever you find yourself dreaming of pooping, it is believed to represent cleansing and purification. It is also said to represent negative thoughts and feelings.

Many people believe that just like pooping removes and releases waste, pooping could be a sign of the release of anything impure.

Renewal and change

A dream of pooping is insinuated to mean that one wants to let go of old habits. It is believed to mean that one wants to become better, grow, and advance in various aspects of their life.

It is suggested that it means forgiving past hurts that one has harbored for a long time and moving forward.

Financial prosperity

Defecating in a dream is also believed to represent financial success. Many cultures believe that any sign of poop is a sign of an individual coming into a large sum of money; however, another school of thought implies that pooping is a sign of financial prosperity but that people should be careful when they have a lot of money as it is a big responsibility and can end up being misused if one is not deliberate about how to manage huge sums.

Biblical meaning of feces in the dream

The Bible is silent about the meaning of feces in a dream; however, we are told in Genesis 40:8 that dream interpretation and meaning belong to God.

As a Christian, if you ever encounter a dream about feces, approach God in prayer and ask Him to reveal its meaning to you.

Dreams often mean various things to different people, and one person’s interpretation may not be the same as another’s. It is, therefore advisable to ask God to reveal the meaning of the dream to you.

In the book of Genesis 41:28, we are made to understand that God speaks through dreams. This explains that God is also able to give interpretations of the unique dreams we have for ourselves.

The Bible in Deuteronomy 23:12–13 also explains how fecal matter should be handled. It does not tell us what feces may mean in a dream, but this verse is important to illustrate that although feces are often disgusting, there is a right way to handle feces.

God was instructing the Israelites that after relieving themselves, they were expected to cover it, and the pooping was to be done outside in a separate area from the camp.

We are made aware that God recognized pooping and feces, and so if you encounter them in a dream, it might be a message from God, but as a Christian, it is wise to ask God to reveal it to you.

Spiritual meaning of feces in a dream

Unexpected rewards and wealth

According to Eastern folklore, dreams about seeing feces in a dream are believed to be a sign of prosperity. In a dream, seeing feces is implied to mean that you will be recognized and rewarded for the hard work you have been doing.

It is suggested that your efforts on a project or relationship will be rewarded. The dream is also said to be an indication that one will receive unexpected wealth, and it is a reassuring sign that, in the end, no matter what challenges one encounters, everything always works out for the best.


Dreaming of feces in a dream is suggested to mean illness. Dreams about eating feces are believed to mean that one has taken in toxic substances that could be deadly.

The feces are implied as an indication of an underlying condition that could lead to death. Other people believe that when you see feces and are about to eat it, it may mean you attained your wealth illegally.


Dreaming about feces is implied as a sign that it is time to let go and welcome new beginnings. The dream is suggested to mean that it is time to move forward from what was draining and stifling your progress in life.

Another school of thought suggests that feces could be the impure and unnecessary baggage one was carrying, and seeing feces may mean one could have disposed of them.


Dreaming about feces, especially when in public, is believed to be a sign of vulnerability. Some people believe that when one is pooping in public, one might fear being judged because of the smell, sound, and sights that come with the process and that this dream is said to be a sign of fear and anxiety.


In your dream, seeing feces is implied to be a reflection of one’s obstinate nature. It is believed to denote hard-headedness and being extremely opinionated, even in situations where it is not required.

This dream implies that some people believe you are a fighter, and you fight everyone and everything that comes your way to be seen as superior to others.

According to the popular interpretations of this dream, it is suggested that it means that one is avoided by other people because they are difficult to relate to. It is believed that it is a sign of the change that is required.

Some people believe that it means that an individual should evaluate and change the way they relate to other people.

Feeling stuck

According to numerous individuals, this dream could imply that you are stifled and stagnated. The dream is believed to show that there are issues you have encountered that are very challenging and have held you back in life.

Some people believe that the dream is a sign that one needs to evaluate their lives and change how they live. People also suggest that such dreams are a sign that one could be in their comfort zone and need to change how they do things to stop feeling stuck.


Feces in dreams According to popular Eastern folklore, insinuation means prosperity. Prosperity can be in health, relationships, projects, business, and many other things; however, in this case, prosperity is largely inclined toward huge sums of money.

It is believed that if you see feces, you will have unexpected cash flow from unexpected sources.


According to many people, it is believed that seeing feces in a dream represents the importance of keeping secrets. The act of pooping itself is often done in secrecy in the real world.

Nobody knows when someone is going to poop unless you reveal it to them. These secrets might be your own or other people’s.

The dream is suggested to be a warning against trusting people too easily and revealing discreet matters to people carelessly.

It is said that when you trust too easily, you might end up giving information to the wrong people, who can use it to cause you harm.

Some people suggest the dream means that one should check the people they hang around with and what they say to them to protect one’s reputation, especially if the secret is dark.


Feces in dreams According to some people, this is believed to mean that an individual needs to take control of their emotions.

It is believed that the dream is an indication that one needs to learn emotional intelligence to not only control one’s emotions towards others but also internally.

It is believed that being strong and in control of one’s emotions and not letting them take charge of your life is the interpretation of this dream. It is suggested that, especially when overwhelmed, one can loose can control completely of their emotions.

Interpretation of feces in a dream

Spiritual meanings of pooping in a dream 
Interpretation of feces in a dream. Image source: Pixabay

Seeing poop everywhere in a dream

Dreaming of seeing poop everywhere is suggested to mean that one is in a state of turmoil. They are overwhelmed with the issues of life, and they have many unresolved issues that are hindering them from progressing.

