A list of spiritual smells (the meaning of spiritual smells)

As a Theologian, I am interested in different beliefs about different things. I particularly took an interest in understanding different beliefs about smells. In 2022, we visited a Perfumery Museum where we interacted with different people as we learned about the scents.

One group of Africans and Arabs amazed me when they explained their beliefs about Frankincense and Myrrh. We asked them to help us understand their beliefs about smells further.

I later decided to research the topic by reading the Bible and articles and consulting religious and spiritual people. So last week, we were discussing relationships in our online diverse beliefs group, and one lady said she knew her new relationship was meant for her after she continuously smelt coffee out of nowhere.

She diverted the discussion as many people asked a lot about the smell and the meaning. However, the questions were overwhelming for her.

Since I had done thorough research on the topic, I offered to help and answered each question. So, what is the meaning of spiritual smells?

Spiritual smells are the smells that are not physically present in the environment, but a person is believed to smell them from the spirit world. In the Bible, some spiritual smells mentioned include Frankincense and Myrrh. According to the book of Matthew 2:11, they were presents given to Christ at His Birth, and Many Christians believe they mean intercession and deliverance, respectively. There are also spiritual smells in other religions and cultures, like the sulfur smell, among others. Sulfur smell is believed to mean heightened spiritual senses, among other beliefs.

So, join me in this in-depth article where I explore the meaning of a heightened sense of smell that is often called clairalience. I will also discuss the different fragrances in the Bible, how they were used, and their spiritual meaning in Christianity. Lastly, I will also write a list of spiritual smells with their different meanings.

Read on to find out more.

What are spiritual smells?

Spiritual smells are believed to be the scents and odors that communicate spiritual messages into a person’s consciousness.

The sense of smell is important in both physical and spiritual aspects. Many believe that the spiritual world sometimes decides to use the sense of smell and send messages through smell to a person.

This often happens, as suggested, when a person smells scents or odors that do not come from their surroundings. For example, a person can smell coffee, yet they are not anywhere close to coffee products.

This type of smell is believed to be a spiritual smell.

What is the spiritual meaning of heightened sense of smell/clairalience?

The meaning of spiritual smells
What is the spiritual meaning of heightened sense of smell/clairalience? Image source: Pixabay

Willie, a Spiritual writer, defines clairalience as a psychic ability to smell an upcoming situation. A simple definition is clear smell ability.

A person with clairalience abilities is believed to have a great capacity to invoke the future, emotions, and memory by smelling.

A good example of clairalience is, for instance, how people smell scents of their deceased loved ones after they have been long buried. It also means a much heightened sense of smell, for example, smelling diseases before someone becomes sick.

Many suggest that a person has spiritual clairalience by comparing with the people who are around them. If the person is the only one who has a sense of smell and the rest are barely smelling anything, then it is believed that the person has clairalience abilities.

Also, other people suggest another way of knowing that a person is a clairalience is when they are the only one who is smelling the signature smell of a deceased loved one.

Often, it is believed that the smell comes once, and it is comforting. In addition, others believe that it comes with Angels and the Spirit of the departed soul.

Also, many believe that clairalience happens when they sneeze continuously in a row. Many suggests that to prove it is clairalience, a person should try and look out for any allergies that make them sneeze.

If they cannot point out any natural cause, then they suggest that it is clairalience. Also, others believe that someone is a clairalient if they continuously smell smells that they cannot even tell what they are or describe vividly.

Biblical fragrances and their meaning

Most of the fragrances in the Bible are accompanied by fragrance oils, and they have prophetic meanings as well.

Frankincense and Myrrh

In Biblical times, Frankincense and Myrrh were very famous, and they were among the gifts that were gifted to Christ at his birth in Matthew 2:11. Apart from being present, the Bible states in Exodus 30:34-38 that God asked Moses to add pure Frankincense in the incense.

Since it was burnt, it produced a frankincense fragrance, of course, combined with other fragrances from other spices. Since the incense was used in God’s altar, Many Christians interpret the fragrance as a fragrance of intercession.

