What does the axe symbolize in the Bible (Symbolism and Meaning)?

As a born-again Christian with 15 years of experience in the Christian Ministry, I have come to realize that the Bible uses metaphors to give different meanings. Therefore, I have started to be careful when interpreting the Bible. Recently, I have noticed that I keep reading Bible verses with the word axe in them. Therefore, I have been having the question, “What does the axe symbolize in the Bible?”

One popular symbolic meaning of an axe in the Bible is “The Symbol of God’s Protection.” In Psalm 35:3, David’s words were, “Draw the battle-axe against the people who pursue me, and say to my soul that you are my salvation.” This is a Psalm of David that he used to ask for God’s protection. God is always ready to protect his people from any enemies and challenges they face. In the New Testament, God’s protection is promised through the salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, to get the protection you need, you have to be born-again and believe in Jesus Christ. [/su_column]

In this article, I invite you as we delve deeper into the topic of symbolism and the meaning of an axe in the Bible. I will also uncover answers to questions such as what an axe stands for in the Bible, its spiritual meaning, and what it means to have different dreams about an axe. You will also learn more symbolic meanings of an axe in the Bible, so read till the end.

Where in the Bible does it talk about an axe?

There are a lot of books in the Bible that talk about an axe. The axe is used to relay different meanings depending on the verse. One popular story about an axe is found in the Book of 2 Kings 6:1-7 (the story about the Recovered Axe head).

The Bible narrates that the sons of prophets asked Elisha to allow them to go to Jordan and find logs to make a place where they could dwell since they were currently living in a small space. They also requested Elisha to go with them, and together, they set off to Jordan.

When they were cutting the trees, one axe head fell into the waters. He cried for Elisha’s help because the axe had been borrowed. Elisha asked him where it had fallen and cut a stick, and threw it to that location. Then, the axe head floated, and Elisha asked the man to take it. According to Theologians, this story is a reminder is always ready to help his people. It does not matter what you need help with, just turn to the Lord and ask him to take control and help you. He will hear you and help you overcome the challenge you are facing.

What does axe stand for in the Bible?

An axe is used to represent different things in the Bible. One, an axe, is said to stand for a crisis. From the story of the recovered axe head in the book of 2 Kings 6:1-7, the axe head is used to stand for crises or challenges that we face in life.

From this scripture, we learn that we should have faith in God when we are facing a crisis, just like the son of the prophet believed in his master, Elisha, to recover his borrowed axe head. God will also help us and bring us peace like Elisha helped his servant.

Second, Christians believe that an axe stands for power or victory. From the book of Jeremiah 46:22, Christians learn that God said that the enemies of Egypt would advance in power, and with axes, they would come against Egypt like people who go to cut trees with their axes. This scripture is about the Chaldean Army that was preparing to destroy Egypt. The Bible uses an axe to show that the Chaldeans would have victory and power over the Egyptians.

3 symbolic meanings of an axe in the Bible

What does the axe symbolize in the Bible?
Symbolic meanings of an axe in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

The Symbol of God’s Judgment

In Matthew 3:10, the Bible implies that John the Baptist said that the axe has already been put on the roots of the trees to cut down the trees that do not bear good fruits. John the Baptist was teaching about repentance as he prepared a way for Jesus Christ. Therefore, Christians interpret this verse as a pronouncement of God’s judgment upon the people that do not repent and live a righteous life. John was warning the people that if they didn’t live according to the will of God, God was ready to punish them.

Symbol of Servanthood

According to Isaiah 10:15, the Bible implies that Isaiah asked whether an axe can raise itself above the person who swings it. From this scripture, we learn that we should not boost ourselves above our creator. We learn that we should be subordinate to God. Even when we feel intelligent, we should know that our wit does not surpass that of God; hence, we should be humble and allow God to use us according to his will. An axe cannot cut down a tree all by itself because it needs a person to lift it and apply force to cut the tree. Therefore, just like an axe needs help while cutting down a tree, we also need God’s help in life, and we should always be his servants so he can show us the right path.

Symbol of Destruction

According to Jeremiah 46:22, the Bible implies that Egypt will hiss like a snake as its enemies advance in force, and with axes, the enemies will come against Egypt, like the people who go to cut down trees.

In the Biblical context, Egypt was a powerful country that would destroy any kingdom that went against it. However, from this verse, we learn about the advancement of its enemies. This verse is about the great power that the Chaldean army had acquired to destroy Egypt, and just like a tree cannot resist being cut down with an axe, Egypt was unable to resist the destruction of the Chaldeans.

What is the spiritual meaning of an axe?

According to theologians, the spiritual meaning of an axe is power. An axe presents your spiritual power to penetrate through the obstacles that you face in life. Therefore, if you keep thinking of an axe or seeing axes in life, it means that God is reminding you that you have the power to overcome the challenges that you are facing. Practically, an axe is used to cut through hardwood. Therefore, spiritually an axe shows the power to cut through the things that are making life hard for you. Therefore, don’t give up and try a little harder to overcome the challenges that you are facing.

What do dreams about an axe mean?

What does the axe symbolize in the Bible?
What do dreams about an axe mean? Image source: Pixabay

Christians believe that dreaming about an axe has meaning because an axe is used to show different meanings in the Bible. There are different meanings depending on the kind of dream. Therefore, let us learn about the meanings of different axe dreams.

