Are gargoyles evil? (What does the Bible say about gargoyles?)

As a theologian and teacher, I take an interest in beliefs that impact people’s lives and search for the truth in the Bible and other beliefs.

About ten years ago, I took an interest in studying gargoyles after visiting the cathedrals of Notre Dame in Paris with my uncle.

My uncle refused to enter the buildings that had them, claiming that they were evil, and indicated that the buildings were haunted by demons.

My interest in gargoyles was furthered after reading Gargoyles: From the Archives of the Grey School of Wizardry” by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart.

I continued to research them by reading several articles and books. During my last theology class, a student wanted to know whether gargoyles are evil and why they are in buildings.

Being a theologian and having studied the gargoyles for several years, I had all the information about them.

So, are gargoyles evil?

The Bible does not mention gargoyles, probably because they were not common when the Bible was written. However, there are some Christians who associate them with evil. They claim that they look like demons. Others believe that they are not evil because they scare away evil spirits or demons from buildings or churches.

In this article, we will discuss what the Bible says about gargoyles and what gargoyles mean to Christians. Also, we will find out the powers that gargoyles have.

To learn these and more, continue reading.

What does the Bible say about gargoyles?

The Bible does not mention gargoyles because such creatures do not exist. It is also possible they were not mentioned in the Bible because such architectural designs were not yet used when the Bible was written.

Such architectural designs are believed to have started in the Middle Ages, between the 12th and 13th centuries, in the Gothic architecture period.

Although there is evidence of gargoyles in ancient Egypt as early as 2400 BC, they may not have been prominent enough to feature in the Bible.

What do gargoyles mean to Christians?

What does the Bible say about gargoyles?
What do gargoyles mean to Christians? Image source: Pixabay

Gargoyles mean different things to different Christians; some believe that they are symbolic to mean there is spiritual danger for those outside the church.

Some gargoyles are found in many church buildings, especially in Paris. Gary R. Vamer, in his book, “Gargoyles, Grotesques & Green Men,” says that some Christians believe that the gargoyles outside the church buildings show the spiritual danger that awaits those who are not part of the church.

They emphasize the spiritual security that is found in the church. It means that it is safe inside the church, but it is dangerous outside.

Other Christians believe that they mean protection against evil spirits. Some Christians believe that gargoyles that are outside the church buildings wade off evil spirits.

By doing so, they protect those who are inside the church from the harm of such spirits.

There are still others who believe that they resemble demons and are evil. Some Jesuit generals believe that the devil is a result of our imagination.

Therefore, the architects who made the gargoyles made an image of the devil from their imaginations.

What powers does a gargoyle have?

Some people believe that the gargoyles have the power to wade off evil spirits. They are believed to do so through their large and ugly appearance.

Evil spirits are believed to fear such figures, and hence, they cannot come near buildings or people in the buildings where gargoyles are placed.

In most folklore, they are depicted to have great physical strength and power. Their power exceeds those of humans and most creatures.

When they appear in most animated movies, they are depicted as being a little stronger than humans and having a bigger physical stature.

The other power that gargoyles have is the power to direct rainwater from the buildings and hence prevent erosion of walls.

Gargoyles are cement and stone that were designed by architects to help in protecting buildings from rainwater collected in gutters.

They direct water far away from the walls, thus preventing it from eroding cement. This is a power that they receive from the architects who build them.

Are gargoyles demonic?

Are gargoyles evil? 
Are gargoyles demonic? Image source: Pixabay

Most people believe that gargoyles are not demonic but scare away evil spirits, including demons. Since they are believed to offer protection, they are seen as the opposite of demons, which seek to harm people.

However, some believe that gargoyles are demons which have been conquered or they are damned souls. They believe that when some demons that were trying to attack humans are defeated, they are turned into gargoyles.

They, therefore, do not possess the power to harm humans like regular demons.

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