Myrrh had many use in the Bible, but the most significant was how it was used on the Body of Christ. It is a spice that has a fragrance that serves dead bodies well.

In the book of John 19:38-40, it is written that Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the Body of Christ with Myrrh and linen. From this, many Christians believe that the fragrance of Myrrh symbolizes deliverance through Christ’s atoning.

Therefore, many Christians suggest that the fragrance of Myrrh and Frankincense are the best to be used during prayer and deliverance.


Cassia is also a fragrance mentioned severally in the Bible, and many believers say that it carries the meaning of devotion and dedication.

In the book of Psalms 45:8, the prophetic description of the garments Christ is given. The Bible records that Christ’s garment smelt like Cassia, Aloe, and Myrrh. It is a fragrance that comes from the back of the cinnamon tree.

Some Christians say that the fragrance represents devotion, which means letting go of pride and being set apart to have a heart of a servant.

This is the common interpretation because it was used on Christ’s garment, and He was humble and dedicated as a servant.

Cedars of Lebanon

This fragrance comes from a huge tree that is often called the king of all trees in the Bible because it is 90 feet tall. This fragrance wood was used to build the houses of King David and King Solomon.

The fragrance of this tree is believed to represent strength and protection. This interpretation comes from Psalms 92:12, where the Bible compares a righteous man with Cedar. The righteous man grows strong like a Cedar.


Some believers believe that Hyssop’s fragrance means purification. The fragrance is extracted from Hyssop herbs that grow in semi-arid areas. It was referred to as a Holy Herb because Hebrews used it for their rituals.

In Exodus 12:22, they were instructed to mix the blood with Hyssop before smearing it on their doors during Passover. Also, in Numbers 19:6, the Priest is instructed to add Hyssop, among other ingredients, into the heifer that burns as a sacrifice.

From these verses, many Christians believe that hyssop fragrance represents purification.

Fragrance of Pomegranate

Some Jewish traditions believe that the fragrance of pomegranate denotes righteousness. Pomegranate fragrance is extracted from the Pomegranate flower petals.

However, the belief is associated with the fruit that has 613 seeds. The 613 seeds correspond to the Torah commandments.


Cinnamon is also a fragrance mentioned in the Bible, and it is believed to be a denotation of passion and courage. In the book of Exodus 30:23-26, Cinnamon is mentioned among the Spices that were used to make the anointing oil that was used to anoint the Ark of the Covenant.

Some believers believe that this verse shows that cinnamon fragrance denotes the boldness and passion of being a believer no matter the situation.


Spikenard is a fragrance mentioned in Bible, and it is believed to symbolize worship and praise. It is mentioned in the book of John 12:3, where Mary of Bethany poured the oil on Jesus’ feet, and the fragrance filled the whole place.

Some believers believe that this verse shows how spikenard symbolizes adoration, worship, and praise to Christ.

18 spiritual smells and their symbolic meanings

A list of spiritual smells 
spiritual smells and their symbolic meanings. Image source: Pixabay


Peppermint smells like menthol, but it is sharper and fresh. It is mostly used in cosmetic products, culinary industry, and medical industry. Some of the symbolic and spiritual meanings of smelling it as a spiritual smell include;

Future love

Peppermint is believed to have a spiritual message that is always about the future. Many believe that when they smell peppermint out of nowhere, they are about to meet someone who will date them.

They suggest that the person often has his or her things together.

Protection from evil

Many cultures believe that when a person smells peppermint, they are being protected from evil. They explain using common traditions and beliefs about peppermint; peppermint was used by their ancestors to protect their people from evil.


Many suggest that smelling peppermint is a sign of healing spiritually. The best explanations for this belief come from the traditions of different cultures.

Many cultures used to use peppermint to heal sick people suffering from digestive and metabolism problems. Others still use peppermint to help pregnant women with morning sickness.

