Do Amish Get Social Security? (Do Amish People Have Social Security Numbers?)

I am an enthusiastic theologian, and back in my theology school days, one of the religious groups that intrigued me was the Amish. Their way of living and strict doctrines were none as I had heard before. I was so fascinated that I lived among them after school for six months. I have a forum where I share my experiences and information on the Amish. My latest discussion on their exemption from paying certain taxes surprised my audience so much that a middle-aged lady asked if she could convert to Amish and escape the taxes. This incident prompted me to write an article about the Amish and their take on social security. So, do Amish get social security?

No, the Amish do not get social security. After obtaining their social security cards, the Amish applied to be exempted from paying or benefiting from social security. To the Amish, it is a form of insurance, and their religion does not permit them to take on any form of insurance. Besides, Social Security would mean that they can get support for the elderly, sick, and unemployed, which according to them, is unnecessary. They have a community fund pool that caters to these kinds of bills.

Join me in this article as I expound on whether the Amish people have social security numbers and cards and whether or not they can collect social security. I will also discuss why the Amish refuse to take on social security benefits. Read on to discover if the Amish people are exempted from paying social security taxes and much more.

Do the Amish People Have Social Security Numbers?

Yes, the Amish people have social security numbers. However, their religious doctrines forbid them from receiving any form of support from the government. They must not receive support for the elderly in their communities. Also, their community does not accept medical support for the sick. Therefore, when members are of age and can consent to join the Amish church, they opt out of social security. They apply to be excluded from paying the social security taxes, and in extension, this excludes them from receiving any social security benefits.

Do Amish Have Social Security Card?

Do Amish Get Social Security?
Do Amish Have Social Security Card? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, the Amish have social security cards. Although they are against the government laws on social security, social security cards may be the only form of identification for most of them. Some members of the Amish community object to being photographed. It is, therefore, difficult for them to obtain national identification cards, which must have a photo of the owner. Having a social security card gives them some form of identification, which is necessary, especially during insecurity or crime.

Can Amish Collect Social Security?

No, the Amish cannot collect social security. The primary reason for this is because they do not pay social security taxes. Only individuals who pay the tax can benefit from it. Their religion forbids them from accepting any support from the government. The Amish people believe in taking care of their members who need help.

The Amish people reference 1st Timothy 5:8, which warns us that whoever does not care for their own has gone against their faith. The verse further expounds that a person who dares to do this is worse than the unbelievers. They take this scripture very seriously, and accepting social security funds means that, as a community, they have failed in this mandate.

Besides, they view social security funds as a form of insurance. Insurances are seriously shunned by their doctrines. They believe that applying for insurance implies that they have lost faith in the providence of God. Therefore, instead of relying on insurance or social security, they come together to help pay medical bills and care for the elderly.

Why Don’t the Amish People Take Social Security Benefits?

Do Amish People Have Social Security Numbers?
Why the Amish people don’t take social security benefits. Image source: Pixabay

The Amish people do not take social security benefits because they believe it is wrong to accept any government financial assistance. Their faith requires them to collectively care for their own when needed. Besides, the Amish shun luxury. Sometimes, the social security funds provided for the elderly in the community may come off as extra money they do not need. Even though they may struggle with medical bills occasionally, the Amish are adamant about their faith and would never accept any social security benefits.

Are Amish People Exempted From Paying Social Security Taxes?

Yes, the Amish people are exempted from paying social security taxes. However, this does not happen automatically. They must apply to be exempted from paying these taxes when they are of age and have accepted to be part of the Amish community. However, contrary to the common belief that the Amish do pay any taxes, they do pay some, which include school, property, and land taxes. However, should Amish business owners employ non-Amish individuals, they must pay social security taxes.

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