Why was Jesus born in a manger? (The birth of Jesus)

Why was Jesus born in a manger?

As a preacher with extensive knowledge of the Bible, I have always enjoyed learning andteaching the story of Jesus. I find his birth unique since he was born in a manger, a shelter forlivestock. Even though mangers are somehow clean, it is unfit for one to give birth from there.Given that Jesus was God’s son, … Read more

Where was Jesus crucified (according to the Bible)?

Where was Jesus crucified

Jesus’ crucifixion is one of the most historical events that Christians believe in. This topic is worth discussing since people have different views regarding Jesus’ crucifixion. What people want to understand is where was Jesus crucified? Though people have debated the exact location of Jesus’ crucifixion for ages, the Bible suggests that it occurred in … Read more

PCUSA vs. PCA: Do they have different beliefs?


As a Christian actively involved in the Church, I understand that PCUSA and PCA are the twolargest Presbyterian Church bodies in the United States. These two Presbyterian denominationsshare much in common. As a Bible scholar, I have heard people engage in the PCA vs. PCUSAdebate as they try to establish whether these two Presbyterian denominations … Read more

Protestant vs. Roman Catholic: Are they really different?

Protestant vs. Roman Catholic

Protestant and Roman Catholic churches are Christian denominations. The two churches share much in common. As the Roman Catholic vs. Protestant debate continues to rage, researchers and followers of both denominations have been trying to establish whether they are different. Protestantism and Roman Catholicism differ in many ways. For instance, Roman Catholic believers acknowledge the … Read more

Protestant vs. Pentecostal: Do they have different beliefs?

Protestant vs. Pentecostal

Being in the Christian ministry for years has taught me that Protestantism and Pentecostalismare similar in so many ways. As a Biblical scholar, I often hear people engage in the Pentecostalvs. Protestant debate and ask whether these two have different beliefs. My goal in this article is to uncover the difference between Protestants and Pentecostal. … Read more