What does fruit symbolize in the Bible (Symbolism and Meaning)?

Recently, I took my church team to an orchard where we decided to host a brief Biblical session as we enjoyed the ambiance and some fruits. Coincidentally, someone read a verse about Jesus taking care of the vineyard, and our conversation shifted to fruits in the Bible. We decided to check the Biblical portrayal of fruits, but most of all, we were curiously asking ourselves, what does fruit symbolize in the Bible?

In Matthew 3:10, the fruit mentioned symbolizes the good qualities humans must possess before being allowed into the kingdom of God. According to Jesus Christ, an axe has been prepared to cut down the trees that will not bear good fruits. The trees have been assumed to symbolize the people created by God and the good fruits, the Christian qualities like obedience that they need to acquire before being allowed to heaven. Those who fail to bear those fruits will be cut and thrown into the fire.

I welcome you to this article as we delve into the fascinating topic of fruits and their symbolism in the Bible. I will look at the different fruits mentioned in the Bible and how they have been used. I will also discuss why you could dream about fruits and the Biblical meaning of the forbidden fruit. Read to the end to learn more about fruits in the Bible.

What does the fruit symbolize in Genesis?

Different scholars have tried to explain the symbolism of the fruit in Genesis 3, with each giving their unique symbolism. In Genesis 3, the fruit has been used as a symbol of temptation. In the verse, Eve is tempted by the Devil, who asks her to eat from the fruit in the middle of the garden, which God had forbidden. This results in the fall of a man who is thrown out of the Garden of Eden and left at the mercy of Satan in the world. By eating the fruit, humans fell into the temptation of Satan and ended up messing up their relationship with God.

How many times is a fruit used in the Bible?

The word fruit is estimated to be used over 60 times in the Bible. Several Old and New Testaments verses have mentioned fruits in different contexts. Fruit is first mentioned in Genesis 1 when God is creating the world. He commands every fruit-bearing tree to sprout and bring forth fruits. From this verse up to Revelations, fruits are mentioned throughout the Bible.

How are fruits used in the Bible?

What does fruit symbolize in the Bible?
How are fruits used in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

Fruits as food

In the Bible, fruits have been used as a food source, as recorded in Genesis 1. In the verse, God creates plants bearing fruits with seeds and allows humankind to use the plants for food.

In Numbers 13:23, the spies sent to Canaan to check on the fertility of the land are seen returning with grapes, figs, and pomegranates that were being eaten as food by the people occupying that land.

Fruits as sources of wine

In Genesis 9:20-21, fruits are used as a source of wine. Noah gets drunk from wine that had been made from grapes that he planted in his vineyard.

In Amos 9:14, God declares that He will restore the fortunes of the people of Israel and that they will plant vineyards and drink wine from them.

In Deuteronomy 28:39, a curse is declared on the people of Israel that they would plant vineyards and take care of them, but they would not enjoy the wine from them because worms would eat them.

Fruits as names of Places

In Joshua 11:21, Joshua is recorded cutting off Anakim from other cities, including Anab. The name Anab bears the Hebrew meaning of grapes, the fruits planted in vineyards.

In Joshua 15:32, the boundaries of the people of Judah stretch to a place called Rimmon, the Hebrew translation of the pomegranate fruit.

Fruits as names of people

In Genesis 38:6, Judah gets a wife named Tamar for his firstborn son, Er. Tamar is a Hebrew name translated to mean date palms.

In 2 Samuel 4:2, a man named Rimmon is said to be the father of one of the captains of raiding bands. The Hebrew name translates to pomegranate, the fruit.

Fruits as proverbs

In Proverbs 27:18, fruits have been used as a proverb. The Proverb tells us to guard the fig tree to enjoy its fruits. The fig tree is assumed to be the proverbial Jesus Christ, with the fruits said to be the salvation Jesus gave humankind.

What fruit is mentioned most in the Bible

The grapefruit is thought to be the most mentioned fruit in the Bible. In some verses, the word grapefruit has been mentioned, while in some, the word vineyard or even the vines have been written to signify the presence of these fruits. In Ezekiel 18:2, sour grapes are mentioned as being eaten by the parents of the children of Israel.

In Numbers 16:3, grapes are mentioned as forbidden fruits to the Nazarites. The verse forbids them from eating grapes or taking wine or juice from the fruits.

