Who Was Atticus In The Bible? (Facts About Atticus)

As a born-again Christian and Theologian, I have read the entire Bible a couple of times. Since I was raised in a family of pastors, Bible reading became a hobby at a young age.

This has enabled me to gain a lot of knowledge regarding different characters in the holy book. Now that I am a pastor, one of the questions I get from my students is, “Who was Atticus in the Bible?”

The Bible does not refer to anyone named Atticus. However, scholars suggest that Herodues Atticus was an ancient philosopher that lived in the 2nd century of the Christian era. He is believed to have lived under Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Since scholars imply that Atticus lived between AD 101 and 177, they argue that he was probably alive at the same time as most of the apostles. However, most scholars are unsure whether Atticus was involved in church matters.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the facts about Atticus.

Keep reading to find out where Atticus was born and much more.

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Where is Atticus mentioned in the Bible?

There is nowhere in the Bible that mentions Atticus. However, Atticus is a popular Roman senator believed to have been alive at the same time as most of the apostles mentioned in the Bible.

They suggest that Atticus may have been present during the establishment and spread of the early church. However, it is not clear whether Atticus was ever involved in matters of the church.

It is believed that Herodes Atticus was a proponent of the Second Sophistic, meaning he was a great writer who flourished during the reign of Nero.

Second Sophistic was a movement that revitalized the practice and teaching of rhetoric during the 2nd century.

Where was Atticus born?

Who Was Atticus In The Bible? 
Where was Atticus born? Image source: Pixabay

Atticus was born in Marathon, Greece, in 100 CE. Scholars imply that Atticus was born into a wealthy family and received Roman citizenship during the reign of a Roman emperor called Claudius.

History suggests that Atticus came from a lineage of Greek Kings like Zeus and Theseus. He is believed to have spent his childhood years in Italy and Greece.

His father, Tiberius Claudius, was the first Athenian to become a Roman consul, and his mother was a wealthy heiress known as Alicia Agrippina. His wealthy background enabled him to get the best education growing up.

Atticus pursued civil engineering and got an education in philosophy and rhetoric from teachers from the Roman and Greek cultures.

Scholars suggest that Atticus lived between AD 101 and 177 and died when he was around 76 years old.

What is Atticus most known for?

Atticus is most known for being a Roman senator and Athenian rhetorician. He is popular for commissioning different Athenian public works such as the Panathenaic Stadium, Odeon, A stadium at Delphi, A theater at Corinth, and an aqueduct at Alexandria Troas.

Another famous project that Atticus was famous for was the Nymphaeum at Olympia. He was among the most celebrated orators and a prolific financier. Historians suggest that people in Athens considered Atticus the richest man in the state.

Scholars imply that Attic served as a senator and consul under Roman rule. They suggest that he is best known as the teacher of Marcus Aurelius, a famous stoic.

Being a rhetorician and teacher, people believe that Atticus may have produced different literary works though none exists today.

Atticus followed the example of other sophists in the 2nd century since he focused on enlightening and entertaining people without directly mentioning political matters.

Most of his activities are recorded in the Lives of Sophists. Though Atticus is said to have had a stormy relationship with the people of Athens, he reconciled with them while still alive.

Who were the notable students of Atticus?

Who Was Atticus In The Bible? 
Who were the notable students of Atticus? Image source: Pixabay

Atticus is believed to have been a teacher of three notable students: Polydeuces, Memnon, and Achilles. Scholars imply that Atticus also taught different philosophers and orators like Aristocles of Pergamon.

A famous Emperor known as Antoninus Pius is believed to have invited Atticus to teach his sons. One of his sons was Emperor Marcus Aurelius, while the other was Lucius Verus.

Scholars believe that teaching Marcus came in handy when Atticus was accused of taking the life of his wife since Marcus exonerated his old teacher when the case was brought to Rome.

His students remembered him for his great works and considered him a great benefactor in Greece. Though there is no record of Atticus in the Bible, his legacy lives on.

Historians suggest that Atticus was buried in a stadium in Athens that was reconstructed for the Olympic Games. His burial place is still considered a monument in Athens.

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