What will we do in Heaven for eternity? (our role in Heaven)

My ultimate goal as a devoted Christian is to be united with God in Heaven. Years back in theology school, I took an interest in knowing what happens when believers get to Heaven and if they will work at all. I visited my local church and talked to the clergy to learn more. I also did extensive research to add to what I had learned. Last week, a member of my online Christian forum wanted to know what we will do in Heaven for eternity. Having extensively researched Heaven, I knew the answer to this question. So, what will we do in Heaven for eternity?

Several scriptures throughout the Bible reveal what we will do in Heaven for eternity. The first thing that we will do in Heaven will be to worship. For instance, John the Elder sees a vision in Revelations 7:9-10 of people from every nation, tribe, and language wearing white robes worshipping God. The Bible also states that we will serve the lord in Heaven, as stated in Revelations 22:3. The Bible also states that we will work while in Heaven. Isaiah 65:21-23 states that the people will build houses to live in them and plant vineyards to eat their fruits in new heavens and a new earth.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss what the Bible says we will do in Heaven and what we will not do in Heaven according to the Bible if we have jobs in Heaven, among other interesting topics.

Will we have jobs in Heaven?

The Bible reveals that we will have jobs in Heaven. However, our jobs will not be tiring like the ones we have on Earth, as the bible states in Revelations 14:13 that blessed are those that died in the lord, as they will have rest from their labor.

Before sin came into the Earth, there was work. God commanded Adam and his wife to rule over everything on land, including those in the water, as recorded in Genesis 2:15-16. However, after Eve and Adam ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, God punished them by introducing hard labor on Earth. Most of our work is tiring, as a man must sweat to eat, as revealed in Genesis 3:17-19.

We will also have jobs in Heaven because our father is already a worker. Jesus revealed to the Jewish leaders one sabbath when he healed a man, that his father, our God, is always working in John 5:17. This is because the Jewish leaders had begun to persecute him because he performed a miracle on a sabbath day, which was considered a day of rest. God will not stop working once we unite with him, as we will join and work alongside him.

What does the Bible say we will do in Heaven?

What will we do in Heaven for eternity?
What does the Bible say we will do in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay


The Bible says that we will serve God in different bible verses. The author of Revelations reveals in Revelations 7:13-16 a vision he saw of a great multitude dressed in white robes. The Bible further reveals that the multitude washed their robes and made them white in the lamb’s blood, meaning that they were the ones that had been saved. The multitude was there before the throne of God to serve him day and night in his temple. Our ultimate joy will be to serve he who loved us and saved us.


We will also worship God in Heaven. Revelations 5:11-14 records angels, elders, and the living creatures who are said to be the dead believers worshipping Jesus, referring to him as the worthy lamb who was slain. They also worship God, the one who sits on the throne of God, honoring him with glory and power.


We will also rest in Heaven, as the burden of sin will no longer be with us. The book of Isaiah 57:2 reveals that those who walk upright in the lord will enter Heaven in peace and find rest as they lie in death. The pain of suffering because of the first man will be over, and we will enjoy the fruits of our righteousness. Revelations 14:13 also supports the idea of rest in Heaven, as it states that those who died in the lord will rest from labor as their good deeds will follow them.


Hebrews 12:22-24 states that we will assemble in the New Jerusalem, where we will meet thousands of angels and those believers that went ahead before us. When we finally unite with God in Heaven, we will all be his children and fellowship with our Old and New Testament forefathers.

What will we not do in Heaven, according to the Bible?

our role in Heaven
What will we not do in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

We will not experience any pain

The Bible states in Revelations 21:4 that there will be no more pain, crying, or mourning, as God will wipe each of our tears. The old pain would have passed away, and we will experience a new begging in Heaven.

We will not die or sin

Prophet Isaiah reveals in Isaiah 65:17-20 that there will be no more death of infants nor will the old die in the new Heaven and new Earth. Once we reach Heaven, we will live for eternity as we will never die. Additionally, we will not sin, as Jesus had already died for our sins, and we would have chosen a righteous path while on Earth. There will be no more sin as all the believers will be righteous. We will also not have our human flesh or selfish desires that may lead us into sin.

We will not thirst or hunger

This is recorded in Revelations 7:16 that the great multitudes who were those that had made it to Heaven will never experience hunger or thirst and that the sun will never beat down on them again.

Who will we reign over if we are all in Heaven?

Revelations 5:10 reveals that believers in Heaven will reign on the Earth, meaning they will take charge of the land. Bible scholars have, however, suggested that there will be a hierarchical order in which each of us will rule or the position we will take in Heaven. They use the parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16 to support their speculation. One will be given the power to reign over depending on how he used their power on Earth. Luke 14:11 says that whoever exalts themselves on Earth will be humbled in Heaven, and whoever humbles themselves on Earth will be exalted in Heaven.

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