In Numbers 13, Moses sends out spies to Canaan to see how fertile the land is and bring some first ripe grapes.

In Deuteronomy 23:24-25, the Israelites are allowed to feed on grapes from their neighbor’s vineyards but not to harvest and carry them.

These are just a few Bible verses mentioning grapes, with the fruit being mentioned approximately 60 times in the Bible.

How many fruits are mentioned in the Bible

At least six fruits have been mentioned in the Bible. They have been mentioned in different verses, each bearing unique meanings. According to scholars, grapes are the most mentioned fruits in the Bible. The fruits are portrayed as being planted in vineyards, as in Genesis 9:20. Figs have also received several mentions in the Bible. The fruit is mentioned in Luke 13:6-9 in a parable that Jesus was giving about a man who wanted his fig tree to be cut for failing to produce fig fruits. Mark 11:12-20 also mentions Jesus Christ cursing a fig tree for not giving forth fig fruits. Olives are mentioned in Jeremiah 11:16-17. In the verse, God says Israel is a good olive tree with good fruits, but it has angered God. Leviticus 24:2 talks about the children of Israel being commanded to bring pure oil from beaten olives for the light to be kept burning.

Pomegranates are mentioned in Exodus 28:33-35 as one of the requirements to be tied around the priestly robe of Aaron together with the ringing bell. The fruits are also mentioned in Numbers 13:23 as one of the types of fruits the spies brought from the Valley of Eshcol to prove that Canaan was fertile land. In 2 Samuel 6:19, the men and women of Israel are mentioned as being given cakes made from dates before heading home. Apples are said to be drying alongside other fruits in Joel 1:12, denying the sons of men joy. Apples are also mentioned in Song of Solomon 2:5 as refreshing fruits to a lovesick man.

All the fruits mentioned in the Bible and their meanings

What does fruit symbolize in the Bible - Symbolism and Meaning?
Fruits mentioned in the Bible and their meanings. Image source: Pixabay


Apples have been mentioned in Song of Solomon 2:3. They have also been mentioned in Joel 1:12, among several other Bible verses. They have not only been used as food but also as metaphors in different instances. Apples have been said to mean forbidden due to their association with the forbidden fruit. It has also been thought to mean favorite by others who have used the phrase ‘apple of my eye.’


Dates have been mentioned in Song of Solomon 7:6-12. The fruits have been used as food and a part of the Bible’s symbolism. The dates have been said to mean fertility, victory, and peace.


Pomegranates have been mentioned in Exodus 28:33-35. The fruit has been used as food and a symbol of the laws of Moses. Some scholars have given the fruit the meaning of knowledge and wisdom.


Olives have been mentioned in Jeremiah 11:16-17 and recorded as being used in the Bible to make oil and food. The olives are assumed to mean peace by some scholars.


Grapes have been mentioned in Numbers 13:20. The fruits are used to make juice and wine and have been thought to mean cleansing.

Seven symbolic meanings of fruit in the Bible

Fruits as a symbol of the message the false prophets would deliver

The fruits in Matthew 7:15-20 have been symbolically thought to represent the message that the false Prophets would be delivering. In the verse, Jesus is warning his people to be aware of the false prophets who will be out to mislead them with the wrong message. Their message is symbolized by the fruits mentioned.

Fruits as a symbol of the different qualities portrayed by people

The fruits in Luke 6:43-45 are thought to symbolize the different qualities brought out by other people. While the good fruits symbolize excellent qualities, the bad fruits symbolize the evil qualities brought out by some people.

Fruits as a symbol of the Christ-like qualities necessary to enter heaven

The fruits in John 15:4-5 are said to symbolize the Christ-like qualities required for one to inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus says you cannot get such qualities unless you abide in him.

Fruits as a symbol of food

The fruits in Genesis 1:11 symbolize God’s physical fruits for humankind to utilize as food. In the verse, God talks about all the fruits with seeds inside being edible.

Fruits as a symbol of offering to God

The fruits written in Proverbs 3:9-10 symbolize the offerings to God during different times like harvest time. Getting extra blessings from God could force you to offer Him some offerings as first fruits.

