Satan (who is Satan, Lucifer, and the origin of sin in Christianity)

Before being born again and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I lived a challenging life. I fought several battles daily and did not understand what was happening in my life. I was always worried about everything, and my health was poor. During this time, I met a minister of the word of God who preached to me and prayed about my situation. He revealed to me that Satan was causing issues in my life, and because I was exposed to the world, it would prove challenging for him to leave me. He then encouraged me to join the ministry and get born again in Jesus Christ. This was 15 years ago when my life changed, and I have since been keen on learning more about Satan.

Satan has been given several names like Devil and Lucifer and is assumed to own all the negative character traits like jealousy and coveting. He is considered a liar and is also credited with the vices in the world, such as adultery and murder. Satan is mentioned as being the adversary or rather the enemy of God’s kingdom and an evil and malicious being. He has also been exposed as a tempter and a veil blocking the people of God from acquiring His accurate word. He is also credited for being one of the chief angels of God who got greedy for power and tried snatching control over the world from God.

I welcome you to this article as we discuss Satan’s role in sin in Christianity. We will also discuss how Satan was thrown out of heaven and where he was thrown to. We will also learn how Satan is described in the Bible, among other topics. Read to the end to learn more about Satan and how he led to the fall of humankind.

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Who is Lucifer in the Abrahamic religions?

Lucifer is considered a being that seduces humans into sin in the Abrahamic religion. He is regarded as the master of falsehood and a liar who is out to mislead God’s people. He is also referred to as the Devil or Satan and is responsible for the fall of Adam and Eve. Through his devious ways, he seduced Eve and Adam to sin and eventually got them sent from the beautiful Garden of Eden in Genesis 3.

Lucifer is therefore considered the destroyer of the beautiful fellowship between humankind and God for a long time before he decided to lie to Adam and Eve. He is regarded as the main enemy of this world who needs to be fought spiritually since he is a spiritual being.

Did God create Lucifer? Where did he come from?

who is Satan?
Did God create Lucifer? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible suggests that it is God who created Lucifer. In Ezekiel 28:13-17 the Bible says that he was made as the anointed Cherub of God, and the first place he was put in was the Garden of Eden. He is also recorded in the same verse as dwelling in the unique places of God and seems to have been one of the closest angels to God. Lucifer was created a righteous being in the eyes of the Lord until pride got to him. He tried to grab the power from God forcefully and ended up losing his righteousness and authority in heaven.

What was Lucifer’s role in heaven when he was an angel?

Ezekiel 28:13-17 tells us that Lucifer was placed in the Garden of Eden, the place God had designed for humankind to live and enjoy. He is assumed to have been in charge of the garden where the most precious stones God created were found. In the same verse, Lucifer is described as the anointed Cherub who was placed at God’s holy mountain and could have been serving the Lord. Being so near God has made some scholars assume that Lucifer was one of God’s favorite angels before his fall.

What does the name Lucifer mean in the Bible?

According to some Biblical scholars, Lucifer has been linked to the morning star in Isaiah 14:12-14. In the verse, the words son of morning or morning star are used immediately after mentioning Lucifer. The scholars have therefore assumed that Lucifer could have meant the morning star or sun of morning.

Some have referenced the morning star and assumed the name Lucifer means to shine. The morning star is usually regarded as one of the shiniest stars around. They have therefore considered the name to mean shiny.

Some scholars have linked the name Lucifer to the translation of the Hebrew name Helel. According to them, the name meant light bearer, and in Latin, it was translated to Lucifero. This name was used to refer to the Devil in traditional Hebrew and found itself being used in the King James Version of the Bible.

What were the names of Lucifer when he was an angel?

Lucifer as an angel. Image source: Pixabay

Lucifer’s name when he was an angel has yet to be agreed upon as a few scholars have different opinions. Some biblical scholars claim that he was called the morning star, while others claim that his name was Lucifer. However, some scholars have refuted these claims and said that Lucifer was a Latin name that had been translated from Hebrew. Others claimed he had no name, while some assumed he was called Satan. All these are just claims from some Biblical scholars about the angelic name of Lucifer and not facts.

How does the Bible describe Lucifer?

