Spiritual Meanings of Shoulder and neck pains (relationship between chakra and shoulder and neck pains)

I learned about the relationship between neck and shoulder pains and spirituality a few years ago. I experienced some neck and shoulder pain and shared this news with a friend who brought up the idea of chakras.

Though, as a theologian and devout Christian, I do not believe in these theories, I was curious to learn more. So, I researched deeply and extensively and read several books about chakras.

Recently, one of my church members randomly approached me and asked about my stand on chakras. She explained that she had been facing neck and shoulder pains and was told it could be spiritually related.

Since I am well-versed with chakras and have also extensively researched the spiritual meanings associated with neck and shoulder pains, I answered her satisfactorily.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of shoulder and neck pain?

Some people believe that neck and shoulder pains could be a result of holding onto emotional baggage, feeling disconnected from the spiritual realm, experiencing stiffness in the body, or holding onto unresolved trauma. However, it is key to note that these are not biblical beliefs in any way.

So, join me as we delve deeper into the spiritual meanings of neck and shoulder pains. I will talk about the meaning of pain in the right and left shoulder, right and left side of the neck, how shoulder pain is related to Chakra, how one can rebalance their Chakra to get rid of this pain, and if you should have any spiritual concerns when having neck and shoulder pain. Read until the end to learn more.

What causes shoulder and neck pains?

The most common causes of neck and shoulder pains, as stipulated by medical experts, are injuries, incorrect posture, straining, or overexertion.

If your ligaments, tendons, muscles, or any soft tissue in your neck is injured, you might experience pain like muscle spasms, headache, and even neck stiffness.

Your sleeping position, posture, and age also can play a huge role in why you are experiencing neck and shoulder pains. Medical experts also believe that there are other medical conditions that can lead to such pain.

Let’s look at some conditions that could possibly lead to neck and shoulder pains;

Cervical osteoarthritis/spondylosis

Cervical osteoarthritis is age-related and happens when your neck’s spinal discs start to wear off. This condition is quite common for people in the age range of 60-85.

The most common symptoms of this condition are usually neck stiffness and pain; in severe cases, one can experience pinched nerves.

Mental stress

Though many overlook this cause, health experts posit that stress that makes you tighten your neck muscles can lead to neck stiffness and pain. Many people tighten their neck muscles when stressed without realizing it.

Cervical radiculopathy

Another condition that can cause neck pain is cervical radiculopathy, also referred to as a pinched nerve. This condition can come up if you have a spine injury or are at your old age.

A common symptom of this condition is muscle weakness in your hand, arm, and shoulders.

Stable angina

Another medical condition that experts believe could lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain is stable angina. This condition occurs when your coronary arteries narrow, causing your heart to not receive enough oxygen.


Though this condition is rare, mostly for people who are under the age of 50, medical experts note that cervical artery dissection, which is a type of stroke, leads to intense neck pain.

Shoulder bursitis/tendinitis

Bursa are sacs filled with fluid and prevent joint friction. Tendons, on the other hand, are strong fibres that attach to your bone and muscles.

When the bursa and tendons are inflamed, they lead to pain which can occur on your shoulders, neck, or any other place in your body.

Other medical conditions that can lead to neck and should pain include cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and meningitis.

Spiritual causes for shoulder and neck pains

Spiritual Meanings of Shoulder and neck pains 
Spiritual causes for shoulder and neck pains. Image source: Pixabay

Many people believe that shoulder and neck pain is a result of physical occurrences. However, others assume that this pain might be a result of spiritual causes, not just physical.

They believe that spiritual causes like blocked creative energy or unresolved trauma can lead to neck pain. Others suggest that if you are attached to heavy spiritual entities or energy on a karmic level, then you might experience some type of neck pain.

Other spiritual causes believed to cause neck pain include;

Being unable to adapt

Some people consider neck and shoulder pain a result of resisting change. They interpret such pain to indicate that one is unwilling to embrace new transitions in life and is still holding onto old behavior and thinking patterns.

They believe that since the neck is flexible, it is linked to adaptability, and pain around this area could be a reminder to embrace growth and change.

Act now

Others believe that pain around the neck and shoulders happens when the universe is trying to tell you to pay attention to yourself.

They interpret this pain to mean that you have to self-reflect or do something to your spiritual growth and emotional issues. They consider this as a reminder to focus on self-development.