Fruits as a symbol of the attributes of the Holy Spirit

The fruits in Galatians 5:22-23 symbolize the nine qualities necessary to follow the Holy Spirits’ will. The nine virtues are said to be paramount for one to maintain a fruitful relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Fruits as a symbol of the children of God

The fruit in Deuteronomy 28:4 symbolizes children who God promises to bless. In the verse, God delivers blessings to the children of Israel and promises to bless their offspring, whom He refers to as the fruit.

Reasons why you keep dreaming about fruits

There are several reasons why you could be regularly dreaming about fruits. Dreaming about fruits could show that you have been productive and that your work has been impressive. Since fruits are usually produced after lots of hard work, your job has been thorough and outstanding, and remarkable results could be on the way.

Regular dreaming of fruits could also be because you have been unproductive enough and must work harder. The appearance of fruits could signal that you need to get some good results in your life; therefore, you have to increase your efforts to realize them.

You might also be regularly dreaming about fruits because you have been working on different projects and that all could be flowering. The other fruits could represent your various projects and the expected beautiful results.

Dreaming about fruits shows that you are about to start a new journey. The journey could be spiritual or physical and might have taken lots of your efforts to plan. Dreaming about fruits means that your journey is ready to begin. If you have been planning a journey and dream about fruits, pray that God makes that journey swift enough and guides you safely to your destination.

Interpretation of different dream scenarios about fruits

What does fruit symbolize in the Bible?
Interpretation of different dream scenarios about fruits. Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming about fresh fruits

Dreaming about fresh fruits could show you are about to acquire something new. This could be a new job, a newborn baby, a new car, a new house, or a new partner, among others. The fruits being fresh is translated to mean they are newly plucked and that you could almost be receiving them in your life. When you dream about these fresh fruits, pray that God reveals the new gift He wants to grant you.

Dreaming about fresh fruits also means that you are about to witness new beginnings in your life. You might have been going through several challenges, with difficult situations being your order of the day. Fresh fruits in your dreams could be a sign that you are going to be refreshed in your life and that you could be about witness new beginnings. When you dream about fresh fruits, pray that God grants you those new beginnings and refreshments.

Dreaming about fresh fruits also means that you are about to make new friends and connections. The fresh fruits could be the new connections God could plan for you. They could also signify the new good friends God could be putting in your way. Pray when you dream about fresh fruits, as God could be planning for new friends or connections for you.

Dreaming about rotten fruits

Rotten fruits in your dreams could mean you unknowingly keep enemies around you. You could be treating people well and caring for them while they hatch evil plans for you. The rotten fruits could be a symbol of the malicious techniques that they are hatching for you. Pray to God when you dream about rotten fruits to expose those evil enemy plans that they may not prosper in your life.

Dreaming about rotten fruits could mean you have been unproductive in whatever you do. You might have been lazy in your work, and your dreams could show the results as rotten fruits. Your little effort could bring dismal results, which the rotten fruits in your dream could symbolize. Pray God to give you new strength to start producing fruits again.

Rotten fruits in your dreams could also show that you have spiritually changed and become evil. Evil could be demonstrated through your thoughts or actions. You could be wishing bad on people or even doing evil to them. If you dream about rotten fruits, observe your character and pray that God changes you if you become an evildoer or thinker.

Dreaming about rotten fruits could also tell you that you have been experiencing stunted growth in whatever you are doing. You might have focused on a particular project and wondered whether it would pay off, then you dream about rotten fruits. This could signal that your project is experiencing stunted growth and might only pick up if you pay attention to the signs. Pray to God to fight your enemies and ensure you blossom instead of experiencing stunted growth.

Dreaming about ripe fruits

Ripe fruits in your dream could mean you are about to profit from your business or just about to receive positive results. While working on your projects, you might have been expecting a positive outcome that could be shown in your dreams through ripe fruits. When you dream about ripe fruits, pray again for whatever you have been working for, as the positive results might be realized.

Ripe fruits in your dream could also mean that you are about to set yourself on a journey to a better place. You might have been yearning to move to a better place than you are now and wondering when it would materialize. Ripe fruits in your dream could show that things have finally materialized and that you are about to move to a better place. If you have been dreaming about ripe fruits and yearning to go somewhere new, pray to God to ensure the journey materializes.

