Will Lucifer ever return to Heaven? (will Lucifer be allowed into Heaven?)          

As a theologian, I have a strong interest in Lucifer, particularly the fact that he thought he was more powerful than God, and wanted to overthrow Him from the throne. One of the things that spark my interest about Lucifer is whether God will forgive him during the end times and let him return to heaven once again. To understand if God will allow Lucifer into heaven, I visited my parish deacon, who is highly knowledgeable about the Bible, and he educated me all about Lucifer. I now teach theology, and my students brought up the question of Lucifer going to heaven the previous week. Since I had conducted extensive research on the topic, and backed by the scriptures, I managed to answer the question adequately. So, will Lucifer ever return to heaven?

The Bible does not state explicitly state if Lucifer will ever return to heaven. Job 1:6-7 explains that Lucifer could still go to heaven and communicate with God directly, as he presented himself to God together with the other angels. However, Revelation 12:7–12 explains how Michael and his angels fought with Lucifer and defeated him, and cast him to earth. Additionally, Revelation 20:10 explains that the devil will be thrown into a lake of fire, which will burn and torment him forever. Thus, Lucifer is destined to burn in hell forever during the end times, and one can conclude that he will not return to heaven. 

I invite you to join me in this article as I explore the topic of Lucifer and answer questions such as if he was banished from heaven forever and if he will be allowed in heaven after his punishment is done. Keep reading to get these answers and more.

Is Lucifer banished from heaven forever?

Will Lucifer ever return to Heaven?
Is Lucifer banished from heaven forever? Image source: Pixabay

Bible commentators indicate that God banished Lucifer from heaven permanently. Lucifer is an angelic being who fell from heaven after sinning, as described in Isaiah 14:12. The verse explains that Lucifer wanted to ascend to heaven, exalt his throne above God’s stars, and be like the Most High. He wanted to overthrow God from the throne and rule the world. Ezekiel 28:12-14 also demonstrates what happened to Lucifer as it explains that he was the seal of perfection, perfect in beauty, full of wisdom, and he was the anointed cherub on God’s holy mountain until iniquity found him and he was filled with violence and sin. For this reason, God removed Lucifer from his exalted position in heaven permanently and banished him from heaven.

There is an instance in Job 1:6-7 that shows that Lucifer still had access to heaven during Job’s time since he also presented himself before God with other angels. However, Revelation 12:7–12 explains that Michael fought Lucifer, defeated him, and cast him into the earth. And in Revelation 20:10, he will be thrown into a lake of fire where he will burn forever. Therefore, although it is not clear if Lucifer is banished from heaven forever, the scriptures show that it could be possible that he was permanently removed from heaven. 

What was Lucifer doing in heaven in the book of Job when he approached God?

Job 1:6-7 explains that Lucifer presented himself before God, together with other angels. When he went before God, God asked him where he had come from. In response, Lucifer said that he was roaming across the earth. In their conversation, God asked Lucifer if he had seen His servant Job, and described him as blameless, upright, one who shuns evil, fears God, and there was no one else on earth like him. Lucifer told God that Job only loved God because of the blessings bestowed upon him, and if God was to strike everything Job had, he would curse God. God gave Lucifer permission over everything Job had, and only asked him not to lay a finger on the man himself. And it is from this conversation that the suffering of Job began, to prove that he was indeed a man after God’s heart.

Will Lucifer ever be allowed into heaven after his punishment is done?

will Lucifer be allowed into Heaven?
Will Lucifer ever be allowed into heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Revelation 20:1–10 explains that Lucifer will not be allowed into heaven after his punishment is done. The scripture says that an angel came down from heaven, holding the keys to the abyss and a great chain. The angel captured the dragon, referred to as the devil, Satan, or ancient serpent, and chained him for 1000 years to keep him from deceiving nations. After the punishment is done, Satan will go back to earth and continue his deceptive ways. He will gather his people to go into the camp of God’s people. But his plan to destroy God’s people will fail because a fire will come from heaven and consume them. And Lucifer will be thrown into the fire together with his followers, and they will be tormented forever. Therefore, his destiny is to burn forever; thus, he will not be allowed into heaven after the punishment is done.

Why didn’t Lucifer get a second chance?       

Lucifer did not get a second chance because he is repulsed by the concept of grace and mercy, and he is perpetually fixed on universal conquest and evil. Even after being bound for 1000 years, Lucifer does not repent and goes back to deceive the nations and fight God’s people. He has refused to wave the white flag of surrender and is fixated on fighting God. Thus, he cannot be mended, and destroying him is the only option.

Additionally, the scriptures do not address the issue of fallen angels and their chance to repent. There is no plan for redemption for angels like God has for mankind. Lucifer is completely devoted to attacking God’s people and is deserving of God’s anger. 

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