Isaiah 14:12-14 describes Lucifer while offering commentary on what led to his fall. The verse talks of Lucifer having fallen from heaven. Some verses have suggested that he was one of the highly honored angels of God who was beautiful but proud. This pride cost him his righteousness when he coveted the mercy seat of God. He had four ambitions in his mission: to ascend to heaven, set his throne above the stars of God, sit on the mount of the congregation, and be like God. He was fiercely defeated and cut down to Earth. He was reduced from sharing heavenly glory with God to wandering on Earth, trying to devour God’s people.

Does Lucifer appear in the New Testament?

Lucifer does not appear in any verse of the New Testament. The name is only mentioned in Isaiah 14:12-14 in the Old Testament, where a few details about him are given. In the New Testament, different terms have been used to refer to him, like the enemy, the adversary, Satan, Devil, and others but not Lucifer.

How Lucifer Became Satan: The Origin of Evil

Two verses have tried to explain the fall of Lucifer and how he came to be regarded as Satan. The first verse is Ezekiel 28:11-19 where Lucifer is described as the embodiment of beauty, with some people assuming that he was one of the most beautiful angels that God created. He was placed in the Garden of Eden, a place of perfection where God had placed His most precious pieces of stones. This showed how highly valued he was at that place. The verse further describes Lucifer as the anointed guardian Cherub, a highly ranked angel of God who had a place at the Holy Mountain of God.

Isaiah 14:12-14 describes the events that led to the humiliating fall of Lucifer. Lucifer’s heart is filled with pride in this verse, and greed for power creeps in. He decides to fight God for him to take over the universe. He becomes overambitious and craves to be on the throne of the Highest God. He further desires to put his throne higher than the Gods. He is humiliated in the war with God and thrown down to Earth.

These two verses have given us important information on the fall of Lucifer from the heavens to Earth, where he has been roaming ever since. By being thrown into the world, he was made the God of the world and had been spreading evil to the world ever since.

Who is Satan in Christianity

 Lucifer, and the origin of sin in Christianity
Satan in Christianity. Image source: Pixabay

In Christianity, Satan has been given several attributes that portray him as the enemy to every Christian whose ambition is to go to heaven. In John 12:31, he is said to be the ruler of this world. This could mean that he is the one who dictates some of the world’s happenings. As a sadist, he does not like seeing the people of God prospering, so he only supports it when evil happens to God’s people.

In Matthew 4:3, Satan is described as the tempter. He gets this title from the incident where he tried to tempt Jesus thrice in the wilderness. This instance shows that Satan is always ready with his enticements and will try to tempt Christians into sinning as much as possible. The incident teaches us to be prepared for Satan and his compelling ways.

Revelation 20:3 describes him as a liar. He is known to deceive the people of God with his lies, and therefore, as Christians, we should always prepare to tackle him when he comes with his lies. We should also pray that we do not fall into his temptations.

The Fall of Lucifer in the Bible

The fall of Lucifer in the Bible is recorded in Ezekiel 28:11-19. The verse gives us the details of Lucifer’s fall from heaven. In the verse, Lucifer is pointed out as the anointed guardian cherub. He was charming and placed in the garden of God, Eden. He is also said to have been full of wisdom from God and was blameless in God’s eyes.

Although he was placed at God’s holy mountain, he thought he deserved more power than he had. Because of his beauty, pride filled his heart, and he became violent to God, trying a coup to overthrow Him from the leadership of the universe. God destroyed him and exposed him here on Earth. That is how Lucifer severed his relationship with God and became the destructive God of the world.

Why did Lucifer rebel against God?

Isaiah 14:12-14 reveals that Lucifer rebelled against God because of his proud heart. Lucifer was proud of the ultimate beauty that God had made Him with. This was coupled with his strange ambitions to rule over the universe. He decided to take God head-on for the throne, and his rebellion was answered by humiliation from God. His beauty and pride made him revolt, eventually losing his place in God’s Holy Mountain.

How did Lucifer rebel against God?

Revelations 12:7-10 gives us the picture of the war in heaven when Lucifer decided to become rebellious. As he waged war against God, Lucifer was intent on winning and taking over the universe from God. He organized himself with other fallen angels and declared war on the kingdom of God.

The verse reveals that war broke out in heaven, and the side of God was represented by Archangel Michael and other angels loyal to God. They fought well and defeated Lucifer and his battalion before throwing them to Earth because no space was set for them in heaven.

