Biblical meaning of menstrual blood in dreams (Symbolic and spiritual meanings)

As a devout Christian with a background in theology, I enjoy learning about the biblical perspectives of phenomena like dreams. Recently, a close friend shared that he saw menstrual blood in a dream.

Naturally, I was intrigued. Since I was still in contact with some of my professors from theology school, I reached out to enquire about their thoughts on this topic.

These discussions revealed a lot about the biblical meanings and possible alternative interpretations of menstrual blood in a dream. I also wanted to hear the perspective of a minister of the gospel.

Two pastors in my locality were also happy to shed some light on this topic. I was delighted when a gentleman in my online Christian forum reluctantly asked if it’s normal for men to dream about menstrual blood.

Having thoroughly researched the topic, I was ready to answer his question and numerous other queries about the biblical meaning of menstrual blood in dreams.

While the Bible does not mention menstrual blood in dreams, it does talk about menstruation in several scriptures. Theology scholars suggest that menstrual blood in dreams could be a message from God. On one hand, it could be a sign God will fulfil your desires as He did for Sarah, even though it was a long shot. On the other hand, God could be trying to share His disappointment in something one might have done. An example of this is in the book of Ezekiel 36:17.

In this article, we will discuss what the scriptures say about menstruation. We will also explore the spiritual and biblical meanings of seeing menstrual blood in your dreams.

Keep reading to learn about the symbolism behind menstrual blood in dreams.

What does the Bible say about menstrual blood?

There are several mentions of menstrual blood in the Bible. According to scripture, a woman on her menses is considered ritually unclean.

The same goes for a man who gets intimate with a woman during her period. These views are explained in detail in Leviticus 20:18.

According to this scripture, having intercourse during menstruation was a sin punishable by excommunication among the Israelites.

Leviticus 18:19 says that women could not uncover their bodies during menstruation. Medically speaking, having sex during menstruation exposes you to numerous sexually transmitted diseases.

The Old Testament is quite harsh on matters concerning menstruation. First, everything that came into contact with a menstruating woman was considered impure.

The woman herself would be ritually unclean for seven days after her period. Leviticus 15:22 states that when a person touches a menstruating woman, they will be unclean until the end of that day.

Even sitting on a bed belonging to a menstruating woman could make you unclean, as explained in Leviticus 15:23.

The word of God uses menstrual blood as a symbol of Guilt and wickedness, as mentioned in Ezekiel 36:17. In this scripture, the Lord expresses His disappointment in Israel.

Their sins were so grave that God compared their level of uncleanliness with menstrual impurity, as espoused severally in the book of Leviticus.

The Bible also talks about menstrual blood when discussing fertility. As indicated in Genesis 18:11, Sarah had reached menopause, meaning she could not have children.

The verse says that she no longer experienced the “way of women,” aka her menstrual period. That explains her scepticism about God’s promise to give her a biological child.

In Luke 8:43-46, Jesus encounters a woman who had bled for 12 years. That means that she was deemed ritually unclean and unapproachable for 12 years.

The woman was desperate for healing so she could reclaim her life and stop living like an outcast. That is why the woman was determined to touch Jesus’ garment.

What is the symbolic meaning of seeing menstrual blood in dreams?

Biblical meaning of menstrual blood in dreams 
Symbolic meaning of seeing menstrual blood in dreams. Image source: Pixabay

Numerous scholars have tried to identify the symbolic meaning of menstrual blood appearing in dreams. The opinions of these intellectuals vary.

However, they all agree that paying attention to your emotions during and right after the dream is critical to interpreting the symbolism. The following are plausible symbolic meanings of menstrual blood in dreams.

New beginnings

Menstruation marks the beginning of a new reproductive cycle in the female body. People believe that period dreams signify a new chapter in one’s life.

If you subscribe to these beliefs, menstruation dreams suggest that you should be ready to embrace changes with a positive mindset.


In numerous ethnic groups, menstruation symbolizes growth, fertility, and purity. These cultures propose that menstruation dreams mean one is undergoing a period of transition.

According to these people, having a period dream is nature’s way of preparing you for a different season of your life. This could mean new parenthood, new relationships, or new opportunities.

Desire to have a child

In most cultures, menstruation signifies fertility or the desire to bring a new life into the world. People who spend millions fighting infertility might also have this dream.

In their case, a menstruation dream is believed to reveal a deep-set anxiety about being a new parent.


From a biological standpoint, menstruation comes when a woman is not pregnant but can still conceive. For women who are already pregnant, a menstruation dream is seen as a warning of impending danger.

Some say it means there is a high probability of miscarriage. In light of this, the pregnant lady needs to take on less responsibilities for the sake of their pregnancy.

Spiritual reasons why you are seeing menstrual blood in your dreams

Dreams about menstrual blood can be disturbing. That is why spirituality scholars have come up with numerous theories explaining why people see period blood in their dreams.

