7 St. Benedict Prayers against Witchcraft (Novena Prayers against Evil)

As a born-again Christian, born and raised in a family of pastors, I believe that St Benedict can intercede for me to God for His protection.

Whenever I feel like I am faced with danger from evil plans or witchcraft, I pray and request St Benedict to ask God on my behalf to offer me protection because I know God hears his Saints.

Therefore, in case you are also praying for protection, here are some of St. Benedict Prayers against Witchcraft.

One example of St. Benedict’s prayer against witchcraft is; “Faithful Saint Benedict, hear my cry and intercede this prayer of protection against witchcraft to God. Father God, this world is full of turmoil and witchcraft. I pray that you may protect my family and me against any evil plans planned by our enemies. Provide us with your angels to shield us against any danger sent to us. Thank you, for I know you are my protector and refuge. I pray through Saint Benedict. Amen.” This is a prayer in which you are asking St. Benedict to mediate for you as you ask God to protect you and your family from any form of witchcraft. Therefore, have faith in St. Benedict’s intercession and believe that God will hear Him and answer your prayer.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve more into the topic of Novena prayers against Evil. We will also uncover answers to questions such as what St Benedict protects us from.

There are also more St Benedict’s prayers against witchcraft, so read till the end.

What does St Benedict protect you from?

Many people believe that St. Benedict protects us from many different things. One famous belief is that St. Benedict protects us from poison.

According to Aleteia.org, this belief is rooted in the story of when some monks tried to kill St. Benedict with poisoned bread and wine. It is believed that when Benedict was living in a cave, some men whom he was living with asked for directions.

They also asked him to rule their community, which did not please the monks, and that is when they tried to kill him. However, when St. Benedict said the grace and had the sign of the cross over the bread and wine, God enable him to know that they were poisoned; hence he did not consume them.

That is why tradition believes that Saint Benedict can protect us against poisoning.

Another belief is that St. Benedict protects us from Evil and temptations. Christians have a sacramental medal, Saint Benedict’s medal, that they believe protects them from any form of Evil and gives them strength to conquer all temptations that Satan throws at them.

According to the Order of St. Benedict, St. Benedict’s medal is a form of prayer against Satan’s plans, a prayer asking God for His strength when we are facing Temptations, a prayer that the cross of Jesus Christ provides us with guidance and shines a light in our lives, and a prayer for protection from any form of Evil.

It also implies that St. Benedict helps us to walk in God’s ways with the Gospel as our guide.

7 St. Benedict’s prayers against witchcraft

St. Benedict Prayers against Witchcraft
St. Benedict’s prayers against witchcraft. Image source: Pixabay

A Prayer to St. Benedict for Protection

O Faithful St Benedict, Uplifting vessel of God’s grace, I humbly kneel at your feet, praying that you may pray for me to God. To Lord Jesus, I have assured protection against all dangers that surround me from all corners.

Shield me against the evil plans and witchcraft performed by my enemies to destroy me. Inspire me to follow your path throughout my life.

Bless me always so that I may live my life according to the will of God and follow His rules in His Holy Book.

You were always full of compassion towards those who were facing challenges, and not once did you dismiss anyone without consoling them and assisting them.

That is why I pray for your protection and strength that I may be victorious in all battles that the devil brings towards me through my enemies.

I am confident that you will hear me and intercede in this prayer. Protect me, O great Saint Benedict, and cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ, O Lord. Amen. – Inspired by Hozana.

Saint Benedict faced a lot of danger but was able to conquer them all because he had faith in God. Pray to him that he may help you to also conquer all the dangers that you face in the world.

Ask that he provides you with protection and enables you to trust in God’s protection.

A St. Benedict prayer for protection against Evil

Glorious Saint Benedict, I humbly come before you on my knees and request you to pray for me to God that He may offer His protection to me. I am being faced with Evil from every corner.

My enemies are working hard to destroy me. They are planning evil plans for me; hence I pray for protection. I am in danger together with my family.

I implore you, Saint Benedict, to intercede for my protection to God to protect me and my loved ones from all dangers thrown towards us.

Deliver us from any form of witchcraft. Nothing is too powerful for you, Lord. You have power over all Evil and witchcraft. Jehovah, banish any evil from my life and those I love.

Give me the protection and peace that comes from above.

In my going out and coming back, protect me and cover me with the blood of Jesus Christ. Through the mighty name of Jess Christ, I come against anyone who has evil plans against me.

Saint Benedict, you are a true patron against Evil, please pray for me to the Lord and ask him to provide me with his angels to shield me from any weapon formed against me. Let there not be bad energies in my life.

Give me the Holy Spirit to lead me to the right path where no witchcraft can prosper. I pray this prayer through Jesus Christ and ask Saint Benedict to intercede on my behalf. Amen. – Inspired by Catholic and Bible.

God has power over witchcraft and any form of Evil that your enemies may be planning against you. Therefore, believe that God can protect you and ask St Benedict to pray for you and your family to God to provide you with His protection.

A Prayer to St. Benedict for Personal Protection

Dear Saint Benedict, I thank God for giving you His strength and grace to love Him unconditionally and to establish a rule that has been helpful to His children who want to live in His Holiness.

Through the name of Jesus Christ, I request you to intercede so that God may provide me with his protection.

The devil is using a lot of people to fight and destroy me, but I stand strong in the name of Jesus Christ. Separate me from any evil that they are planning and all the witchcraft they are performing to finish me.

Deliver me from any challenges, spiritual temptations, and diseases that can make me weak. I pray through the name of the gracious Saint Benedict. Amen. – inspired by Hozana.