Therefore, for its healing abilities, they suggest that smelling it out of nowhere is a spiritual message of healing.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup smells like sugar and fat that is getting caramelized, something close to Aunty Jemima Syrup. When you smell maple syrup, you are either receiving a spiritual message or you or someone around you is suffering from Maple Syrup Urine Disorder MYUD.

If you are smelling it out of nowhere, it’s better to confirm if you might be ill or if it is a spiritual message. If it is spiritual, it is believed to mean the following;

Many people believe that smelling maple syrup means that there is going to be renewal. They must explain that maple syrup has abilities to hold memories from autumn, nature, and harvest.

Therefore, they believe it is a spiritual reminder that each day comes with new beginnings. They take the smell as a spiritual meaning to start over without fear.


New opportunities

One famous belief about smelling coffee is that a person is going to receive new opportunities soon. Often, it is said that opportunities bring major changes in a person’s life, which a person gets afraid of pursuing.

However, many suggest that if the interpretation resonates, there is no need to fear as the spirits know better.

You need to change.

Different people believe that smelling fish signals communication from the spirit world that a person needs to change. Many suggest that the change is often related to environment or work.

Love and relationship

Some people believe that smelling coffee means a person is going to find the love of their life. Many suggest that this interpretation happens better for women who are single and in search of love.

Others believe that smelling coffee means that a person in a relationship is going to catch their partner cheating.

Do not trust just anyone.

Some people suggest that when they smell coffee, it is their spirit guide warning them about over-trusting people in their lives. They suggest that when you smell coffee and in the same wake bump into a person you trust or think about them, then they are not worthy of your trust.

They believe that in often cases, these people are only trying to manipulate them, and their spirit guides cannot let that happen.

Strengthen your faith and belief.

Other spiritual people believe that smelling coffee means they need to strengthen their faith in God. They explain that coffee is related to the power of restoring memories.

Therefore, when they smell coffee, they believe that the spirit world is communicating with them about the joy they used to feel when their faith was high in the past.

Therefore, they take the smell as a sign to start working on the strength of their faith in God.

Rose smell

Love and passion

Some people believe that smelling the smell of roses means love and passion. Often, they believe that their lives will be filled with love and person.


Other people believe that when they smell the smell of roses, they are going to start seeing the beauty in their life. Also, they believe that something beautiful is going to happen in their lives.

Presence of Angels

Different people suggest that when a person smells the smell of roses, there are Angels around them. Others believe that their spirit guides are around them and are protecting them.

Strawberry smell

A list of spiritual smells 
Strawberry smell. Image source: Pixabay

Passion, romance, and sexuality

Many cultures associate the strawberry smell with passion, romance, and sexuality. Many believe that smelling it shows that their lives are filled with passionate love.

Feminine energy

Other cultures believe that smelling strawberries denotes feminine energy. They often associated it with fertility in women and their innocence.

Abundance and peace

Others associate the smell of strawberries with peace and abundance. Many suggest that after perceiving the smell, a person will become prosperous and happy.



Some people believe that when they smell Lavender, their lives are going to be peaceful. Many explain that the message comes from the nature of Lavender to cause a relaxation effect in many people.


Other people believe that when they smell Lavender, their lives are getting cleansed. They suggest that the cleansing occurs mostly emotionally and spiritually.


Many people believe that when they smell Frankincense, they are spiritually undergoing purification. Many associate the scent with their religious practices, which include using incense.

Others suggest that when they smell it in a spiritual manner, they are undergoing a divine connection.


Different people associate smelling Myrrh with spiritual enlightenment. Others suggest that it means a person is going through healing. In addition, it is believed that a person who perceives the scent of Myrrh is divinely protected.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang smells like other exotic and tropical scents, only that it smells a bit spicy and floral. This is the reason many perfumes have it in the ingredient list.

It comes from indigenous trees that grow in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. So here are some spiritual meanings of this smell;

Boosted energy

Some cultures believe that when a person smells Ylang Ylang out of nowhere, they are spiritually getting a boost in their energy. Most people suggest that this spiritual effect is more effective when used during meditation or exercises that calm their souls.