It implies that one may be distressed about what to fix and what not to fix about their past, and they may have many regrets. It is suggested that such a dream is a sign of scattered mental space.

According to different schools of thought. The dream is said to be a sign that one needs to take time off to rest and rejuvenate.

Seeing poop on your plate in a dream

Dreaming of seeing poop on your plate in a dream is suggested to signify betrayal from close friends, family, and people you look up to.

Having such a dream is believed by many to be an indicator that one should evaluate their friendships and drop anyone who may have malicious intent toward them. The dream is implied to also be a sign that one should check those they surround themselves with.

For those employed or in business, the dream is suggested to mean that they may be subjected to a raw deal or an unfair contract.

Stepping on human poop in a dream

Stepping on human poop in a dream is believed to mean that good times may be coming and difficult times may be ending.

It is suggested that stepping on human poop is a sign that you may have overcome your challenges and that you are victorious over what was weighing you down. Additionally, it is believed that Good things are in store for you, and you will have them soon.

Pooping on your bed in a dream

The bed is a sacred place, especially if one is in a committed relationship like marriage. Pooping on the bed implies that the romantic relationship one is in may be in trouble.

It is suggested to be a sign that the relationship is failing and that much effort is required to salvage it. If, on the other hand, you are single, soiling the bed with poop is believed to be a sign that you should be very careful with those you are dating and the relationships you are having with the opposite sex.

Seeing poop on your pants in a dream

This can be an embarrassing dream that brings shame. When one dreams about seeing poop in their pants, it is believed to mean that there is something they might be hiding.

They might think that others do not know about it, but the opposite is true. Those who are close to such individuals are believed to be in a position to tell if they are hiding something.

The individual might have bad habits and addictions, such as gambling and drug addiction, that they do not want people to know about. The habits that one is hiding imply money-losing links tied to them.

Seeing poop on the floor in a dream

Many people believe that dreaming about seeing poop on the floor may mean that you are focused on minding other people’s business instead of your own.

It is believed to be a telltale sign that you are always monitoring other people’s successes and comparing yourself instead of focusing on your gifts, which could also make you feel accomplished.

This dream is said to be a warning to those who love to police other people’s lives. The dream is suggested to be an encouragement to focus on oneself to grow in skillset, develop, and advance in life when you are competing against yourself to ensure a better version of yourself emerges with every single sunrise.

Pooping in a public place in a dream

Pooping is often associated with shame and embarrassment. Pooping in public is suggested as a bad omen. It is believed to mean that the enemy has planned an attack on you that will result in public embarrassment and humiliation.

It is said to involve an event that will lead to great financial lack, debt, or even false accusations about things you are not aware of that will tarnish your name and bring you disgrace.

Another school of thought suggests that pooping in a public place could be a sign of good things to come—a sign of success. Since pooping is an activity often accompanied by shame, anyone who dreams of pooping in public is suggested to be extremely confident.

It is believed that when pooping in public, you are not shaken by what people think of you, and no matter what shameful situation you encounter, you are always prepared to dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and move without care.

It also suggests that vulnerability and embarrassment do not exist in your vocabulary and that you care less about people’s opinions of you.

Collecting feces in your dream

This dream is insinuated to mean wealth and luck. Many believe that it may be a sign that if you invest in or start a project, it might do well or that you might have luck in different areas of your life.

Is pooping in your dream a good or bad sign?

Spiritual meanings of pooping in a dream 
Is pooping in your dream a good or bad sign? Image source: Pixabay

Pooping in a dream, according to many people, is believed to be a good sign. Pooping, from a natural perspective, is the act of getting rid of unwanted fecal matter from the body system. Normal intervals of pooping indicate great health, and pooping also results in great relief and energy.

You might wonder why every time you poop, you feel like you have lifted one burden from your shoulders. Well, having waste in your body results in sickness and is an area of concern when one gets constipated.

In this case, it is suggested that pooping is personal; it is about the individual. It implies that an individual is subconsciously ready to get rid of anything that is wasteful and is holding them back from progressing.

It connotes the growth and development of different aspects of one’s life.

Many people have implied that dreaming of poop is a sign of spiritual growth, where an individual expels emotional baggage and hurt that may be derailing them in life.

Should I be worried if I keep seeing poop in my dreams?

Well, several cultures believe that seeing poop in one’s dream could be a good sign. A sign that is said to mean prosperity, wealth, or success.

On a lighter note, the worry should come if you are not having any poop dreams. Several cultures suggest that poop dreams or seeing different animal poop in dreams imply something to do with money, wealth, and good luck.

These fecal dreams are said to be a good omen, a sign of upcoming prosperity and good financial tidings. It is, however, suggested that the color of the poop you are seeing could determine the true meaning of the recurrent poop dreams you are having.

Another school of thought implies that a dream that keeps repeating itself, like in the case where you keep seeing poop, could mean that you are stuck. It is suggested that parts of your emotional, physical, or even creative side could be stagnating.

Many people believe this is a sign that you are trying to get rid of junk in your mind and unresolved issues in your heart. This is believed to be a sign that one needs to break the monotony.

In conclusion, the Bible gives clear guidelines on myths, and the dream world is full of interpretations that may not be Biblical but human, derived from readings by mythologists.

We should be careful not to be inclined toward such interpretations. In 1 Timothy 1:4, we are warned against genealogies and endless myths that do not edify God’s word by faith. We are also urged to only ever depend on God in Psalm 62:5.

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