Use this prayer to ask Saint Benedict to intercede so that God provides you with personal protection. Your enemies may try to destroy you through witchcraft, but God has power over all evil plans.

Their plans shall not succeed because God is in control.

A St. Benedict Prayer to scatter your enemies

Saint Benedict, through your faith in the Almighty God, you were able to conquer all dangers sent to your by your enemies. You got to survive any evil plans that your enemies planned against you.

I pray that I may have such faith in God. Today, my enemies are united to destroy me, therefore, I pray that you may intercede so that God can scatter them all and their evil plans.

I declared that is shall come out victorious in this battle through the name of Jesus Christ. The word of the Lord assured me that the Lord will smite all our enemies before us whenever they try to rise against us.

Jehovah, fulfill this promise in my life. Gracious St. Benedict, I ask you to pray for me to get the Holy Spirit that will guide me to safety. I believe that Jehovah knows everything that is done in light and secret.

Therefore, you know all the witchcraft my enemies are performing against me. I pray that their witchcraft shall not succeed and any weapon they through against me will be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

Mediate this prayer for me, o faithful Saint Benedict, through the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Inspired by Psalms 68:1, “God shall arise, his enemies shall be scattered; and those who hate him shall flee before him!”

God helped Saint Benedict to defeat any plans of his enemies. He has promised to scatter all the enemies that rise against us.

Believe and pray this prayer through Saint Benedict, asking God to protect you from your enemies, and because of this faithful servant, it shall come to pass.

A St Benedict Prayer for Awareness of Witchcraft Plans against Me

Holy St. Benedict, I request that you join me now as I pray to God. Use your words to intercede my heart’s desire for our Father in Heaven. Thank you, Jesus, for you have shown us you are more powerful than all Evil.

I also know for as long as I have faith in Lord Jesus, I also have the same power. That is why I ask that you may help me be aware of all witchcraft pals that my enemies are planning against me.

Lord, the devil is using a lot of my enemies to fight and destroy me, but I believe I am protected by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Give me the awareness of all the evil plans which they are trying to destroy me with. Make me strong that I will always come of all the battles brought to me by my enemies victorious.

I love and worship you, for I know you are my refuge and shield. Hear this prayer that I pray through your faithful servant Saint Benedict. Amen. – Inspired by Pray More Novenas.

Pray that Saint Benedict helps you to be aware of all the evil plans that your enemies are planning against you. God can see anything done in light and secret. He will protect you from the unknown Evil and the known Evil.

Just have faith in Him.

A St Benedict’s prayer of blessings and protection

Glorious Saint Benedict, may I always receive your blessing and not curses. Help me that no evil will befall me or those I love. I speak a word of blessing over me and my house that our lives will be a reflection of God’s miracles.

Lord Jehovah, witchcraft will not prosper in my life. Through the mighty name of Jesus Christ, all the evil plans thrown at me will never prevail.

Remove all my enemies and those people that want evil things for me and replace them with good people full of your love.

Bless my hard work and my family, and cover me with your angels to shield me from all my enemies. I pray that your blessing will be seen in my life so that those who wish Evil will wonder how much I am blessed despite their witchcraft against me.

Oh, magnificent Saint Benedict, the patron of protection against witchcraft and all Evil in this world, you are always faithful to those who pray for protection from you. That is why I appeal to your powerful intervention.

Believing that you will hear my petition. Provide me with protection against any witchcraft. Help me, gracious Saint Benedict, to always be strong and live a life full of God’s protection.

I come before you to ask for your continued intercession and have faith that God will answer this prayer through you, Saint Benedict. Amen. – Inspired by Catholic and Bible.

Pray that even when your enemies use witchcraft to try and destroy you, God will bless you. Ask Saint Benedict to pray for your blessings and protection to the Highest God.

Prayer to Saint Benedict to protect you in your suffering

Merciful Saint Benedict, you faced a lot of suffering in your life, but God gave you the strength to defeat them all. The Lord was with you because you dedicated your life to Him.

He gave you His blessing and always wished you will. You went through a lot of suffering because of believing in God. I am going through the same thing.

The devil is influencing my enemies to destroy me and make me weak.

However, just like the word tells me to be still in God’s faith and know that many other people are facing the same suffering, I am trying to do that, but I am getting weak. O gracious Saint Benedict, pray for me to be strong in God.

Pray for me that God will restore me, establish me and give me strength through these hard times.

Pray that God helps me overcome all this suffering that I am facing. Thank you, for I know you always assist those who ask for your help.

I pray that my faith remains strong in Jesus Christ as you take control and help me conquer all the evil plans of my enemies.

I pray, trust, and have faith in you, gracious Saint Benedict. Amen.

This is a prayer to ask Saint Benedict to pray to God that He may grant you strength during sufferings inflicted in your life by the devil. It will help you have faith, just like Saint Benedict had faith in God and was able to conquer all the evil plans of his enemies.

Can I use these prayers for any kind of Evil?

Yes, you can use these prayers for any kind of Evil. These prayers are a request to St. Benedict to intercede so that God can offer you protection against Evil. God has the power to protect you from any kind of Evil.

According to 1 Corinthians 10:13, the Bible implies that God can protect us from temptations: “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”

Therefore, you can use these prayers to ask to provide a way for you to conquer any Temptation that you are facing.

Also, according to 2 Thessalonians 3:3, the Bible implies that God can protect you from Evil: “But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.”

It does not matter what evil plans your enemies or the devil are planning for you; God has the power to strengthen you and make you victorious.

Therefore, you can also use these prayers when you feel like your enemies are working against you. God will shield you from any danger thrown at you.

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