Others suggest that it has powers to heal a person with blood pressure when they smell it directly for months. A study was conducted on people by making them inhale Ylang Ylang for a month, and results showed that it reduces stress and blood pressure.

Some spiritual people concluded that it is the spiritual ability of Ylang Ylang to help in healing.


Many cultures associate Cinnamon with healing, prosperity, and psychic powers. However, different people hold different beliefs regarding smelling Cinnamon. Some include;

Spiritual awakening

Many believe that smelling Cinnamon shows that they are undergoing a spiritual awakening. According to people who hold this belief, the spicy nature of Cinnamon explains the role of smell in awakening a person’s spiritual awareness.

Therefore, when they smell Cinnamon, they believe they are in good spiritual condition to connect with their higher selves and even get into the spiritual realm.

Others believe that smelling Cinnamon is a spiritual calling to tap into their psychic abilities and listen to their intuition.

Often, they suggest that their spirits guide send a message through the smell of Cinnamon to prepare them for the spiritual path they are about to follow.


Different people believe that Cinnamon is a protective smell. Some suggest that when a person smells Cinnamon, they are protected from negative energy and emotions.

Often, this becomes the best interpretation when a person smells Cinnamon from nowhere when they are anxious and angry. It is said that the spirit guides send the smell to calm down the person.

Money and prosperity

Some people believe that smelling Cinnamon is the beginning of attracting good money and prosperity. Many people who practice manifestation and affirmations believe that when they smell Cinnamon, they are being called to manifest abundance and wealth.

Many who interpret the smell in this manner use actual Cinnamon to cast spells that attract money and wealth.


Other people believe that when they smell Cinnamon, they are receiving divine healing. Often, it is said that healing happens both physically and emotionally after smelling Cinnamon.

In many instances, this becomes the best interpretation of the spiritual messages when the person smelling it is sick or going through emotionally difficult moments.

Divine connection

Many cultures believe that when a person continuously gets to perceive the smell of Cinnamon without any cinnamon around them, the spirit world is sending a message that the person should connect with it.

Different cultures explain that Cinnamon helps spiritual people stay conscious spiritually. Therefore, when they smell Cinnamon, it is said that their spirit guides are calling to them to connect with them.

Many people who believe in this interpretation start praying and meditating using Cinnamon after receiving the message.


Death and Renewal

Different people believe that smelling vinegar out of nowhere means that there is death and Renewal occurring spiritually. Many explain this belief by the process by which the vinegar is created. It starts off sweet and becomes satisfyingly sour.

Health and Fortune

Some cultures, like Hindu culture, believe that smelling vinegar signals good health and fortune. They suggest that when a person smells vinegar, their finances are positively affected.

Sulfur smell

The smell of Sulfur is like the smell of rotten eggs. Smelling Sulfur is not a normal thing unless there is a gas leak or rotten eggs.

Sometimes, the Sulfur smell can come from water because some water supplies contain Sulphur. However, some people believe that if there are no gases or rotten eggs that cause the smell, then the smell is spiritual.

These are some of the spiritual meanings of smelling Sulfur;

Heightening of Spiritual senses

Many spiritual people believe that smelling Sulfur proves that they are spiritually active. They suggest that their senses have reached a certain height of activeness when they smell it.

They believe that the spirit world is trying to tell them that their perception of things is functioning according to spiritual standards.

Most of them believe that when they smell Sulfur at night or early in the morning, they have reached the peak of spiritual sensitivity.

Evil Spirits are Actively Present

Some people interpret the smell of Sulfur to spiritually mean that evil spirits are surrounding them. Others suggest that the evil spirits are not always so close to them when they smell Sulfur; they believe they are just passing their homes.

Also, other people believe that the smell of Sulfur represents evil beings from hell. Therefore, they burn incense to chase the evil spirits away.

Time to be attentive to your discernment

Many believe that smelling Sulfur means they need to start being keen on their discerning abilities. They explain that Sulfur is a rare odor for anyone to spiritually smell unless.

