Is Overeating A Sin (Bible’s Take On Overeating)?

Is Overeating A Sin

In the current cultures in the world, many people celebrate food and the love of eating because it brings people together. The common saying is that there is no genuine love like the love for food. However, as people get lost in the love of food, they might forget that overeating is not noble for … Read more

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Baptist vs. Methodist: Are they really different?

Baptist vs. Methodist

Methodists and Baptists are two denominations with many similarities. Through church planting and community service, both have significantly contributed to Christianity’s growth in the Western world. However, they differ enough for them to remain distinct entities, and to understand them better, one needs to compare Methodist vs. Baptist churches. Methodists and Baptists profess belief in … Read more

Baptist vs. Southern Baptist: Are They Really Different?

Baptist vs. Southern Baptist

The Baptist and the Southern Baptist churches date back to the 17th century, and they represent the largest population of protestants in the Western world. Although these Baptist Christians share common beliefs and have many things in common, they have some differences, which we’ll uncover in this Southern Baptist vs. Baptist post. Southern Baptists are … Read more

Is cheating on a test a sin (what does the Bible say)?

Is cheating on a test a sin

Students sometimes get tempted to cheat on tests, especially when they are not prepared enough. This topic is worth discussing since many people wonder what the Bible says about cheating on a test. Is cheating on a test a sin? The Bible suggests that cheating on a test is acting dishonestly. Cheating is lying, and … Read more

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Did Jesus have a tattoo (Revelation 19:16)?

Did Jesus have a tattoo

Getting a tattoo has become a common trend in this modern era. This topic is worth discussing since many Christians wonder whether getting a tattoo is wrong. Christians follow the example of Jesus Christ and seek to lead a life similar to His. With tattoos being common in the world and more Christians conforming to … Read more