6 Spiritual Meanings Of Ringing In Left Ear (Biblical Interpretations Of Ringing In The Right Ear)

At theology school, one of the courses I was deeply fascinated with was Christian Anthropology. It was key because, in addition to understanding the many Christian doctrines, it was essential to understand how human behavior and elements relate to God and spirituality.

I was especially fascinated with understanding the spirituality behind the ringing of the ears. During my research, I spent time with tens of church leaders from all the major denominations to understand the subject.

Last week, my college theology students asked for the real spiritual meaning behind ringing in the left ear. Most thought that it was merely a physical problem.

Based on my research and the scriptures. I was able to answer their questions comprehensively. So, what is the spiritual meaning of ringing in your left ear?

It’s believed that ringing in the left ear is associated with messages coming to you about the life you lead on earth. The high-pitched ringing in your left ear is often perceived as a spiritual sign, and it’s believed to be experienced by 15-30% of the world population, and it’s more common among adults. Though it feels spooky, it’s nothing to be afraid of, and you should welcome it, along with the emotions it will come with. The sudden ringing is often associated with a fear that grips your heartstrings.

In this article, I’ll share more about ringing in your left ear, its spiritual implications, biblical interpretations, and what to expect when you notice the ringing and its spiritual significance. So, let’s dive right into it!

What is the medical cause of ringing in the left ear?

According to science, the most plausible cause of ringing in the ears, whether the left or the right ear, is a medical condition called tinnitus. The Mayo Clinic describes tinnitus as a condition characterized by ringing in either one or both of your ears.

They note that the ringing sound from tinnitus isn’t from an external source, and people in your surroundings cannot hear it. Tinnitus is reported to affect up to 20% of the population.

Some of the most common causes of tinnitus include too much ear wax production, muscle spasms in the middle ear, high cholesterol, damage to your inner ear, damaged blood vessels in areas of your brain near your ear, high blood pressure, anemia, tumors either in the neck or the head, an overactive thyroid, and clogged arteries located around your inner ear or the middle ear.

In some individuals, it may be caused by some medications and medical conditions like TMJ disease, high aspirin dosage, loop diuretics, antimalarial drugs, and some antibiotics.

Often, tinnitus is characterized by different kinds of noises, such as whistling, clicking, buzzing, hissing, or roaring noises. It’s worth noting that tinnitus is often aggravated by stress and anxiety.

Is your ringing left ear spiritual?

Biblical Interpretations Of Ringing In The Right Ear
Is your ringing left ear spiritual? Image source: Pixabay

It is possible, but it’s not always the case. While the ringing in your left ear could be a sign of tinnitus, it’s believed that when you notice ringing in your left ear, it is a sign that you are developing clairaudience, which is the ability to hear sounds that come from the beyond or the ordinary.

So, hearing in your left ear could mean that you can hear sounds coming from higher spiritual realms or that you are receiving messages from your guardian angel.

These beliefs come from the spiritual belief that your left ear is associated with an individual’s life, and it reflects what could be happening to you in your personal or professional life.

Therefore, hearing ringing in your left ear may mean that you are receiving a message from the universe or a higher realm and also from within your soul. 

It’s also believed that whenever you hear ringing in your left ear, it means that you are receiving confirmation for that thing that you’ve been thinking or stressing about. So, that thing could come true. 

6 spiritual messages of ringing left ear

As mentioned above, the most common spiritual meaning associated with ringing in your left ear is a form of communication from the spiritual realm, or, to be specific, that your guardian angel could be trying to contact you. There’s more, though, and here are some of the spiritual meanings associated with ringing in the left ear. 

Warning that your life is headed in the wrong direction.

Ringing in your ears, especially when high-pitched and frequent, could mean that the universe is trying to warn you against making certain decisions. The ringing in the ears could be a way through which your guarding angels are letting you know that you are moving in the wrong direction or that you need to get a hold of things in your life.

So, you should listen to your intuition and take a different path. Often, the spirit guides want you to pause, meditate, and determine if what you are doing or the path you are taking is really what you want. 

Spiritual awakening

The ringing in your left ear could be a message calling you in to accept your spiritual awakening. It’s believed to be a message from the universe notifying you that you are growing spiritually and are becoming more self-aware.

The ringing is considered a message in which the guardian angels are trying to prepare you in anticipation of your self-awakening. Often, you will receive this message when you find yourself in the middle of a difficult challenge in life, and you could be questioning yourself in the process, wondering what is happening to you or why the things happening are actually happening to you.

Depending on how you are handling your situation, the ringing would be a message asking you to realign your focus and rebuild your life. It is a reminder to be more focused and to take control of things in your life.

A spiritual download

The message that comes to you when your left earrings could be a notification of some spiritual download from the higher spiritual realms. This is believed to be some kind of epiphany, and the message from the universe could guide you to think about a challenging situation in a whole different way.

Since different perspectives in life allow for progression and success, the ringing in the ear could be what brings you that new perspective in life. It is a reminder to stop and pay attention to the sounds you hear. So, the insights received during these times could be life-changing

Warning about a potential imbalance of your energy

Since we all know that all living beings have energy signatures, regardless of size, an energy imbalance will be felt somehow.

Hearing ringing in your left ear is considered one of the common signs of an energy imbalance, and it could also be a warning asking you to work on re-balancing your energy levels. The good news is that balancing your energy levels can be as simple as praying or meditating.

Someone is talking to you

In some cases, hearing ringing in your left ear is associated with life, so it could be a message notifying you that someone is spending about you, probably gossiping.

However, it could also be a warning, especially if you have been struggling with the communication lines in your relationship.