Therefore, when the Spirit world sends them a sulfuric smell, they believe it is a reminder to start using their discernment gift to determine right and wrong.

Spiritual protection

Different people believe that when they smell Sulfur, the Spirit world is communicating that they need divine protection.

They suggest that it is often the case when they have forgotten that they are vulnerable and are not able to protect themselves on their own.

Consequently, they perceive a sulfuric smell so that they seek protection, as they believe it is only spirit guides that protect them.

A lot of negativity is around you.

A popular belief about smelling Sulfur is that it sends a spiritual message about the negativity in a person’s environment.

Some people suggest that after perceiving this odor, the best thing is to change the environment and leave the negative energy behind. Others suggest that the best thing is to chant positive words of affirmation. They say the words purify the environment.

A sign of a fake friend

Also, some people believe that smelling Sulfur shows them that their friend is a pretender. Many suggest that this interpretation resonates when they smell Sulfur while at their friend’s home.


Many cultures suggest that smelling Sulfur means that there is purification happening. They associate the sulfur smell with fire, and they believe that fire is used for purification.

Therefore, when they smell Sulfur, they interpret it to mean that someone is going through purification or that their intentions are being purified.


Some people believe that when they smell Sulfur, it indicates that they have become vulnerable. They suggest that it is often the case when an enemy has successfully broken their spiritual walls of protection.

Therefore, they believe that the Spirit world sends them a message through sulfur smell to remind them to either pray, cast spells or conduct rituals to restore their walls of defense.

Bad omen

Many suggest that the sulfur smell often denotes an upcoming hurtful event. Many people believe that when they smell Sulphur in the morning, it indicates that their day will be so bad.


Smelling smoke becomes a spiritual smell when there are no scientific and natural conditions that lead you to smell it. Some spiritual meanings of smelling smoke include;

  • Cigarette smoke

Heightened spiritual senses

Some people believe that when they smell cigarette smoke, and there is no source, then the spirit world is communicating that their spiritual senses are getting heightened.

They explain that just smelling it and nobody else can smell it distinguishes them as very Spiritual. They suggest that after interpreting the spiritual message in this manner, the best they do is to stay active spiritually.

A spiritual being is around.

Other cultures believe that smelling the smell of cigarettes means a spiritual being is around them. They suggest that the spiritual person is either a deceased loved one or a spirit guide from the spirit world.


Others suggest that smelling cigarette smoke signals danger ahead. They believe that it is a signal for them to stop taking any further actions.

A sign to stop smoking

Although it is common for people who smoke cigarettes to smell cigarettes, it is believed that when you are a smoker and you smell cigarettes, yet it is not around, it is a sign that you need to stop.

They believe that the spirit world is concerned about the smoker’s health, so Spirits send the smell as a sign for them to stop smoking.

  • Smoke from something that is burning

Spiritual sensitivity

Many people believe that when they smell smoke from something burning, they are spiritually sensitive. They suggest the Spirits are confirming that their spiritual senses are in a perfect state and are working well.


Some people believe that when they smell smoke, something burning, it means that their spiritual consciousness is undergoing a rebirth.

They suggest that whenever a rebirth occurs, they are about to enter into a new spiritual adventure. Therefore they believe the spirit world sends smoke smell as a signal for their new spiritual path that requires them to stay highly conscious spiritually.

  • The smell of a candle smoke

A common belief amongst different people and religious cultures is that smelling candle smoke shows their prayers have been answered.

Many believe that if they perceive the smell of candle smoke without burning any candles, especially after praying, the spirits are preparing a physical answer for them.

  • The smell of the smoke of burning wood

Jorge Silva suggests that when a person smells smoke from burning wood, God is present—around them. Both the burning scent and the scent of the smoke are suggested to be signs of God’s presence.

Other meanings of smelling smoke

Some people believe that any type of smoke represents the glory of God in their lives. Often, people who hold such an interpretation suggest that the person smelling smoke is most likely to receive a divine calling.

