The Meaning of Number 8 in the Bible (Symbolism and Meaning)

The beauty of studying the bible is uncovering hidden meanings behind some terms and numbers. In my 15 years as a Christian, I only took in the surface-level meaning of the scripture, and it wasn’t until I noticed how some words, phrases, or numbers are used more than others that I took my Bible study seriously. Recently, I have been examining the meaning of the number 8 in the bible since it appears so many times. My findings have been incredibly mind-blowing, mainly because I have seen the number 8 all around me, not just in the bible. So, what is the meaning of the number 8 in the bible?

Number 8 is considered a symbol of a new creation or a new order, new beginnings, and humanity’s true ‘born again’ nature after his resurrection into life everlasting. The number 8 is also significant in Jesus’ sacrifice story, where he was crucified and resurrected on the 8th day.

Given how the number 8 appears in the bible, the apparent power behind this number, and its significance to Christians, I have researched further about it, and the rest of this post gives a detailed guide worth noting about the significance of number 8, and its prophetic and biblical meanings. So, keep reading.

What is the significance of the number 8 in the bible?

Biblically, the number 8 is believed to symbolize all that is inherently limited or beyond nature and perfection. It’s also considered the symbol of new beginnings or new life, new horizons, and a brighter future. And across all Christian belief systems, the number 8 symbolizes resurrection because Jesus Christ resurrected on the 8th day after his crucifixion, giving humanity a clean slate by washing away all the sins of the world. Number 8 could also be seen as a sign of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice and a sign of victory because he emerged victorious over the sins of the world through his resurrection.

It’s also worth noting that the number 8 is regarded as one of the most complex numbers throughout Biblical numerology, mainly because it can be interpreted differently based on who you ask or the scripture you’re referring to.

Since the number 8 is between numbers 7 and 9, it is believed to represent assurance, independence, and prosperity. This number is also associated with financial gain, abundance, and effortless transitions because, in Hebrew, it’s associated with the number Nisan 17, made up of 1 and 7 that add up to 8. Other positive connotations associated with the number 8 include selfless giving, which is associated with Jesus’ selfless sacrifice of his life for humankind’s sake.

In Greek, the numerical value of the name of Jesus Christ is 888, but also, the significance of this number is further seen in the Bible, where God created Heaven and Earth in 7 days as suggested in the Book of Genesis, and that God rested on the 8th day after he was that all his creations were perfect. In this regard, the number 8 signifies the beginning of a new order, a spiritual existence, and a new creation.

What is the biblical meaning of the number 8?

The Meaning of Number 8 in the Bible
Biblical meaning of the number 8. Image source: Pinterest

Resurrection of Jesus

In the Bible, number 8 is the most integral aspect of Christ’s sacrifice for humankind, as implied in John 12:28-29 where he has deemed the Passover Lamb led into the slaughterhouse to die for man’s sins. This is suggested in Nisan 10. It’s further implied that he was crucified on Nisan 14 and resurrected into heaven three days after his burial on Nisan 17, which was at the end of the Sabbath day. This was on the 8th day after Jesus had been selected as the sacrificial lamb that would die for the sins of all humankind. The eighth day is, therefore, considered the day that Jesus Christ emerged victorious over death.

Circumcision of males

The number 8 is also considered an important number that represents the day boys were meant to be circumcised. While this was meant to take place physically, the number 8 also represents circumcision of the heart through Christ and, subsequently, receiving the holy spirit. This is implied in Colossians 2:11-13 and Romans 2:28-29. Through salvation in Christ, the individuals would become new creations, and they were to have a godly character made possible by the power of the Holy Spirit – Ephesians 2:10 and 4:23-24; and in 2Corinthians 5:17.

Day of harvest and the Pentecost

Number 8 is also significant in that it represents the Pentecost which falls on the 50th day, following the 7 weeks of Spring harvest. The 50th day falls on the 7th week’s 8th day, while also combining the pictures of the first resurrection of Christ or, instead, the day that the saints are believed to be raised from the dead before they’d be made immortal as implied in John 3:3-12, 1 Corinthians 15;20-23, and in Revelation 20:4-6. It’s also worth noting that the Last Great Day takes place on the 8th day, following the Feast of the Tabernacles that takes place for 8 days.

Where does the number 8 appear in the bible?