Ripe fruits in your dreams could also mean that you have matured spiritually and must take the next step in your salvation journey. You might have been working on your spiritual life and asking God to reveal your maturity level to you. Ripe fruits in your dream could be the symbol you have been waiting for to prove that you have matured enough to consider the next level of your salvation. Pray about ripe fruits in your dreams so that God reveals what He has planned next for you.

Ripe fruits could also signify a major milestone that you are about to achieve in your life. You might have been aiming to achieve a particular milestone in your life. Ripe fruits in your dream are a sign that you have worked well and that the milestone is almost coming good. Pray to God whenever you dream about fresh fruits to allow you to achieve the significant milestones you have set.

Dreaming about unripe fruits

Unripe fruits in your dreams could mean you have yet to mature spiritually. You might still be new to salvation and trying to understand God more deeply. Unripe fruits in your dreams could symbolize your salvation, still being unique in Christ. When you dream about unripe fruits and are new to salvation, pray for God to protect your salvation so that you can mature and be like a ripe fruit.

Unripe fruits in your dream could also mean that whatever you have been waiting for is not yet ready. You might have been waiting for a job, a new deal, or anything you could yearn for. Unripe fruits could show that you must be more patient while waiting for the job or deal to materialize. Pray about unripe fruits in your dreams so that God may guard whatever you are waiting for. Pray that it finally matures and becomes ripe enough for you to utilize.

Unripe fruits in your dream could also mean that you have yet to be ready to take part in a journey that you have been planning. You could have scheduled to go somewhere or begin a specific trip. Dreaming about unripe fruits could signal that it is not yet time for the journey to commence. Pray for these unripe fruits so God can prepare your trip to start at His designated time.

What does the forbidden fruit symbolize in the Bible?

Scholars have tried to explain the real meaning of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. To some, the banned fruit symbolizes intercourse that Eve had with the Devil, which they believe gave rise to the birth of Cain. However, their claim needs to be backed up with Biblical scriptures.

The natural symbolism of the forbidden fruit is thought to be disobedience that forced humankind to be sent out of the Garden of Eden. God had prohibited humankind from eating the forbidden fruit. However, they ate the fruit out of disobedience and soiled their relationship with God. The fruit has therefore been assumed to be a symbol of rebelliousness that led man to be expelled from the Garden of Eden.

What is the spiritual meaning of fruits in the Bible

What does fruit symbolize in the Bible?
Spiritual meaning of fruits in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

The apples in the Bible have been spiritually assumed to mean something prohibited. Some Biblical scholars believe that the forbidden fruit was the apple. They have assumed that God forbade Adam and Eve from eating the apple. From this, they have given the fruit the spiritual meaning of banned or prohibited.

The pomegranate has been given the spiritual meaning of the laws set to be followed. The fruit is said to have 613 seeds inside, representing the 613 laws written in the Torah. The fruit has therefore acquired the spiritual meaning of laws from some people.

The dates have been assumed to mean togetherness spiritually. Dates usually grow in clusters, and this has made some people give them the spiritual meaning of unity or togetherness.

Olives have been spiritually given the meaning of anointing. Olive oil was traditionally used to anoint some of the leaders in the Bible, and the fruits have earned the spiritual meaning of anointing from some people.

Grapes have been assumed to mean happiness by some people spiritually. From the Bible, grapes can be seen making juice and wine that seemingly makes people happy. Therefore, wine has been translated to mean happiness by some scholars.

What did Jesus say about fruits?

In John 15:2, Jesus talks about the God cutting down every branch that does not bear fruit while pruning those that take fruits so that they can deliver more. The branches with fruits referred to those who were working for the benefit of the kingdom of God, while those without fruits were the people who continued sinning in the kingdom.

In John 15:4-5 Jesus talks about the branch abiding in the vine before it can bear fruits. The vine he was talking about was him, while the branches were those listening to his gospel.

In Matthew 7:15-20 Jesus talks about people recognizing the false prophets who were predicted to come through their fruits. The fruits he was referring to have been assumed to mean the message they would deliver to the people of God.

In Luke 6:43-45 Jesus talks about good trees that bring forth good fruits while comparing them to bad trees that produce bad fruits. The good trees are the good people who bring forth good deeds, while the bad fruits are said to be bad people who always bring out evil deeds.

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