This ringing is a warning that someone is talking about you behind your back, so you should be careful about who you open up to and what you share.


As mentioned above, ringing in the ears that resonates with receiving messages from the spiritual realm is called clairaudience. However, you should know that hearing messages from the spiritual realm and the higher powers are often distinct and characterized by high-pitched sounds in the left ear.

Other times, it’s characterized by buzzing noises, but there are also instances where you can actually hear your name called out.

When in danger, you may even hear the high-pitched sound of the word ‘go’, which is why clairaudience is an important way of receiving messages from the higher realms. 

Biblical interpretations of ringing in the left ear

Spiritual Meanings Of Ringing In Left Ear 
Biblical interpretations of ringing in the left ear. Image source: Pixabay

In addition to being of great spiritual significance, ringing in your left ear could also have a biblical implication. Different religious experts have interpreted the ringing differently, and here are some of the perceived biblical meanings associated with ringing in your left ear. 

God’s Way of Communicating with Christians

Ringing in the ears is regarded as one of the best ways through which messages are sent to our physical realm from the spiritual realm.

The auditory sensation of ringing in the ears is considered an important way through which God communicates, and it’s also a way through which God calls to people and gets their undivided attention.

This is believed to be the case as it’s written in scripture in Job 13:17 that believers should listen to the words of God carefully and that they should let these words ring in their ears. So, ringing can be interpreted as one of the ways through which God communicates with people and reminds them of his words.     

Reminder to be focused on God and the Good

According to the scripture in 2 Corinthians 7, the bible encourages believers to listen and follow the commands of God. It also warns that the people who will not listen will experience ringing in their ears, especially if they don’t stay clear of what could besmirch their bodies and souls.

In this regard, it is believed that ringing in the ears is one of the ways that God will communicate with believers, reminding them to act godly. Ringing could be God’s way of keeping Christians on the straight and narrow, steering them away from sins. 

A reminder of God’s Might

Ringing in the left ear can be interpreted as one of the ways through which God reminds believers of his might. In Jeremiah 19:3, it’s written that God spoke to Samuel and notified him that HE would do something in Israel and that His mighty actions would be felt in the form of ringing or tingling of the ears. 

This is believed to be one of how God will let the people of Israel become aware of His might and power and that the tingling will remind them who God is.

This was also a warning, and 1 Samuel 3:11-12 tells of the ringing of ears as one of the ways through which God will punish the wrongdoers. 

Does the pitch of the ring matter?

Yes, the pitch of ringing in your ears, a high pitch, for example, calls your attention to something that requires your immediate response, while a lower pitch ringing could be a warning or a nudge.

Buzzing sound

A buzzing sound in your ear is spiritually believed to represent a strong connection between you and others in the spiritual and the physical world through an energy chord. The buzzing could also be a sign of a strong bond between romantic partners, family, pets, or parents. 

Short, loud sound

A sudden short, loud sound could mean that your guardian angel is trying to connect with you and probably warn you about something. It’s considered a reminder for you to be cautious and more attentive to your surroundings or the people in your life. 

High pitch 

A high-pitched ringing in your left ear is associated with clairaudience opening up. Think of this as the opening up of the portal that allows you to hear psychically. It could also be a sign that your guardian angel or spirit guide is trying to communicate with you.

A high-pitched ringing is interpreted as the spirit realm trying to get your immediate attention and to warn you or get you to take action immediately.  

Low pitch 

A low-pitched sound in your left ear is believed to represent a connection between your lower chakra and energetic beings in the physical and spiritual realms. This sound is often associated with anxiety and stress and could be the warning or the cue that you need to pay more attention to your life and lead a more mindful life with less stress. 

Does the number of rings matter?

Yes. The frequency with which your ears ring matters, and it’s quite important. You need to compare the frequency of the ringing sound and the intensity and pitch of the ringing.

If you notice that the ringing often happens around certain activities or at certain times, it could mean that you are receiving an urgent and important message, so you should be ready to take action or face the challenge.

What should I do when my left ear starts ringing?

First, rule out the possibility of a medical problem associated with your ears ringing. You have to know that the ringing isn’t caused by tinnitus or any other health issue.

Once medical issues are ruled out, then you can explore other causes. In most cases, in the absence of a medical or health issue, the ringing comes about because of communication from the spiritual or the higher realms trying to reach out to you. 

You should also pay attention to the frequency, pitch, time, and situations in your life at the time of the ringing. Keep in mind that ringing in the left ear is often associated with negative energy or warnings from the spiritual realm, so you should pay attention to the places and people around you as you try to identify the problem.

Is the left ear ringing a sign of good luck?

Biblical Interpretations Of Ringing In The Right Ear
Is the left ear ringing a sign of good luck? Image source: Pixabay

No. Ringing in the left ear is not seen as a sign of good luck. Instead, it is believed to be a warning from the spiritual world, with your guardian angels letting you know that you should be aware of something happening in your life or certain people in your life. Ringing in the ear is a sign that something could be amiss spiritually, and you should pay attention.

When should I be concerned about ringing in my left ear?

If you feel that the ringing in your ears is happening when you are questioning your life decisions, it could mean that you must act against something or someone leading you down the wrong path. It could also be a sign that you should remove yourself from a situation that may be affecting you negatively.

Medically, you should be concerned with the ringing in your ears if it’s persistent if your hearing is impaired if you are in pain, and if you have other symptoms alongside the ringing.

That said, it’s worth noting that the Bible warns against relying on and believing in superstitions. Instead, it encourages us to depend on God in Psalm 62:5.

So, we shouldn’t focus on ringing of the ear as a sign from the universe and overlook other reasons for the ringing. It’s important to remain focused on God and follow His teachings.

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