How Long Is a Day in Heaven? (What Does the Bible Say?)

As a theologian, the concept of time in Heaven has always been fascinating. I have always wondered whether the same time cycle we experience here on Earth is the same as in Heaven. I conducted thorough research on the topic to clear my doubts and feed my curiosity. I interviewed over twenty pastors and several fellow theologians to determine their points of view. I gained insightful and mind-opening information from my research which greatly increased my knowledge about time here on Earth and in Heaven. Last week, while discussing whether Heaven is real in a theology class I teach at the local community college, there was a debate about whether days on Earth and Heaven were equally long. Some students asked how long a day lasted in Heaven. Having thoroughly researched the subject, I gave a detailed answer. So, how long is a day in Heaven?

The Bible mentions that a day on Earth equals a thousand years in Heaven. In Psalm 90:4, it is clearly stated that what is a thousand years in our eyes is like yesterday (a single day) to God. This is a literal interpretation of the Bible, unlike other verses like 2 Peter 3:8, in which a thousand years is interpreted to mean eternity. All this leads us to the conclusion that time does not exist in Heaven.

I invite you to join me as I discuss time in Heaven compared to time on Earth. I will delve into what the Bible says about time in Heaven, whether time is the same in Heaven and other questions you may be asking. Keep reading for more information.

What the Bible Says About Time in Heaven

What Does the Bible Say?
What the Bible Says About Time in Heaven. Image source: Pixabay

The Bible suggests that there will be no time in Heaven and God has no time. 2 Peter 3:8 tells us that a day in Heaven is the same as a thousand years on Earth, while a thousand years in Heaven are equal to a day on Earth. The first part of the verse cancels the second part, which can be interpreted to mean there will be no concept of time in Heaven.

Several verses in the Bible say the risen (the resurrected) will reign with God or Jesus for a thousand years. For example, in Revelation 20:6, the Bible explains that once the holy and righteous people have conquered death (resurrected), they will reign (live) with God for a thousand years. Theologians interpret living with God for a thousand years to mean forever, meaning God is timeless and exists eternally.

Is Time the Same in Heaven?

The Bible suggests that time on Earth is different from time in Heaven because time is a creation of God, meaning God is above time. In Genesis 1:4, God creates day and night. Since God is the creator of time, He existed before time. It, therefore, can mean there is no time in Heaven, which is God’s dwelling.

There are some specific times mentioned in the Bible. For example, Revelation 8:1 says there was silence in Heaven for half an hour when the seal was opened. No one knows whether this half an hour was measured in earthly or heavenly times. But since we have seen that God (Heaven) is not bound by time, it is safe to say that the half-hour mentioned here relates to the time on Earth.

Why is Earth Time Different From Heaven Time?

Time on Earth differs from time in Heaven because God created time, but God is timeless. All things on Earth need time to live and exist, but only God can exist for eternity. That means although we may need time to live here on Earth, God does not need time in Heaven. Time is meaningless in Heaven. Therefore, it does not exist.

In Colossians 1:16, God created everything, visible and invincible. That means that although time is invincible, it was a creation by God. Since God does not need time (He existed before time), it is safe to assume that time is meaningless in His dwelling (Heaven).

How Are Days Calculated in Heaven?

In Psalm 90:4, the Bible says that a thousand years on Earth are equivalent to a day in Heaven. But is this literal interpretation enough? No. Going by the other mentions of ‘living with God for a thousand years’ (Revelation 20:4), it is safe to take the thousand years mentioned to mean eternity.

Since God created days (time), but they are meaningless to Him, we can say there are no days to count in Heaven. We can also say that since God can use days and time to explain the events on Earth, counting days done in Heaven is based on the number of days on Earth. The days counted in Heaven do not affect God and Heaven, but it is for God to keep an eye on what is happening with His creation on Earth, us.

Will We Experience Time in Heaven?

How Long Is a Day in Heaven? 
Will We Experience Time in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

We will not experience time in Heaven because time here on Earth exists due to space and the movement of the Earth, either around its axis or around the sun, to create days and years, respectively. Since these things will not exist in Heaven, we can safely say we will not experience time in Heaven.

Also, Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us God has set eternity in our hearts, but we will not understand what it means. It means we will exist with God in Heaven for eternity, where there will be no time.

Are There Days and Nights in Heaven?

Revelations 21:23-25 tells us God’s glory will shine for eternity in Heaven and that all the chosen will walk in His light always. It also tells us that the gates will not be closed since there will be no nights (it is customary to close the gates at night). It means that we will not experience days or nights in Heaven.

Remember that days and nights occur due to the movements of the Earth, and since there will be no Earth in Heaven, it is safe to say that there will be no nights or days.

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