Some spiritual beliefs relate neck pain to life’s past mistakes. Those who follow such beliefs suggest that when you are experiencing either neck or shoulder pain, it is time for you to re-assess the actions and decisions you took in the past and learn from them.


Other people hold the belief that neck and shoulder pain is caused when one has conflicting thoughts about what the heart feels. They believe that this internal struggle manifests physically and causes this pain.

Spiritual meanings of shoulder pains

Meaning of right shoulder pain

There are several spiritual meanings and interpretations related to pain in the right shoulder across various cultures.

Some people speculate that if you have pain in the right shoulder, then you are either facing a metaphorical blow or have gone through it.

They associate this with a stressful event that happened in your life or can be related to how you handle stress.

Some cultures interpret right shoulder pain to mean that one is carrying the emotional baggage of the world on their shoulders.

They assume that this kind of pain is caused when one is holding onto several emotional responsibilities and burdens. They believe that this pain occurs to remind you to let go of these emotions that are not serving your highest self.

Others associate the right shoulder is associated with a higher power and the spiritual realm. Therefore, they presume that if you experience pain in this shoulder, then you are either disconnected from the spirit world, or there is a blockage.

Meaning of left shoulder pain

Some people believe that the left shoulder is connected to the feminine side. So, they assume that if one experiences pain in this shoulder, then they lack balance.

Others believe that the left side of our body holds our emotions. They, therefore, interpret pain on the left shoulder to mean an imbalance in emotions.

They speculate that if one is experiencing this, then they need to check in with their emotions and look for a way to bring them to balance so as to create harmony with their inner self.

Other people believe that pain in the left shoulder means that you have to put other people first instead of taking care of your needs first.

They associate this with either lack of compassion or self-love. They, therefore, believe that if one experiences this pain, it is key to remind yourself that you are worthy of compassion and love.

Others consider pain in the left shoulder to be a sign that you are holding onto anger and resentment. They speculate that if these feelings are not properly addressed, they result in tension in the body which can manifest through physical pain like shoulder pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine associates everything with either yang or yin energy. They believe that the yin energy is emotional energy which is quiet and dark, while the yang energy (right-side energy) involves movement and light.

Therefore, they also associate the pain in the left side of the shoulder with something wrong with our emotional selves.

Spiritual meanings of neck pains

Relationship between chakra and shoulder and neck pains
Spiritual meanings of neck pains. Image source: Pixabay

Meaning of neck pain on the left side

Some people associate neck pain on the left side with inner conflict; they, therefore, believe that this pain is a call for one to harmonize their emotions and work towards achieving alignment and inner peace.

Other people link neck pain on the left side to feminine energy. They believe that this pain might prompt one to explore nurturing aspects of life, like expressing their emotions and intuition to make some growth.

Other people interpret pain on the left side of the neck to signify time to introspect yourself and reflect inwardly. They consider this pain to symbolize an invitation for one to delve deeper into their emotions and thoughts, to understand themselves deeper, and become self-aware.

Others speculate that pain on the left side of the neck is related to past wounds or the inability to release control and allow life to flow.

Additionally, some cultures hold onto the belief that when one faces pain on the left side of the neck, it means that they need to ask for emotional support and share their burdens to heal.

Others interpret this kind of pain to mean that you can tap into your inner wisdom and strengthen your intuition.

Meaning of neck pain on the right side

People hold onto different beliefs when it comes to the spiritual meanings of neck pain. Some people interpret pain on the left side of the neck to indicate unresolved emotions.

They believe that some who experience such pain have a lot of emotions in them that are unresolved, and this pain could be an indicator that it is time to confront and release these emotions.

Other people associate this side of the neck with masculine energy. Therefore, they speculate that if you experience neck pain on the right side, it is time to tap into your masculine energy and embrace qualities associated with this energy, like taking action and being assertive.

They believe that this pain happens to encourage one to be confident and exhibit strength in some areas of their life.

Other people interpret pain on the right side of the neck to mean that it is time to take forward movement, meaning you have to let go of the past and embrace the growth and progress that comes with new opportunities.

They posit this pain to denote a wake-up call and encourage people not to dwell on their past experiences but to learn from them and move forward.

Others presume that neck pain on your right side could mean it’s time to take responsibility, communicate actively, trust your intuition, and release any kind of tension from your life.

