Amish vs. Mormon: What is the main difference?

As a theologian, I enjoy learning about different denominations. So, last year, I had an opportunity to study about Amish by visiting their community and staying with them. Early this year, I had a chance to visit a Mormon Couple for two weeks while on a mission trip. Coincidentally, someone in our online interdenominational group raised a discussion about Amish and Mormons. According to him, Amish and Mormons are similar because they are the most misleading denominations, and he said that Mormons came from Amish. This line of thought raised serious debate over the issue. I realized that many people were misinformed and confused about the differences and similarities between Mormons and Amish. Luckily, I had all the facts about both groups. So, I gave a detailed comparison of Amish vs. Mormon.

The main difference between Amish and Mormons lies in their lifestyles. Amish lead a traditional lifestyle where they do not use technology, while Mormons lead a modern lifestyle. Also, regarding beliefs, Amish read the Holy Bible and attended their services in private homes. On the other hand, Mormons read their Book of Mormons and attend church services in their Church buildings. They are both Christians and believe in God.

Join me in this article as I write about the differences between Amish and Mormons. I will also write about the similarities and each group’s traditions. Read on to find out.

Amish vs. Mormon: Difference in definition

Amish vs. Mormon- What is the main difference?
Amish vs. Mormon. Image source: Pinterest

Amish is the word that describes a group of strict Christians residing in North America. They are Christians who are part of the Anabaptists. They lead simple lifestyles that are so traditional since they refuse to use technology. In addition, they have strict rules about appearance, which makes them very distinct.

Mormon is a word that describes Reformist Christians who decided to listen to the prophecies and teachings of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. They read and get their authority from the Book of Mormon. In addition, they are part of Christianity but do not believe in the oneness of the Holy Trinity. They believe that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit exist separately.

Difference between Amish and Mormon

Parameters of Comparison







Jacob Ammann

Joseph Smith




Views on Technology

They do not accept and use technology.

They embrace and support the use of technology.


They are monogamous and do not allow polygamy

They allow polygamy


About 300,000 members worldwide

About 16 million members worldwide

Holy book

They use the Holy Bible

They use the Book of Mormon.


They follow their curriculum, where students end their studies in 8th grade and join an apprenticeship.

They accept modern-day education form.

Similarities between Amish and Mormon

Amish vs. Mormon
Similarities between Amish and Mormon. Image source: Pixabay

They both serve God

So many people are misinformed about these two groups of Christians, suggesting they do not really serve God. However, in the few moments that I interacted with them, I realized that they serve God just like the rest of the Christians.

They do not baptize babies

Both Amish and Mormons do not believe in infant Baptism. Amish believe that people should be baptized while they are adults because it’s only in adulthood that they can seriously commit to their religious beliefs. They mostly baptize adults after they undergo Rumspringa. Mormons also do not believe in infant Baptism because infants are innocent and sinless. They baptize people from eight years and above.

What are Amish traditions?

They do not use any modern technology

Part of their tradition is to keep it simple, traditional and staying away from automobiles and technology. They do not accept any modern forms of transport; they use horses and buggies, although some Amish groups have tried to incorporate modern technology like electricity and home telephones.

Amish education ends at 8th grade, and the students go to apprenticeship

Amish people do not study the modern curriculum, and their schools end at grade 8. They do not head to college or university. As part of their tradition, students go through apprenticeships where they learn skills like craftsmanship and agriculture. Their craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation. No wonder they have the best furniture.

Marriage traditions

The Amish traditions require members to get married to an Amish person. They go through courtship first before marriage. When they are sure about their relationship, the man gives the girlfriend a tangible gift. After receiving the gift, the girlfriend tells the parents about their intentions. If there is a wedding, the public can only know about it in July or August since most of their weddings occur after the fall harvest in November. Also, the wedding takes place at the Bride’s parent’s house, and almost 200 people attend. They spend their first night at the Bride’s parent’s house and live there until next spring.

Bundling tradition

Dating is allowed for 16-year-olds and above in Amish tradition. The teenagers meet during fellowship and interact at a Sunday tradition called singing. Most likely, these teenagers will fall in love, and they might be tempted to fornicate, which is prevented by the bundling tradition. Once they start dating, the boy is invited to spend the night with the girl in her room after every two weeks. During these nights, they sleep in one bed, but they get tied so that they do not indulge in any form of sexual activity. Also, a board might be put between them as they lay in a bend to separate them. They spend the night talking about each other until they fall asleep.

Rumspringa tradition

This tradition gives teenagers a chance to know the secular world. Freedom is granted to teenagers from 14 as a rite of passage. During this rite of passage, no parent or guardian controls them. They are allowed to explore technology, modern dressing, partying, etc. When Rumspringa ends, the youth can choose his faith or the secular world. If he chooses his faith, he gets baptized.

What are Mormon traditions?

Amish vs. Mormon
What are Mormon traditions? Image source: Pixabay

Modest dressing

Mormon women are required to dress modestly. According to them, being modest is dressing in a way that won’t give them any attention. They are supposed to cover most of the skin, including shoulders and collarbones. They should also wear long dresses; the shortest is knee length. In addition, high heels are not traditional Mormon shoes; if they want high heels, they are allowed to do very low inches.

Leisure activities are allowed save for Sunday

Mormons are not allowed to participate in any leisure activities on Sundays. They avoid leisure on Sundays as a tradition that helps them to obey God’s commandment of keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Church Rituals

Their church rituals are strictly performed by Mormon men. All baptism processes and ordaining are done by men. However, sometimes, women can participate in priesthood if they show they are good enough. Also, they can only get baptized if they request.

Clothing rituals

Mormons have sacred clothing rituals. During these rituals, they put on special underwear called Mormon temple garments, which have a religious meaning. They believe that this tradition will be helpful when they join God after life. The most devoted Mormons put on these underwear daily.

Food tradition

Mormons do not eat a lot of meat. According to what they believe, all types of food have a spiritual impact on the person. Therefore, as their tradition, meat is only served on special occasions.

Fasting tradition

Each member is supposed to fast at least once every month. They take fasting as an opportunity to grow spiritually. Those who do not fast by skipping meals can donate money to the less fortunate.

Dating tradition

Teenagers are only allowed to start dating at 16 years and above. They are strict about the dating age because younger people are supposed to spend more time growing spiritually.

Missionary as a rite of passage

As they transition to Adulthood, Mormons must serve as missionaries for 2 years uninterrupted. They are guided by older missionaries.


Mormons always donate 10% of their salary to charity work. They can donate the money to help in the work of God. They can also volunteer to spend their time doing charity work like cleaning and teaching children, among others.

What do Mormons think about Amish?

Mormons do not have any negativity towards the Amish. Mormons think of Amish as fellow Christians. For this reason, there is a possibility of converting from Amish to Mormon. They even meet and socialize.

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