They believe that the person is experiencing the glory of God around them, which is summoning them for their divine callings like being a pastor, evangelist, or prophet.

Consistently praise God

Others believe that when they smell any smoke, the spirit world is telling them to praise God. People who believe this explain that praising God is done in many ways, including offering sacrifice.

In the past and even in the contemporary world, some cultures believed in offering burnt sacrifice to God as a way of praising and honoring Him.

The burnt offering is believed to reach God through the smoke. In the same way, they suggest that when they smell smoke, it is a sign for them to start praising God.

Forget your past

Some people believe that when they smell smoke, their spirit guides are telling them to forget their past that drags them behind.

They suggest that evil spirits are always trying to pull them down by constantly taking them back to their past. Therefore, they get communication from spirits through the smoke smell to focus on the future.

Angels are around you.

Many who believe in guardian angels believe that the smell of smoke signals the presence of their guardian Angel. They suggest that their guardian Angel comes around to assure them of their safety.

You are a special person.

Many cultures believe that when someone smells smoke as a spiritual smell, they are chosen and special. They suggest that God only sends such as a way of motivating the people who are special to Him.

Rotten eggs


Many associate the smell of rotten eggs with a warning from the Spiritual world for them to change their bad habits.

People who believe this explain that natural eggs get spoilt when a person is careless and does not take care of them. This is often the case when a person does not have a routine that keeps their house intact and clean.

Therefore, it is believed that the spirit world communicates through the smell of rotten eggs to remind them to start being responsible.

Fishy smell


Some people believe that smelling fish means there is going to be abundance in their lives. Many believe that the smell of fish attracts positive energies.

For this reason, they suggest that abundance is often spiritual abundance. However, sometimes they believe that the smell of fish denotes financial abundance.

Divine connection

Many cultures believe that smelling fish means that a person is getting connected to the divine world and divine beings. In many cultures, fish is associated with divinity and the cyclical nature of life.

Therefore they believe that smelling fish is a sign that they are connected to the divine world and they are going to receive spiritual messages.

Others suggest that it is a sign for a person to listen to their intuition which often leads them to their purpose and spiritual path.

Cleansing and healing

Also, other people associate the smell of fish with the healing and cleansing of a person’s spirituality. Cultures like Hinduism consider the fish as a spiritual animal.

Therefore they believe that smelling fish means there is something going on in someone’s spiritual life, which is often healing and cleansing.


Different people suggest that spiritually smelling fish means that there is going to be a transformation in their lives. Most of them explain this belief by the growing stages of a fish and how it transforms.

Other people suggest that the exact moment that they smell fish, changes occur in their Spirit.

Rotting wood

Some people believe that when they smell rotting wood, the spirit world is communicating that they are decaying spiritually.

This is believed to be the case when they lack support in their spiritual journey. Also, this message is often said to resonate whenever a person is yearning to be stable spiritually.

Foul breath

Many people associate foul breath with negative energy. Many believe that smelling foul breath means that their relationship is toxic and it is draining them.

Others suggest that it means their toxic relationships are gradually turning them into toxic people. They believe that the spirits send a foul breath smell to remind them that they need to seek spiritual and emotional healing.

They further suggest that for them to heal, they should leave their toxic relationships.


Some pieces are missing in your life.

Some people believe that a spiritual smell of Ammonia means that there is something that is missing in their lives. Often, they say that this thing is coming soon.

Most people who hold this belief explain that Ammonia is used to clean things, so when they smell it, a spiritual process of cleaning and purifying them is happening.

Purification is believed to be preparing a space for the new thing to be received.

Letting go of the negative past

Other people believe that when they spiritually perceive the smell of Ammonia, the Spirit’s guide is telling them to let go of the past.

They suggest that this is often the interpretation when a person is over-focused on their past mistake and cannot see past their mistakes. They suggest that it is a wake-up call for them to pay attention to the present.

Meaning of spiritual smells in other religions


In Hinduism, too, each smell has its own spiritual meaning. Some of them include;

Sandalwood smell

Many Hindus believe that the sandalwood smell means purity and spirituality. According to their cultures, sandalwood is sacred.

