Satan vs. God (Who is stronger)

Last night, as a routine, I read a verse from the Bible, Psalms 95:3; I agreed with what the scripture says. As a Christian, I believe there is no stronger being than God. He created all that is on earth, and that is supreme. However, there are debates on who is stronger, between God and Satan.

Psalms 96:4 suggests that Our God in heaven is supreme and stronger than all gods. All beings and gods are to fear Him. Before Satan went against God, He was God’s angel created by Him. Therefore, it implies that Satan cannot be equal to God.

One exciting topic in religion is Satan’s strength compared to God. The article below will explain how Satan’s power compares to God’s. You may be curious to discover why God is stronger than the devil. Read on to find information on these and more details on the topic.

What makes God stronger than the devil?

Based on the scripture, it implies there is no god comparable to God. His understanding is bigger than what any being can comprehend, including Satan. He created all that is on earth and havens, which makes God stronger than the devil.

In Jeremiah 10:12, We read of God’s power in this verse as surpassing all understanding by creating everything that exists in the universe. There is no greater being that can be compared to God, even Satan himself cannot be able to create from nothing. For this reason, God is stronger than the devil.

In Psalms 96:4, this verse implies that there is no god superior to God. Including Satan, he does not come close to what God can do. The verse implies that God is to be feared above all other gods. God directed Satan and his fellow angels to hell. It goes to show that the devil is beneath God and took orders from Him.

If the devil and God were in a fight, who would win?

Satan vs. God - Who is stronger
Devil vs God. Image source: Pixabay

There are a lot of discussions on God’s power over the devil and what He can do to him. If they supposedly get into war, who would reign? In Psalms 95:3, the scripture implies that God supersedes all that is on earth and in the heavens. Therefore, when imagining such a situation, it is likely that God will outdo the devil.

Furthermore, God created Lucifer, meaning He has power over him. He knows the devil’s plans as God is all-knowing. If they go to war, God will already know Satan’s plans.

How does Satan’s power measure up to God’s?

Based on teachings from the scripture, they suggest Satan cannot be compared to God. Unlike Satan, God reigns over heaven and earth, while the devil controls what lies beneath and is evil. You may be familiar with the teaching that good outweighs evil. Therefore, God’s power outdoes that of Satan. Jeremiah 32:27 implies God stating that there is nothing bigger than Him as nothing is complicated for God to handle.

Satan competes for what he created, which is all that is on earth. We are yet to witness what he can form out of nothing as God did; God’s knowledge is incomparable to none. The devil tries to compete for people, but God’s promise of salvation and a better place reigns over what Satan implies to give.

Is Satan as strong as God?

According to different scholars and teachers of God’s Word, they imply God is incomparable to none. As Don Stewart states in his journal, Satan may want to measure up to, but God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere. On the other hand, Satan is not everywhere and has limited power.

2 Samuel 7:22 teaches us that no god can be equal to God based on all they have witnessed, even Satan. Therefore all creation should fear Him. 1 Chronicles 29:11 strongly implies God’s power over all that exists in the world and heavens. It does not recognize Satan’s power.

When Jesus died on the cross, he washed all the sins in the world and reigned over all evil. Through this, God had victory over evil, which gives humans power over the devil escaping his control. We should not forget that Satan is part of the creation, whereas God is the creator.

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