A Match Made in Heaven? (Origin and Meaning of the Phrase, is it Biblical?)

As a long-time Christian intrigued by matters about love, I have always desired a match made in Heaven. I have always been particularly keen on knowing if a match made in Heaven is Biblical. During an interfaith convention at theology school, I was ecstatic when I got the opportunity to network with prominent Biblical scholars and ordained clergy members. I had meaningful discussions with them and acquired a remarkable understanding of what a match made in Heaven means from a Biblical standpoint. Yesterday, one lady in our Christian WhatsApp group posted an exciting query that sought to understand the origin and meaning of a match made in Heaven and whether it has any foundation in the scriptures. Thanks to my experience engaging with miscellaneous scholars with a wealth of knowledge concerning the subject matter, I was up to the task of providing the answers from a theological perspective. Therefore, what is a match made in Heaven?

A match made in Heaven refers to a combination of two souls that are perfect for each other in every way due to destiny. The two individuals become soulmates, better halves, or each other’s significant other.

I cordially welcome you to keep your eyes fixated on this article and let us take a deeper expedition into this interesting topic together as we dissect what a match made in Heaven means and so much more.

Where did the phrase ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ come from?

The exact origin of the phrase ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ is unknown. It is, however, used as an idiom to illustrate two romantic lovebirds deeply in love with each other in a state of happiness and paradise. Since Heaven is known to be a place of perfection, the phrase could have stemmed from this description of Heaven.

What does ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ mean?

Origin and Meaning of the Phrase, is it Biblical?
What does ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ mean? Image source: Pixabay

A match made in Heaven refers to two individuals who are ideal for each other. The phrase is premised on the belief that divine powers influence the coupling up of two people that harmonize with each other. Additionally, it also refers to a man and a woman who actually get along with each other perfectly well in a relationship. When two individuals are perfectly suited for one another, their marriage is bound to be happy and successful due to the fact that the partners are very well-matched.

In addition, a match made in Heaven is an extremely properly-suited pairing of a man and a woman that results in a particularly good and constructive outcome for the two individuals. The bond and connection between them are greatly cemented because it is established by and centered on God. Moreover, the love that exists within the couple renders them unbreakable, as though the couple were unified from Heaven. The man and woman equally have their destiny intertwined because they are bound to each other until their final breath.

Does the Bible Say Anything about ‘Matches Made in Heaven’?

The Bible speaks about matches made in Heaven, albeit not explicitly. According to Genesis 2:24, a man leaves his parents so that he is united with his wife to form one entity together. Likewise, according to Matthew 19:4-6, God created human beings as either male or female so that once a man is inseparably joined to his wife, the two become united as one, and what God has joined together, nobody is to put asunder.

According to Proverbs 18:22, a man who gets a wife has a good thing, and it means that God has shown him favor or has been good to him. Additionally, according to Proverbs 31:10, a virtuous woman is way worth more than jewels. As 1 Peter 3:7 states, husbands are advised to live well with their wives through proper understanding. They are further told to give honor to their wives because they are delicate beings, and together they receive God’s gift of life as well as answered prayers.

According to Ephesians 5:33, a husband is asked to love his wife in the same measure that he loves himself, and a wife is asked to respect her husband in the same manner. Furthermore, according to Ephesians 5:25, husbands are asked to love their wives just the way Christ loved the church and surrendered His life for the church.

Is the idea of couples being a match made in Heaven Biblical?

A Match Made in Heaven?
The idea of couples being a match made in Heaven. Image source: Pixabay

The idea of couples being a match in Heaven is Biblical. For instance, Adam and Eve were a divinely orchestrated couple in that, according to Genesis 2:23, Adam was pleased that Eve was taken from his rib to become his woman. This illustrates that Adam needed his wife as a helper and divine companion to fulfill him as they took care of God’s creation together. Abraham and Sarah were a match made in Heaven because when God called Abram, he took his wife Sarai with him as they headed towards Canaan together, as illustrated in Genesis 12:5. This showed that Abraham and Sarah were meant to be a couple who later became the patriarch and matriarch respectively of the entire Jewish nation.

According to Genesis 24:51 and Genesis 24:67, Isaac and Rebecca were a match made in Heaven because God inspired their union to be, and they became husband and wife. Additionally, the fact that God sent His angel to go before the servant that went to pick Rebecca to become Isaac’s wife portrays God’s hand in making the couple unified as one. Similarly, Boaz and Ruth became a match made in Heaven when the couple got married, and God blessed their relationship with a child, as described in Ruth 4:13. The couple later became the great-grandparents of King David, who was the greatest king of all time in Israel to demonstrate that their pairing was divinely meant to be.

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