Where did the pride in Lucifer’s heart come from when God only created good things?

who is Satan, Lucifer, and the origin of sin in Christianity
Lucifer tempting Jesus. Image source: Pinterest

Lucifer’s pride is assumed to have emerged from the free will that God created for the angels. Some biblical scholars have translated Jude 6 to mean that Lucifer and his battalion had the will to choose to remain angels but instead decided to fight God to get more power. They lost both the battle and their secure place in heaven.

God’s punishment for Lucifer for rebelling against him

Ezekiel 28:11-19 spells out the kind of punishment that God unleashed on Lucifer for rebelling against him. The verse tells us that God cast him out of heaven and eradicated him. This means that all the power and authority he possessed before were taken away from him. The verse further explains that he cast Lucifer to the ground and exposed him in front of the Kings. Lucifer suffered humiliation from the defeat of the war from heaven and lost his coveted place at the mountain of God.

How many angels fell from heaven with Lucifer?

The exact number of angels who fell from heaven with Lucifer is unknown. However, some biblical scholars have assumed Lucifer fell with a third of the angels, as in Revelation 12:3-4. Scholars have translated the stars swept by the dragon’s tail to mean the rebellious angels that followed Lucifer to the battlefield to try and overthrow God almighty. That number cannot be estimated since God’s total number of angels at the time can never be counted.

Where did Satan go after he was banished from heaven?

Job 1:7 gives us a hint of where Satan went after being banished from heaven. In the verse, God asked him where he came from, and Satan answered that he was just from roaming about on the Earth. This could show Satan was left to wander around the Earth since the heavens were out of bounds for him.

When Lucifer rebelled against God, did he receive a chance for repentance before punishment?

The Bible has not revealed whether Lucifer received a chance to repent before being thrown down to Earth. The word of God only notes that when he rebelled against God, he was banished from heaven and thrown down to Earth. As a top angel of God who experienced His glory firsthand, he was expected to serve God forever other than allowing ambitions of taking over power to corrupt him.

Would Satan repent his sins against God and be saved?

According to theologians, Satan will never repent to God and get saved since his fate has already been sealed. Revelations have quoted several prophecies about the end times and how Satan will eventually be defeated. These prophecies from God must be fulfilled, suggesting that Satan will never have a chance to repent and get saved.

Satan’s punishment

who is Satan, Lucifer, and the origin of sin in Christianity
Satan’s punishment. Image source: Pixabay

What was God’s punishment for Satan after his rebellion?

God punished Satan by casting him down to Earth and locking the doors of the heavens for him. For being rebellious, Satan lost his angelic nature and instead became the Devil. He lost his glorious heavenly status and became a wanderer on Earth. He was also eradicated and all his authority taken from him.

What does it mean that Satan was imprisoned for 1000 years?

Revelation 20:1-3 gives the prophecy of Satan being imprisoned for 1000 years. This period is referred to as the millennial period, where Satan will not have any influence over the people of God. During this period, he will be kept from deceiving God’s people. During this period, God will still give people the free will to choose or reject Him. It is prophesied that while some people will choose Him, some will out rightly deny Him even in the absence of Satan, who is the liar.

Is Satan still locked up today?

The Bible has only given the prophecy Revelation 20:1-3 that a thousand years will come when Satan will be locked up in the pits. This has left Biblical scholars to estimate when these millennial years will occur. Some scholars believe Satan is still locked up today, and we are in the millennial period. Some disagree and feel that the millennial years ended sometime back. Others believe that the millennial years are yet to begin.

Where is Satan dwelling now?

Satan’s current dwelling place is unknown, although some Biblical verses seem to give us suggestions on his current dwelling place. 1 Peter 5:8 warns us to be vigilant, for the Devil is roaring like a lion, ready to devour us. The same seems to be supported by Job 1:7, where Satan tells God that he is coming from roaming the Earth. These two verses suggest that Satan could be walking the Earth.

Ephesians 6:12 seems to suggest that Satan could dwell in the spiritual realm where he leads the spirits of darkness that fight the people of God. Some believe he could be imprisoned in the pits, as in Revelations 20:1-3. Although people have different beliefs, we have been warned to be vigilant of Satan since he is the God of this world. He could be somewhere near you.

Lucifer as Satan in the Bible

Satan, Lucifer, and the origin of sin in Christianity
Lucifer as Satan in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

What does the name Satan mean in the Bible?

