What Is A Group Of Nuns Called? (How Do You Address A Group Of Nuns?)

As a devout Christian and an active evangelist, my day-to-day life involves interaction with various Christian denominations and affiliations across the globe. One of the unique distinctions among these various groups is the titles that identify the religious leaders at the different levels of their hierarchy and how to address them. While attending a conference at one of the catholic convents, I was keen on how the nuns were being addressed at an individual level and as a group. In one of my theology classes last week, one of the students was curious to know how nuns are addressed, especially in a large group. I was best positioned to provide reliable answers to this since I had attended several conferences with them. So, what is a group of nuns called?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Superfluity can refer to many nuns, though this term is considered ancient and is not often used in the formal context. Many other terms such as flap, convent, sisters, and mothers are currently used in various contexts when referring to a group of nuns or addressing such.

I invite you to read on as we look at some of the common terms used when addressing nuns. In this article, you will find out what a group of nuns is called on land, water, in a community, and other contexts.

What Is A Group Of Nuns Called When They Are On The Water?

The generic term flap of nuns has been used to refer to nuns in motion, perhaps those traveling in cruise ships overseas for missionary work. The term flap describes those in motion. However, conventional terms such as sisters and mothers can be used to address them. When doing a personal address to the nuns, their designation, rank, or even age will then dictate the actual term to address them. The term sisters can be used to address nuns of a young age. Their leader can hence simply address them as sisters.

What Is A Group Of Nuns Called When They Are On Land?

What Is A Group Of Nuns Called?
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Superfluity refers to an excessive amount of something. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a superfluity of nuns can refer to a group of nuns. However, this term is less common in a formal address to this group in the modern setup.

The term “Sister” is often used as a courteous way of addressing a nun. When they are in a group, one can simply refer to them as sisters. When a nun is well advanced in age, the title Mother is used instead of sister to acknowledge their seniority. A group of senior nuns can therefore be addressed as Mothers. Another common rank is that of the Reverend Mother, who heads a particular group of nuns. When addressing a group of such, one can simply refer to them as Reverend Mothers.

When addressing or talking about the nuns belonging to a specific convent, it is common to use the phrase “Sisters of” followed by the name of that particular convent. For instance, the Abbot can say, “I will be visiting the Sisters of St. Francis in the coming month.” The term” Sisters of St. Francis” here refers to the nuns belonging to that particular convent.

What Is A Group Of Nuns Called When They Are In A Building?

We can refer to this group of nuns as a Monastery, which technically describes a building or a complex of buildings that comprise various units for the operations of nuns. The term Monastery is an indirect reference in a case where one is not speaking to the nuns directly or in person. If one is speaking to them directly within the Monastery, then conventional names are used. Nuns of a relatively young age can be addressed as sisters. The respectable title of Mother is used to address those well advanced in age. The other distinctive titles in the nunnery order are Reverend Mother and Mother Superior.

However, in the event that the congregation being addressed comprises a mixture of two or more of the above distinctive ranks, it is still considered appropriate to simply address them as Sisters for direct address or Monastery for a generalized address.

What Is A Community Of Nuns Called?

How Do You Address A Group Of Nuns?
What Is A Community Of Nuns Called? Image source: Pinterest

A community of nuns is referred to as a convent. This often refers to a secluded place set apart for them to live and conduct their activities. Even though the term convent is originally used to designate the actual building or location where nuns live, it’s often used to refer to the group of people, mostly Christians, living under certain religious vows. Catholic nuns have been known to live in convents, and in such context, they can be referred to as a convent. For instance, a senior priest may say, “May the Lord bless this convent for their hard work and dedication to showing love to society.” In such a case, the term convent actually refers to the individual nuns within that community.

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