The number 8 makes its first appearance in the Bible in Genesis 6 in the story of Noah’s Ark. In this story, where the entire world is said to have been covered by flood water, the creation of a new earth was ultimately in the hands of 8 people – Noah, his sons Ham and Shem, his Wife, and three wives of Noah’s sons. Genesis 7:13 and Leviticus 23:36

In the New Testament, the number 8 appears on different occasions, including that the New Testament was written by 8 men – Matthew, Luke, Mark, James, John, Paul, Jude, and Peter.

There’s also mention of Abdon, a judge of Israel in the East. He served for 8 years, as implied in Judges 12:13-14.

The number 8 is also mentioned in the Bible, where the biggest celebration after the Feast of the Tabernacle takes place. On this day, which is also the Pentecost, the 8th day is celebrated as the Last Great Day – Leviticus 23:26; 39. This Feast of the Tabernacle, also called the Feast of the Booths, represented a 7-day period during which they celebrated all God’s provisions as they wandered through the deserts for more than 40 years. During these celebrations, they set up booths, and on the 8th day, their celebration commemorated the special relationship that God had with his people while they moved on to a new chapter in life. So, the eight-day represented a fresh start and a new beginning for a

The number 8 is also mentioned where Abraham is said to have had 8 sons – Ishmael, Isaac, Medan, Zirman, Jokshan, Ishbak, Midian, and Shuah. Genesis 25.

God’s instructions to Abraham requiring him to get his son and have all males circumcised on the 8th day for all generations is implied in Genesis 17:12, and this became the tradition followed by generations throughout the Old Testament. God instructed that all males, across generations, regardless of where they were born or who they were born to, even foreigners, were required to be circumcised on the 8th day. Physically, the circumcision of males meant that all men obeyed God’s instructions by observing this rite, but it meant more spiritually.

It is believed that choosing circumcision on the 8th day was a reminder of God’s covenant and a way through which God set his people apart from others. The Jews believed that the spilled blood from circumcision was a demonstration of the beginning of a new life for the child. Interestingly, there is scientific evidence that circumcising boys on the eighth day was ideal because this was the day their blood-clotting effects were at their peak.

How does the number 8 appear in the bible?

Several passages in the bible mention the number 8, directly or indirectly. While used differently, the number 8 is of great significance. Some of the ways that the number 8 appears in the bible or how it appears as is listed below:

The 8 Beatitudes are implied in Matthew 5:1-12. This scripture outlines the expectations of Christians and how they will receive their blessings.

The number 8 also appears indirectly because of the total number of people that wrote the bible scriptures in the New Testament. These men are Matthew, Mark, John, Luke, James, Paul, Jude, and Peter.

In the Pentateuch, there exist 8 songs, some included in the Book of Psalms, and all these songs are sung after the resurrection of Christ. These songs are found in Deuteronomy 32, Judges 5, Isaiah 5 & 26, Exodus 15, Song of Songs, and Numbers 21.

Number 8 also appears in the announcement of the suffering of Christ, which also took 8 days, as implied in Luke 9:28-36.

What is the biblical interpretation of the number 8?

The Meaning of Number 8 in the Bible (Symbolism and Meaning)
Biblical interpretation of the number 8. Image source: Pinterest

Jesus’ Resurrection on the 8th day

It’s implied in Matthew 28:1-6 and Mark 16:9-11 that after the Sabbath, or rather, on the dawn of Sunday or the first day of the week, 8th day after Christ’s death, Mary Magdalene went out to Jesus’ tomb alongside other women and Mary. There, they experienced a great earthquake followed by the image and sound of an angel of the Lord descending from Heaven, who rolled back a stone and then sat on it. The angel’s appearance was similar to that of lightning, and he wore clothes as white as snow. He then spoke in a booming voice and made the women aware that Christ had risen, so they shouldn’t be afraid. Since these events happened on the 8th day, it’s believed that the number 8 represents new beginnings. The resurrection of Christ on the 8th day was further suggested in Luke 24, where it’s implied that Jesus appeared to his disciples on their way to Emmaus. Also, he appeared to all disciples other than Thomas in John 20:19-24 and a week later to Thomas in John 20:26-29.

The number 8 also appears in the form of timekeeping or the ‘watch’ as was known to the Israelites. This was an essential process for the Israelites as it informed the time periods and days, as implied in Judges 7:19, Mark 6:48, and Matthew 14:25.

Circumcision of Baby Boys

The circumcision of baby boys on the 8th day was also done to signify the covenant between God and humankind. It’s implied in Romans 2:28-19 that the physical circumcision of males on the 8th day coincided with the spiritual or the symbolic circumcision in which believers consider all who are circumcised on the 898th day to be united in Christ.