The name Satan has been given at least more than one meaning in the Bible. Matthew 4:3 describes him as the tempter. He tries to tempt Jesus but eventually fails when he rejects his advances thrice. John 8:44 regards him as a liar. He is known to be a deceiver of the human race as he tries to bring the people of God to hell. The verse further describes him as a murderer. The name Satan, therefore, bears several Biblical meanings, like liar, tempter, and murderer, among others.

Who is Satan in the Bible?

Satan is described as a fallen angel of God whose pride cost him his spot in heaven. He had been created as a highly honored angel of God but thought himself worthy of taking over the kingdom of God. He gathered several rebellious angels and took God to head as he tried to conquer the universe. God proved to be all-powerful and defeated him using an army of angels led by Archangel Michael. Satan was then thrown down to Earth, where he is believed to be roaming ever since. Isaiah 14:12-14 and Ezekiel 28:13-17 have insights on the fate of Satan having tried to fight God.

Since then, Satan has been known to be a liar, a deceiver, a murderer, and a destroyer of every beautiful thing God made for this world.

Where does Satan first appear in the Bible?

Satan first appears in Genesis 3 as the mastermind behind the fall of man. In this verse, he seems to Eve as she strolls in the Garden of Eden and seduces her to eat the forbidden fruit. He further asks Eve to convince Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, after which they realize they have sinned against God. Satan appears as a deceiver who orchestrated the fall of man.

How is Satan described in the Old Testament?

Genesis 3 describes Satan as being crafty since he lied to Adam and Eve and led to the fall of man. Isaiah 14:12-14 describes Satan as being proud that he tried to fight off the ownership of the world from God. Ezekiel 28:13-17 describes Satan as violent as he waged war against God to take over the world. The Old Testament describes Satan as crafty, proud, violent, and an enemy of God.

How is Satan described in the New Testament?

Satan is described as a tempter in Matthew 4:3. In this verse, and he tries to tempt Jesus thrice to fail him from his mission in the wilderness. Satan fails in his mission, and Jesus comes out victorious. Revelations 12:9 describes him as a deceiver who will be locked away for 1000 years from the people of God. He is further described as a murderer in John 8:44 and as an enemy in 1 Peter 5:8. Therefore, we are warned to be watchful as he is the enemy out to destroy human beings.

What are the characteristics of Satan in the Bible?

Satan is a tempter in Matthew 4:3 who tries to mess up with Jesus Christ while fasting in the wilderness. He is a liar who tries to deceive the people of God in Revelations 12:9 to the point where God decides to bind him for 1000 years. John 8:44 portrays Satan as a murderer and a liar out to destroy the relationship between God and His people. These are some of the characteristics of Satan in the Bible, and as Christians, we have been warned to be vigilant against him.

How many names does Satan have, according to the Bible?

Satan has over six names in the Bible referring to his different attributes. The names have been given to him according to the characteristics he has portrayed in the Bible.

Name of Satan in the Bible

Meaning of the Name


Bearer of Light


The Slanderer


Lord of Flies


Evil one




The Vile one



Satan’s Kingdom

The origin of sin in Christianity
Satan’s Kingdom. Image source: Pixabay

Does Satan have a kingdom?

Satan has got his kingdom of darkness, as quoted in Ephesians 6:12, that Christians have been warned against. The kingdom of darkness is also full of power capable of destroying Christians. Therefore, we are warned to be vigilant against these powers so the Devil does not devour us.

Where is Satan’s kingdom located?

The exact location of the kingdom of Satan is unknown due to the different translations of the Bible verses. Some scholars think that His kingdom is located in the abyss, as quoted in Revelations 12:9. Others believe that His kingdom is located on Earth, as in Job 1:7 and 1 Peter 5:8. Moreover, others think that His kingdom is situated in the spiritual realm as quoted in Ephesians 6:12. Wherever the kingdom is found, we are warned as Christians to be vigilant so that we do not get dragged there.

What is the order and rank of Satan’s kingdom?

The Bible does not clearly define the order and rank of Satan’s Kingdom. However, some biblical scholars believe Satan lies atop the pyramid, followed by the other rebel angels thrown out of heaven. It is only assumed that Satan leads the battalion of the fallen angels, followed by the others.

Meaning of Satan in Different Languages

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Meaning of Satan. Image source: Pinterest

What does Satan mean in Greek?