Dreaming About an Acquaintance Carrying an Axe

Dreaming of a person you know carrying an axe has both negative meaning and positive meanings. The positive meaning is that you are charmed by that person’s qualities of bravery or perseverance. This shows that you would like to be like them or to have such attributes.

The negative meaning in this dream is you feel threatened by that person you dream of carrying an axe, mainly, you are afraid that they will hurt you physically.

If the person you dream of carrying an axe is your spouse, this could mean that your relationship is about to break. It is a warning dream that suggests you should solve any unsolved issues with your partner that could be causing misunderstandings between the two of you.

Dream of a Cutting a Tree with an Axe

If you dream of cutting down a tree using an axe, it can indicate that something or someone toxic is going to be removed from your life. If there is someone or something that has been causing stress to you, it will come to an end.

Dreaming of a Person’s Head Being Chopped with an Axe

Dreaming of a person’s head being chopped with an axe is horrific, but its interpretation is a metaphoric meaning without any exact suggestion. This dream could mean that there is going to be a change in your attitude towards life and things. You are about to start having different perspectives about things, which could be a good thing.

Dream about Killing Someone with an Axe

This dream could represent the stress that you are having in life. It shows that you are trying to conquer challenges in life. Additionally, this dream enlightens you that you need healing or need relaxation. It can also mean that you are angry with someone.

Dreaming Of Cutting Wood with an Axe

The interpretation of a dream where you are cutting wood with an axe could be linked to your hard work in life. The wood may be representing your goals in life, and the act of you cutting it is the efforts that you are putting toward these goals.

Dream about Holding an Axe

When you dream of yourself holding an axe, it can signify your mental strength to fight the hardest battles that you face in life. This dream is like a reminder to yourself of the power and strength you have to overcome the challenges that life throws your way. It is like a self-assurance that you can conquer the thing or person that is streaming your pout.

Dream about Sharpening an Axe

Dreaming of sharpening an axe is a good omen. It is believed that sharpening an axe symbolizes wisdom or hard work. Therefore, this dream could mean that you are on the right track in your life. It can be business, career, or even studies. Therefore, it can be said that this dream shows you that you have what it takes to come up with the right ideas to succeed.

Dreaming About Someone Chasing You with an Axe

Dreaming of someone chasing you with an axe is a nightmare, but the meaning is not as bad as the dream. The axe in this dream could be representing problems and issues in your life. You may be having this dream because you are trying to avoid the issues instead of solving them. It can also be a warning that you should stop taking dangerous risks in life.

Dream about Getting an Axe as A Gift

A dream of someone gifting you an axe can indicate you should try to listen to the advice offered to you by your loved ones. This is because they have your best interest and want you to make the right decisions.

Who lost the axe head in the Bible?

The person that lost the axe head was the son of a prophet. However, the Bible implies that the axe was recovered by a man of God, Elisha. The Bible does not give the name of that son or the prophet, but we know that his master was Elisha. Therefore, after Elisha had taken over Elijah, his master, he also got servants that helped him in his ministry.

According to 2 Kings 6:1-7, the Bible implies that the sons of prophets who live with Elisha told him that the place they were living in was limited for them; hence, they asked that he may allow them to go to Jordan, where they would take logs and make a place to settle in. Elisha agreed to their request and went with them. However, as they were cutting the trees, one axe head of the sons of the prophets fell into the water. But Elisha was able to make the axe head float, and the son of the prophet got to take it out. From this scripture, we learn that Elijah was able to recover the axe head by making it float. This shows the power that God holds over nature because, through Elisha, He made the iron axe head float on water.

Bible verses about axes in the Bible

What does the axe symbolize in the Bible?
Bible verses about axes in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

Ecclesiastes 10:10 implies that if the axe is dull and one does not sharpen it before using it to cut, then one has to use more strength. The person should use wisdom to succeed.

Judges 9:48 implies that Abimelech went to the top of Mount Zalmon, took an axe, cut a branch from trees, lifted it, and carried it on his shoulders. Then he instructed the people who were with him on the mountain to hurry up and do what he had just done.

1 Chronicles 20:3 implies that David brought out all the people in all the cities of the sons of Ammon and cut them with sharp instruments and axes, and after that, David and all his soldiers returned to Jerusalem.

Isaiah 10:15 implies that Isaiah asked the people whether an axe was supposed to boost itself over the person who uses it to chop and whether a saw was supposed to exalt itself over the person who yields with it. Isaiah compared that to a club-wielding the people that lift it. Christians believe that Isaiah was trying to teach the people that they are not supposed to boost themselves over their creator, God.

1 Samuel 13:21. This verse is about the charges that the Israelites were paying to sharpen their axes as they prepared for a war with the Philistines.

Ezekiel 26:9, the Bible implies that the Lord said that the axes of Nebuchadnezzar would break down all the towers of Tyre.

Jeremiah 51:20, the Bible implies that the Lord says that Israel is his battle-axe, and with it, He shatters nations and destroys Kingdoms. This verse is about the destruction of Babylon after it had done evil to Zion.

Matthew 3:10, the Bible implies that John the Baptist said that the axe is already laid on the roots of the trees so that it can cut down all the trees that don’t bear good fruits. This verse teaches that the judgment has already been made so that anyone who does not live a righteous life according to the will of God may perish.

Psalm 35:3 implies that David asked God to draw the battle-axe, bring down those who pursue him, and say to his soul that God is his salvation. Christians learn David was letting God fight his battles because God is the protector.

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