Emotional meanings for neck pains

According to chakra theory, pain in the neck is related to restrictive emotions, where you feel like you cannot express yourself fully. Those who ascribe to this theory suggest that anger plays a significant role in neck and shoulder pain.

They believe that resentment or anger results in tension and tightens the fascia and muscles around your neck and shoulders, leading to pain.

They associate such physical discomfort with when one holds on to rage. They believe that when one experiences shoulder and neck pain, then they are holding onto a lot of emotional baggage, and it is time to free themselves by letting go.

Others claim that neck pain could be a result of an imbalance in the throat chakra. Throat Chakra is related to emotions, self-expression, and communication, and it is believed to indicate a conflict between emotions and thoughts.

Those who posit that neck pain is a result of spiritual causes interpret this pain to mean that it is time you pay attention to your emotional side gently without roughing yourself up.

They believe that when this happens, it is time to look deep inside you, maybe schedule some alone time or have quality time with close family members.

They suggest that when neck pain happens, it is an indication that you should go easy on yourself, accept your past failures and challenges, and work on moving forward.

Relationship between chakra and shoulder pain

According to chakra theory, pain in the shoulders and neck is a result of stored tension and is related to throat Chakra.

This theory notes that people have a propensity to carry their emotional burdens and mental struggles on their necks and shoulders.

They believe that it is this emotional baggage that goes ahead and causes shoulder pain.

The Chakra theory also suggests that shoulder pain is related to the heart (heart chakra). Most people believe that it is from our hearts that we feel connected to other people, be it the family, community, or even romantically.

The heart is often believed to be a key region in our bodies that gives us identity in different relationships.

The heart is also believed to hold grief for us, which is a result of losing something or someone quite dear to us. Therefore, the chakra theory suggests that pain in our shoulders is a result of the grief we are still holding on to.

This theory suggests that when one is feeling pain in their shoulders, it is time to question why they are having sad and lost feelings.

How to rebalance your Chakra to relieve neck and shoulder pain

Spiritual Meanings of Shoulder and neck pains
How to rebalance your Chakra to relieve neck and shoulder pain. Image source: Pixabay

Those who ascribe to the chakra theory believe that there are tips you can use to help rebalance your Chakra and eventually relieve you from any form of shoulder and neck pain.

Some of these tips include;

Speak up

As mentioned above, some people believe that shoulder and neck pain is related to the throat chakra and is a result of being unable to express yourself fully.

They, therefore, suggest that one way you can rebalance your Chakra is by expressing yourself and clearing your chest. Do this in an honest, gentle, and mindful way.


Some people believe that practising yoga is a great way of rebalancing your Chakra. They mostly recommend the cat-cow sequence, which targets the throat, or poses that target your throat and heart.

Surround yourself with Blue

According to chakra theory, another way one can rebalance their color is by going green or blue. The blue color in Chakra is often associated with the throat, while the green one is with the heart.

Those who follow this theory believe that by wearing these colors or surrounding yourself with these colors, you will unblock and lift those chakras.


Others believe that you can rebalance your Chakra by giving thanks. This includes being grateful for those in your life and showing appreciation to them.

They suggest that such grateful acts will allow your throat and heart chakra to radiate, and this can lift your mood, releasing the pain.


Lastly, those who ascribe to the chakra theory suggest self-care as a way of rebalancing one’s Chakra. Self-care looks different for different people; for some, it can be watching a movie, making your favorite meal, or slowing down.

Whatever self-care looks for you, they believe showing yourself some love will aid you in relaxing and balancing your chakras.

Should I be spiritually worried about neck pain?

Those who believe that neck pain is a result of spiritual causes suggest that there is no need to be worried when you experience this kind of pain as it is more of a warning and not something major.

They believe that this pain is mostly caused by unresolved trauma and emotions which hinder you from moving forward. Therefore, they presume that when this happens, it is time to tap into your spiritual growth.

However, it is key to consult a health expert when you feel shoulder and neck pain for a proper assessment to be taken.

Additionally, the Bible warns us against believing in such theories and any other myths. 1 Timothy 4:7 warns us against having anything to do with ungodly myths and tales; instead, we train ourselves to lead a godly life.

Therefore, as Christians, such theories should not be something we believe in but the word of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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