What is the message of Noah’s Ark? (Lessons from Noah’s Ark)

The story of Noah’s Ark is one of the most famous and recounted stories from the Bible. Christians believe that it marked a significant point in history. They believe it facilitated the first covenant that God made with man. The story pans over a century, with the Ark taking as long as 120 years to build. So, what is the message of Noah’s Ark?

While there are many lessons and takeaways from the story of Noah’s Ark, the one message that stands out the most is the need for preparedness. The events leading up to the flood (especially when the Ark was being built) depict the need to stay ready for major life events, especially those we are told or warned about. From the story, it is evident that many people could have boarded the Ark, but the bulk of them did not see the need for it, and others were ill-prepared for the flood.

So, what was Noah’s Ark, what was its significance, and what can Christians learn from it? Read to the end to find this out and more.

What was the significance of Noah’s Ark?

Because of the nature of the events in which it was involved, Noah’s Ark became something of a bridge that would define two periods in Biblical history. In Genesis 6: 13 – 22, God commanded Noah to build the Ark, stating that He was going to bring down a flood that would destroy every living thing on the earth.

He asked Noah to bring his wife, sons, and his son’s wives, as well as two of every animal species on earth, to ensure continuity after the flood. Noah was given specific dimensions to use for the Ark, and it was meant to be home for him and his family and other creatures.

For this reason, the Ark’s principal significance lay in the fact that it was a refuge for Noah, his family, and creatures. After the flood, God made a covenant with Noah, decreeing that He would never again destroy humanity in flood. After the covenant was made, the Ark reminded Christians of the flood, the reason for the flood, and the covenant God made with Noah.

What is the message of Noah’s Ark?
What lessons can Christians learn from Noah’s Ark? See below

What lessons can Christians learn from Noah’s Ark?

Here is a detailed breakdown of some of the main lessons and takeaways Christians can learn from Noah’s Ark.

You are capable, even when you are unqualified

When Noah’s story is recounted, one of the aspects that stands out the most is that he was able to build a massive ark using a solid and hard type of wood at a time when machines did not exist. Noah had had no prior training as a carpenter, yet he was asked to build one of the largest marvels of all time – entirely by hand and by himself.

His being untrained in carpentry made him an unlikely candidate, but he said yes anyway. He believed in his capability even when he was unqualified. In the same breath, when asked or required to perform a task for which we are not qualified, it is alright to acknowledge that we may not have complete knowledge but to trust that we have inherent abilities to learn, adapt, and perform in such areas.

Every impossible task presents an opportunity to learn and achieve what could be the biggest feat of our lives.

Remain patient

Between the time when God asked Noah to build the Ark, and when the flood came, there was a gap of 120 years. Noah would have been easy to tire along the way and felt that what he was working for and towards would never come.

Certain events and periods, especially the most uncomfortable and painful ones, can cause lots of doubt in our hearts and minds. God communicates with Christians through His Word in the Bible, and we are asked to trust Him, no matter how long He takes to respond or act. Being patient in that uncertainty brings on a greater reward than we anticipated.

If God said it, He meant it.

When God told Noah that He would make a covenant with him and save him and his family from the flood, Noah believed Him. Bear in mind that before this time, there had never been a covenant between God and man.

Even though it took more than a century, it eventually came to pass. God kept His word to Noah and saved him and his family. He also brought him to dry land on which to settle, and Noah lived a fulfilled life for another 350 years after the flood.

Stay ready

When God told Noah that He would bring down a flood, there was no mention of when He would do it. Noah wasted no time in building the Ark, and even though it took him a good deal of time, he could finish before the flood came. He managed to gather all the animals and collect enough rations to survive the entire period.

Christians are asked to maintain this level of preparedness because, even though there is not meant to be another flood, the Bible in John 14: 1 – 3 states that Christ will come again for His Church. There is no mention of when, but He will come like a thief in the night. Christians are asked to stay ready so as not to miss the ‘boat.’

Get the job done, no matter what critics say.

Discouragements will always be a part of life, and many times, not everyone will share your vision. One of the main reasons why most people fail is that they share their ideas with people looking to critique them to discourage them. Listening to such people proves fatal to any progress or success that you would have made.

Noah encountered loads of criticism, discouragement, and mockery when building Ark. These did not stop him from performing his duty; his efforts eventually saved him. He knew what he wanted to do and how to do it, and he went on and did it, no matter what everyone else thought.

 Maintain a good level of fitness even in old age

When people reach a certain age, they automatically take to more relaxing, and most (if not all) forms of fitness go out the window. The common assumption is that they do not have to do anything tasking after all. While this may be largely true, it is not always the case for everyone.

When Noah was asked to build the Ark, he was a staggering 500 years old. Even though he had already lived half his life, he was in no way young and spritely. However, he was able to build the Ark to completion, and not a section of it was left unfinished.

For this reason, Christians can be more deliberate about fitness as a time may come when it will come in handy.

It’s alright to ‘float’ for a while

Day-to-day life can be complicated and overwhelming; sometimes, taking a breather to rejuvenate is alright. Noah worked hard for 120 years, building a massive ark on his own. While the flood was a source of distress for other people, it could have been an opportunity for him to rest after a century of hard work.

As a Christian, you can take a Sunday afternoon off and take a long nap, read a book, or visit a loved one. Such activities are a welcome break that allows you to re-energize.

The storm will always let up.

No matter what you go through in your life, you can be sure a rainbow is in the offing. In Noah’s instance, it was huge when the flood eventually came. It took 7 months and 17 days for the Ark to land on solid ground. It took a while, but the time did come.

What covenant did God make with Noah after the flood?

After the flood had subsided, God promised Noah that He would never again destroy humankind by way of flooding. Genesis 9: 9 – 15 reads, ’See, I am now establishing a new covenant with you and your descendants after you, and with every living creature that was with you: the birds, the tame animals, and all the wild animals that were with you – all that came out of Ark. I will establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all creatures be destroyed by the waters of a flood; there shall be no other flood to devastate the earth.’

When God made this covenant with Noah, He gave the rainbow as a sign of the same so that every time it appears in the sky, mankind is reminded of God’s promise to Noah.

Lessons from Noah’s Ark
What can Christians learn from God’s covenant with Noah? See below

What can Christians learn from God’s covenant with Noah?

The main lesson Christians can learn from God’s covenant with Noah is that God was committed to maintaining a relationship between Himself and His creation. He reaffirmed His desire for man to fill the earth and to take charge of the rest of creation.

The covenant also sheds light on God’s desire to save human beings. He ensured continuity by saving Noah and his family and Asking that they fill the earth. Human beings have been dear to God from the very onset.

Another lesson Christians can learn from the covenant is that God holds other creations dear, as He also promises that the earth’s ecology will not have to suffer again because of man’s choices.

Noah’s Ark was designed for protection. Does this mean that God protects His people when necessary?

The Bible teaches Christians that God offers His protection to all under all circumstances. However, this does not mean bad experiences and nasty occurrences (sometimes even fatal ones) do not present themselves. They are a daily part of life but are not a testament to God’s absence.

God offers protection impartially, but when bad things happen, there are a few plausible reasons;

  • For the greater good – Sometimes bad situations lead up to better ones in the future for the victim and others.
  • To help Christians grow in trust.
  • To encourage Christians to commune with God in prayer.


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