Why Does God hate me (Does God show favoritism)?

Why Does God hate me

As Christians, we always pray to God, asking for one need or another. According to the word of God, if you ask for something, it shall be given to you. Many Christians have been holding on to these words of affirmation while waiting for their prayers to be answered. Sometimes the prayers are delayed from … Read more

Is watching Anime a sin (can Christians watch Anime)?

Is watching Anime a sin

Anime has become so popular over the years and is currently being watched in almost every household around the globe. However, while some of the anime shows have been questioned in the past, a number of their shows do not contain any negative message or visuals, and this has prompted many Christians to wonder, “Is … Read more

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Did Jesus smoke marijuana? (Biblical truth)

Did Jesus smoke marijuana?

Smoking marijuana has become more popular in the current generation as even some states have gone ahead to legalize the use of marijuana for recreation. The question as to whether Christians can smoke marijuana or not has continued to be a heated debate among denominations. What even creates more conflict is that marijuana is not … Read more