In Greek, the name Satan is translated to Diabolos, which loosely translates to a slanderer. According to the Greek translation of Satan, Diabolos means Devil or false accuser who bears false witness of others.

What does Satan mean in Hebrew?

Satan has been translated into the Hebrew language as Ha-Satan, the slanderer. Therefore the name Satan in Hebrew means a defamer or one who spoils the reputation of others like the Devil does against the people of God.

What does Satan mean in Latin?

In Latin, Satan is believed to mean Diabolus, which still means one who accuses others. He is regarded as a false accuser of others and would do anything to see the human race fail.

Satanism: Allegations of Worship

Who is Satan?
Satanism flag. Image source: Pinterest

What is Satanism?

Satanism is described as practices and movements based on Satan. These movements of people center their ideologies on the Devil or Satan and practice them to the latter as they honor him. Some scholars have described Satanism as the belief and worship of Satan, who is believed to be the enemy of God and His Holy Word. It involves the evocation of Satan.

Did Satan find Satanism?

Satan is not credited with founding Satanism; Anton LaVey is recorded as having based this religion around 1960. He was an American author, musician, and Satanist who devised the idea of Satanism and developed the Church of Satan. The Satanism movement gained popularity over time, and many people joined them.

What do Satanists believe in?

Satanists believe in Satan as their deity and subscribe to his ideologies and movement. They do not mainly worship Satan but celebrate him as an anti-Christian moral symbol. They do not practice evil according to Satanism doctrines but can practice forms of individualism. Some Satanists have rejected traditional religions like Christianity and focused on their principles.

Atheistic Satanism (also discuss meaning and origin)

Atheistic Satanism is a religion that uses Satan as its symbol but does not believe in him as a deity like God. They only consider him a sign of their faith but do not find him worthy of getting any worship. Atheistic Satanism is believed to have been started by Anton LaVey and encourages individuals to be egoistic and self-centered. Atheistic Satanism encourages members to focus on themselves while doing what suits their prosperity without thinking about others. According to atheistic Satanists, you are your own God and should therefore control your destiny. They further believe there is no judgment to whatever you do as you focus on yourself.

Theistic Satanism (also discuss meaning and origin)

Theistic Satanism is a religion where Satan is regarded as the exalted and highly worshiped deity. Herbert Sloane is believed to be the founder of this religion around 1948. Subscribers of theistic Satanism honor Satan as their God and subscribe to his teachings while also attending the Church of Satan, which is inspired by the adversary himself, Satan.

Are devil worshipers the same as Satanists? What is the main difference?

To some people, Devil worshippers are just the same as Satanists since both groups consider Satan their symbol. However, devil worshippers are assumed to believe the Devil their supreme being and therefore offer their prayers and sacrifices to him. Satanists, a specific group of Atheistic Satanists, do not worship and offer sacrifices to Satan since they only consider him as a symbol and not a deity.

Satan’s role as the tempter

who is Lucifer?
Satan’s role as the tempter. Image source: Pinterest

Satan tempts Job

The temptation of Satan on Job takes place in Job 1. In the verse, God’s sons had come to present themselves before the Lord when Satan showed up too. He had noticed Job, a rich man, was a righteous servant of God. According to him, Job was only faithful to God due to the blessings he had been accorded. He was wealthy and had beautiful and healthy children.

God gave Satan a chance to tempt Job into denying Him but with the condition that he doesn’t touch his heart. Satan went ahead and took the wealth and children of Job from him. Job was left poor and lonely and was advised by his wife to curse God for the misfortunes and die.

Job remained faithful to God through these tough times, and not once did he curse Him for the misfortunes, for he said that God deserved praise for the good and bad He brings. Later when Job had passed the test, God made him wealthier than before and gave him even more beautiful children, and Satan realized that wealth was not the reason for Jobs’ faithfulness to God.

Why did God allow Satan to tempt Job?

Some scholars believe that God allowed Satan to tempt Job to prove that there are people who love Him in truth and Spirit and would never curse Him no matter the misfortunes that tackle them. By allowing Satan to tempt Job, He wanted to expose him to the world of His faithful people who knew Him well and understood that He was the owner and controller of the universe.

What was Satan’s role in the Book of Job?