Eight People in Noah’s Ark

The number 8 in the bible, specifically the 8 people in Noah’s Ark as implied in Genesis 7:7 can be interpreted in two ways; first, the ark is believed to represent the Grace of God and God giving his people a righteous way of escaping his wrath after he decided to destroy all that he has created. At the same time, flooding could be interpreted as a sign of new beginnings and a new start for creation after floods.

What is the prophetic meaning of the number 8?

The Meaning of Number 8 in the Bible
Prophetic meaning of the number 8. Image source: Pixabay

Prophetically, the number 8 is mentioned in the Old Testament, where it’s implied that the rite of circumcision was to be performed on the 8th day of the first lunar month. This rite involving the excision of the foreskin was believed to represent cleansing or spiritual surrender to God or the Holy Spirit. It’s believed that the boy’s body getting circumcised represented dry land which needed preparation for the reign of the Holy Spirit.

The number 8 also represented the Pentecost that, was celebrated on the 8th day after celebrating the Feast of the Tabernacle. This celebration happened at the end of the 7th week of the spring harvest on the 8th day. It was believed that on this day, Christ ushered in the new covenant when he resurrected the dead by making them eternal on the 8th day of the month or the 50th day, marking the Pentecost. In the Hebrew calendar, the 50th day coincides with the 8th day of the 7th week. The 8th and 50th-day combination celebrations represent the first resurrection in which it’s believed that Jesus Christ makes known the new covenant by resurrecting the dead and granting them eternal life.

In both cases, the number 8 demonstrates its strong connection with rebirth or the beginning of a new era.

It’s also believed that the number 8 represents spiritual regeneration and new beginnings, with Jesus Christ rising from death and into everlasting life on Easter Sunday, the first day of the new week, but the eighth day of the previous week.

What is the meaning of the number 8 in numerology?

In numerology, the number 8 represents several things, but it broadly resonated with authority, inner strength, self-confidence, wisdom, ego, social status, desire for peace, and love for humanity.

Perseverance and Hard Work

If you keep seeing the number 8, it could mean that you are receiving messages from the beyond to try your very best to align yourself with the plans that God has set out for you. It’s a sign that you will become prosperous and enjoy abundance if you keep doing what you’re doing. So, in many ways, seeing number 8 is a reminder to be hard-working and persistent.


Seeing the number 8 all around you could be a sign that you are naturally ambitious and that as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get to enjoy all the suitable life offers. Number 8 reminds you to prioritize aligning yourself and the plans that the spirits or God may have for you.


Number 8 also represents a balanced lifestyle, and seeing this number all around you reminds you to nourish your inner self while working on your physical self and bringing out success and prosperity. The idea of balance comes from the fact that the number 8 resembles two comparable figures representing career revolution, success, and abundance.

Spiritual meaning of the angel number 8

The Meaning of Number 8 in the Bible
Spiritual meaning of the angel number 8. Image source: Pixabay


If you keep seeing the number 8, it could mean that your guardian angel is trying to communicate to you, asking you to be confident. Seeing the number 8 is a sign from the divine, letting you know that your efforts are about to pay off. This number could be a reminder of your self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and the fact that you are on the right track, so you should have faith in and trust the angels. Also, the angels could be reminding you to stand in your power and to remain authentic.

Importance of balance

Seeing the number 8 represents a state of balance in your life and a state of harmony in the energies of the universe. This number could be a reminder or an angelic sign to finally take that deep breath because you will finally experience balance in life. All you’d have to do is release the tension and fear you could be harboring.


Angel number 8 is a sign of abundance coming your way, financially and in your career. It could be a sign that you will find the perfect partner, have a strong foundation, and find new opportunities for career growth leading to abundance.

Spiritual reasons why you keep seeing the angel number

Some of the reasons you could be seeing the angel number 8 include a message from the divine realm encouraging you to stay firm on your spiritual quests and not to give up.

It could also be a sign from the guardian angels asking you to nurture and maintain a positive outlook rather than being anxious and fearful.

This number is also an encouragement from the divine realm for you to consider and nurture your spiritual goals to manifest your dream life.

What should you do when you keep seeing the number 8?

If you keep seeing the number 8, you should position yourself in a way that allows you to receive the abundance you have desired in life. For this to happen, you should do the following:

  • Tap into your inner strength and confidence.
  • Take on the opportunities that are presented in your life and do all you can to bring your dreams to life and enjoy abundance.
  • Remain patient and trust that your hard work and persistence will eventually pay off.
  • Try your best to find balance in life and to align yourself with your higher self.

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