Will Pentecostals go to heaven? (Pentecostal beliefs of the afterlife)

Being a devout Christian means I cannot judge other Christians, even though I don’t agree with or understand their theologies. Growing up, I heard that all Pentecostals speak in tongues and that is their ticket to heaven. At theology school, I thoroughly investigated this theory by studying Pentecostalism and its origin. I even spoke to my theology professors about salvation and the afterlife from a Pentecostal perspective. During our cross-denomination bible study group, a friend brought up Pentecostalism. She wanted to know how Pentecostals achieve salvation and whether they will go to heaven. Armed with the insight from seasoned theologians, I was ready to answer her first question; will Pentecostals go to heaven?

Yes, scholars suggest that Pentecostals that believe in Jesus will go to heaven. Despite some controversial doctrines, Pentecostals subscribe to many Christian doctrines about salvation and the afterlife. The church emphasizes the need for repentance and atonement. Many Christian denominations also believe that one has to recognize their sins and repent. Baptism is a major part of salvation in Christianity. This is illustrated in the book of Mark 16:16, where the bible states that Christians must have faith and be baptized to gain salvation. Similarly, faith and subsequent baptism are vital concepts in Pentecostal theology.

In this article, we will explore the afterlife beliefs of the Pentecostal denomination. Join me as we discuss their complex method for salvation. Keep reading to also find out what Catholics think of Pentecostalism.

What do Pentecostals believe about salvation?

Will Pentecostals go to heaven?
What do Pentecostals believe about salvation? Image source: Pixabay

Pentecostalism is a controversial religion that sprung from evangelical Christianity. This movement caused a ripple effect in Christianity. New denominations such as the Foursquare Church started thanks to Pentecostalism. The movement is unique due to its literal interpretation of the Bible and strong belief in supernatural occurrences as described in the New Testament.

Pentecostals believe that to be saved, one has to repent or atone for their sins. According to Pentecostal doctrine, Jesus already atoned for our sins with His blood. However, human beings still have to work on repenting and living blameless lives. After you have repented, Pentecostals teach that baptism, with water, is mandatory to achieve salvation. During baptism, Pentecostals require believers to be immersed in water. They must also be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, as illustrated in Matthew 3:13-17.

Pentecostal theology proposes that human beings must be baptized with the Holy Spirit, as stated in Matthew 3:11. Pentecostals call it the second blessing. Old-school Pentecostal doctrine argues that one should speak in tongues as a sign of true baptism with the Holy Spirit. Moreover, the Holy Spirit strengthens the church by bestowing various Spiritual gifts to Christians. Pentecostals believe that Christians who do not follow the above-mentioned guidelines will spend eternity in hell.

What do Pentecostals believe happens after we die?

Pentecostals subscribe to many evangelical beliefs about the afterlife. This denomination teaches that people will go to heaven forever or spend eternity in hell after death. This is based on their actions and ability to repent their sins. Interaction with the Holy Spirit is vital for the afterlife. Christians who achieve salvation will be purified in heaven. The souls of people who die in sin will be tossed in a lake of fire for eternity. Pentecostals support their theology with bible verses like Revelations 20:14. This scripture describes hell as the “second death”.

Do Pentecostals believe you can lose salvation?

Pentecostal beliefs of the afterlife
Do Pentecostals believe you can lose salvation? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, Pentecostals teach that you can lose salvation in various ways. Based on Arminian theology, people need the Holy Spirit to maintain their salvation daily. There is no such thing as eternal security for Pentecostals. Humanity needs Jesus to continue walking the narrow path that leads to salvation. This is explained in John 10, where Jesus explains his role in guiding Christians ad protecting them from the enemy’s deception. Still, Pentecostals propose that people can voluntarily give up their salvation. Additionally, a person who refuses to lean on Jesus and welcome the Holy Spirit faces many temptations. Pentecostals are certain that living an unrepentant life is a sure way to lose your salvation.

Do Catholics think Pentecostals will go to heaven?

Yes, Catholics believe that protestants can go to heaven, even though they do not follow Catholic doctrine. That includes members of the Pentecostal movement. The logic behind this is that both Catholics and Pentecostals believe in the second coming of Christ and the Holy Trinity. The denominations celebrate the Lord’s supper and believe in baptisms as a route to salvation. That said, Catholics still maintain that Protestants are following the wrong brand of Christianity. Nevertheless, Catholic doctrine believes in the message in 2nd Peter 3:9. According to this scripture, Jesus does not intend any soul to be lost in sin. Therefore, simply believing in Christ can earn a Christian a spot in heaven, despite their denomination.

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