In Job, Satan’s role was to put Job to the test and ensure that he fell into the trap of cursing God. Satan unleashes misfortunes in the life of Job so that he can provoke him into cursing God. He acts as the tempter and makes the life of Job miserable by destroying his vast empire and striking him with a disease. In all these instances, Job remains faithful to God and proves to Stan that his fear of the Lord was genuine from his heart.

How many times did Satan tempt Job?

Some scholars have assumed that Satan tempted Job twice. In Job 1, he tempts Job for the first time by striking him with misfortunes that lead to his loss of wealth and family. In Job 2, Satan strikes Job with sores all over his body, leading him to scratch his itchy body with a broken pot. These two misfortunes are expected to crush Job to the point of cursing God, but instead, they make him stronger.

Satan tempts Jesus; why did Satan tempt Jesus even though he could not sin?

Hebrews 2:18 tells us that because Jesus suffered from temptation and triumphed, he can save us from temptations. Jesus was tempted as proof to God that he was the savior who had come to save the world. Being tempted as a human being and coming out triumphant shows us Christians that we can win whenever Satan tries to tempt us. It is also assumed that since the Spirit led Jesus to the wilderness to be tempted by Satan, it was God’s will that he undergoes temptation from Satan in the wilderness.

How many times did Satan tempt Jesus?

Satan tempted Jesus three times, as quoted in Luke 4:1-13. In this verse, he asked Jesus to change stones into bread. The second time, he asked Jesus to worship him, and he would gift Jesus all glory and authority over this world. He asked Jesus to jump from a high place the third time because God would send His angels to catch him. He failed to tempt Jesus in all three instances.

How does Satan tempt us today?

Satan tempts us today by enticing us with worldly pleasures and leading us to sin. He targets the human flesh, always fighting with the Spirit for satisfaction. Through materials such as secular music, drugs, and pornography, Satan has been tempting lustful human beings and devouring them, as in 1 Peter 5:8. He ensures that humans have enough material that does not glorify God. We have been warned to be careful and watchful so that we may not fall into the snares of Satan.

How do we overcome Satan’s temptation?

To overcome Satan’s temptation, we are encouraged as Christians to pray that we may not fall into temptations in Matthew 26:41. We are also encouraged to flee from temptations in Proverbs 4:14. These are the two best ways to overcome Satan’s temptations while being watchful that he doesn’t devour you.

What is Satan’s goal on Earth?

Satan’s goal on Earth is to steal, kill and destroy the people of God like the thief mentioned in John 10:10. By using the false teachers, and he can distort God’s true message while giving the people false doctrines to subscribe to. If you are not careful enough, Satan can trap you and lead to your destruction.

4 Tricks Satan Uses to attack you

The origin of sin in Christianity
Tricks Satan Uses to attack you. Image source: Unsplash

Material possessions

Satan can entice you with material wealth like he tried to tempt Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11. In the verse, he promises to give Jesus all worldly possession if he worships him. He can entice you with material wealth and attack you as soon as you give in to his advances.

Lies about the word of God

Satan can also alter the word of God and feed you with lies for his trap to work. Like in Matthew 4:1-11, he tried to alter the word of God while tempting Jesus but found the Son of God prepared for the battle.


By attacking you with misfortunes, Satan might force you to sever your relationship with God. Satan attacked Job with misfortunes in Job 1 to try and force him to curse and deny God. Job held on to his faith in God and triumphed in the end.


Satan can also deceive you, as he is known as the deceiver of the world in Revelation 12:9. He does this by shielding the word of God from reaching you. The word of God is known to bring us light; without it, we will only learn the deeds of darkness.

We are encouraged to pray and stay vigilant and ensure we don’t fall into the traps of the Devil.

How to know if it is Satan attacking you or it is life circumstances

To know if it is Satan attacking you or a life circumstance, you need to pray to God to reveal the nature of your circumstance. Pray faithfully to God and do it without ceasing, and He will hear your lamentations. He will reveal perfectly whatever is ailing you and even offer solutions.

How to fight against Satan’s attacks on you

As Christians, we have been taught that prayers are the biggest weapon we can use against Satan, the enemy. Forging a good relationship with God is important as it will make it easy for your prayers to be heard by God. Fellowship with Him through reading the word, honoring Him during the Sabbath, paying your tithe religiously, and praying without getting tired. Ask God to shield you from the eyes of Satan, and you will have a peaceful life to lead.

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