They often use it as a purifying scent during rituals as a way of divine invoking. Therefore, it is believed that when they smell it spiritually, there is purification happening.


In Hinduism, Jasmine is believed to have spiritual meanings of love and devotion. In Hindu culture, Jasmine is used in rituals that are conducted to honor their gods and goddesses. For this reason, Hindus associate the smell with dive love from the gods to the people.


Many Hindus believe that smelling incense denotes a spiritual message of prayer and meditation. They use incense in their spiritual practices because they believe it cleanses their atmosphere, making it effective for prayer.

For this reason, they believe that smelling incense is a sign that the atmosphere is clean enough for them to make prayers or meditate.

Flowers smell

Many Hindus believe that when they smell flowers, it represents the beauty of the divine. For Hindus, different flowers represent different deities which is the reason they associate the smell of flowers with divine beauty.


A list of spiritual smells 
Burning incense. Image source: Pixabay


Buddhists believe that the smell of incense is meant to help them focus on being present. They use incense because they believe it enhances concentration and meditation.

Therefore when they smell it out of nowhere, they believe it is a sign for them to start being present.

Flower smell

Buddhists believe that the smell of flowers is a spiritual reminder for them to live in the moment and appreciate the moment. They explain that flowers show them just how much life is impermanent.

So when they smell flowers from nowhere, it is a reminder of their mortality which makes them appreciate each second they are alive.


Buddhists believe that the smell of sandalwood spiritually means that a person is receiving clarity and sight spiritually. Others suggest that it is a spiritual message that brings them inner peace.


In Buddhism, Citrus is a smell that is associated with renewal. They believe that smelling citrus spiritually means that they should work on their negativity and change to become positive.


Many Buddhists believe that the smell of Jasmine spiritually means purity and spiritual awakening. When they smell Jasmine spiritually, they believe that they are undergoing a spiritual awakening.



Muslims believe that the smell of Musk means holiness and spirituality.


In Islam, the smell of rosewater is believed to have a message of purity and devotion. They believe so because they use it in rituals that entail divine purification.


Muslims also believe that the smell of Frankincense awakens a person’s wisdom. They mostly use Frankincense in sacred rituals.


Muslims believe that the sandalwood smell is meant to create peace in their inner being. They associate sandalwood with spiritual awakening and enlightenment. They also say that the smell is a reminder for them to be calmer.


Many Muslims believe that when they have a spiritual smell of citrus, they are being informed to let go of negativity. They believe that their smell of citrus denotes freshness and renewal.

Therefore, they suggest that the smell reminds them to start looking at life with optimism.

How can you recognize the smell is spiritual and not ordinary? Understanding the spiritual smell

Many people believe that you can tell the difference between spiritual and ordinary smells by just checking your environment.

If you are perceiving certain smells and you think it is not ordinary, check around and see if there is any source of the smell. If there isn’t, then it is suggested that the smell is spiritual.

For example, if you smell Cinnamon and you are not around any cinnamon tree, products, or food made of Cinnamon, then that is considered by many as a spiritual smell.

How are smells used for spiritual purposes today?

Many people use smells for protection. Some people create their own sprays; the most common is a mixture of Cinnamon and cloves. They use the spray to protect themselves from the negative energy that brings them down.

Other people use smells during meditation. The most common is Cinnamon and rosemary. The common use is adding them to tea and taking it to increase their vibration.

Others burn candles with different scents, like Lavender, to help them clear their minds and focus on their energy. Others use the candles to ignite their creativity.

However, you should remember that as a Christian, you should rely on God and what His words say. The Bible in 2nd Thessalonians 3:3 says that God protects His people from evil.

Also, Proverbs 3:5 warns Christians not to depend on their own perception. Therefore you should not put your trust in things like scents, things he created.

Even though many churches use Frankincense oil for deliverance, it is not the oil that delivers; it is by the power of Christ.

Therefore, put your trust in God and not worldly things.

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