Who wrote Psalms 121? (What is the message in Psalms 121?)

About two months ago, my biblical studies mentee told me he had been reading Psalm 121 and found it particularly outstanding.

He wanted to know my theological perspective of this Psalm to better understand its meaning. Having studied the Book of Psalms for many years, I was more than happy to share my knowledge.

Our discussion started with me answering his first question, “Who wrote Psalms 121?”

The Bible does not directly mention who authored this hymn. While some people say that the author of this Psalm is anonymous, some Jewish commentators credit David.

In this piece, I welcome you, dear reader, to join me as we dive into Psalms 121 and discover who wrote it and what its message is.

Read along to find the answers to these questions and more.

What is the message in Psalm 121?

Some people hold that this Psalm sends a message to believers to trust in God’s ability to give even miraculous help. Others believe that this Psalm applies when believers are experiencing tough times.

Therefore, they take this hymn to mean that you should not be afraid to ask God for help if you are a Christian. They claim that God is always ready to help you.

What is the context and background of Psalm 121?

What is the message in Psalms 121?
What is the context and background of Psalm 121? Image source: Pixabay

Some Christians submit that the writer of this hymn is anonymous. They believe that the writer must have done so when approaching Jerusalem during their annual pilgrimage.

Others theorize that David must have written it before embarking on a long journey. Therefore, some scholars believe that the idea behind this song came to the singer when a glimpse of Jerusalem reminded them of God’s kindness, salvation, and providence.

What is the meaning of Psalm 121?

Some believers say that this song denotes a self-affirmation whereby, as a believer, you declare that your help comes from God alone.

Others say that this hymn is a reflection in which you, as a believer, look back and realize you have undergone turbulent times, and God has seen you through it all. It is commonly agreed that this song is a prayer you make during such times.

How do people interpret Psalm 121?

Some people believe that this is a powerful poem that can renew your faith as a believer. According to them, this hymn is motivational as it reminds you that life is like a journey and God is with you.

Others say this hymn is a prayer you make when you start a new project or business venture to uplift your spirit.

What is the prayer of Psalm 121?

Some believers hold that the prayer in this Psalm is like a template to use when praying. They say you can recite this prayer before getting into your personalized one.

Others explain that this prayer works even for groups. They suggest that you can come together in fellowship and declare, as the song says, that your salvation comes exclusively from the Lord.

What do bible commentators say about Psalm 121?

Some bible commentators say that to understand this song, you must consider the message of the one that comes immediately before this. They point out that the contents of the former are complaints.

They believe that, with that knowledge, it is easy to see the meaning of this specific hymn. They conclude that this is a hymn you sing when you have triumphed over your life’s sorrows.

Jewish commentary on Psalm 121

A Jewish commentary on this song indicates that this is the most favored hymn in times of trouble. They claim the origin of this song is the Jewish custom of relying exclusively on the Lord for salvation.

Some directly credit this hymn to David. They hypothesize that it affirms the holiness of Jerusalem and believe the song validates their annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem to seek the Lord’s face.

What can Christians learn from Psalm 121?

This song elaborates on how the Lord helps you during trouble. The first thing you should know from this hymn is that you must turn to the Lord in your time of need.

In addition to the help you can get around you, remember that the Lord is also here to help you.

Where does my help come from in Psalm 121?

Who wrote Psalms 121?
Where does my help come from in Psalm 121? Image source: Pixabay

According to this song, your help does, indeed, come from the Lord. However, you need to understand that this is also a figurative language.

Some scholars explain that the Lord may guide you to the place or person that will solve your problems. Therefore, others posit that you must pray and watch out for God’s cues.

Which hills are the psalmist referring to in Psalm 121

In the Bible, it is unclear which hills the psalmists refer to in this hymn. However, some people believe that the singer refers to the hills of Jerusalem.

They say this is the only interpretation that makes sense because as you approach Jerusalem, you first spot the city’s hills. Others say Jerusalem sits on a hill, hence the mention by the singer.

What does it mean that my help comes from the Lord (Psalm 121)

Some preachers believe that this line is not literal. They say it means that the singer believes that the Lord influences the universe to work in their favor in a time of need.

Some Bible scholars emphasize that, in the song, the psalmist says that God created everything. Therefore, they believe the Lord influences various universe systems to facilitate salvation.

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