Experts in dream interpretation propose that period dreams can appear during certain seasons of your life. For women, wanting to be a mother could trigger such dreams.

Ladies who have endured embarrassing or painful ordeals due to menstruation are likely to interpret such dreams negatively.

Since menstruation represents fertility, some believe seeing it in your dreams is a good omen. This is great news if you are working on a big project or hoping for a promotion at work or in business.

For men, seeing menstrual blood in your dream is alleged to be a sign that something is deeply troubling you. Men do not have menstruation cycles, which makes period dreams even more confusing, and being that men have to handle lots of responsibility, it is not uncommon for some of them to have these dreams.

Additionally, spiritual enthusiasts purport that men have period dreams due to insecurities. This is said to happen more when a man’s masculinity is tested.

On a positive note, it is believed that menstrual dreams appear to men who need to appreciate their wives more. Wives and mothers usually do a lot to care for every member of a family.

People who trust in this theory suggest that menstrual dreams remind men that their partners need care, too. A gift, romantic dinner, or even a mini vacation would go a long way.

Biblical meanings of menstrual blood in dreams


In the Bible, menstrual blood and other bodily discharges are considered impure. Not only was a woman considered unsanitary during her period, but she was also deemed ritually unclean.

As mentioned earlier, the book of Leviticus 15 explains these concepts in detail. To be considered ritually clean, a woman was required to wash herself in living water after menses were done.

An example of this is in 2 Samuel 11:2, where Bathsheba is documented taking a bath after her menstruation period was over. People coming into contact with a menstruating woman were also required to wash in living water.


God used menstruation to illustrate the magnitude of Israel’s sins in Ezekiel 36:17. Based on this scripture, Israel had engaged in sinful activities that defiled the land God had given them.

In His eyes, God said that the Israelites were as unclean as a woman during her menstrual period. You see, God’s chosen people joined the pagan tribes in worshipping idols and making evil sacrifices.


In Biblical times, bodily discharges were viewed as unclean and embarrassing. Women were treated as outcasts during their periods. That is why the woman who bled for 12 years was in such a hurry to approach Jesus.

Due to her condition, she lived an isolated life of pain. According to Jewish law, she was not allowed into the temple during religious ceremonies.

For her to push through the crowd to get to Jesus means she had suffered long enough not to care if everyone else became “unclean” for having contact with her.

It is the same reason Rachel was permitted to continue sitting when Laban was searching everyone else in Genesis 31:33-35. Getting up while she was on her period would be shameful.


In the book of 2 Samuel 11: 2-4, David encounters the beautiful Bathsheba while she is bathing. This scripture reveals that Basheba was in the process of cleaning herself after her menstruation period was over.

Some versions of the Bible refer to it as “monthly uncleanness.” She was ready to rejoin society and engage in sex. The Bible points this out because the woman conceives shortly after sleeping with David.

In their case, menstruation is a representation of fertility. Since Bathsheba had completed her menstrual cycle, she was ready to bear children.

As you can remember, she became the mother to the most famous king in the Bible, King Solomon.

Interpreting different scenarios of dreams about menstrual blood

Biblical meaning of menstrual blood in dreams 
Interpreting different scenarios of dreams about menstrual blood. Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming of clothes stained with period blood

It is suggested that dreaming of menstrual blood on your clothes signifies unresolved trauma from the past. Some say that this kind of dream means that your subconscious is ready to deal with traumatic events in your life.

The good news about this theory is that the dream is a sign that a season of healing has begun.

Dreaming of menstrual blood in water

For certain cultures, dreaming of menstrual blood in water is said to be a good omen. People who share these views propose that menstrual blood in water indicates rebirth and renewal of your existence.

That is because menstrual blood represents the renewal and continuity of life. Many people do not know what goes on deep under the sea.

This is why it is also speculated that seeing menstrual blood in water is symbolic of the mysterious nature of life.

Dreaming of menstrual blood clots

Medically speaking, blood clots during your period are a sign that there isn’t enough progesterone and estrogen in your body.

Spiritual enthusiasts posit that menstrual blood clots in your dreams mean you need to change something in your life. It is also suggested that menstrual blood clots in your dreams mean you are holding on to negative feelings.

Dreaming of having your period

When a woman dreams of having her period, it is proposed to be a sign of increasing maternal instincts. People who share this belief say that you have a strong need to nurture life.

It is purported that men who dream of their wives getting their period means they are ready to have children.

Dreaming of menstrual blood after menopause

Menstrual blood dreams after menopause are thought to have several meanings. Most women see menopause as an unwelcome sign that their vibrant years are over.

For some people, it is a sign of renewed hope and purpose. It is also alleged to be a sign of a complete cycle of life. In some cultures, dreaming of menstruation blood after menopause is seen as a reminder to embrace their feminine side.

Dreaming about menstrual blood on the floor

It is believed that dreams about menstrual blood on the floor are good omens. Some people say that such a dream means you are about to receive recognition for your hard work and commitment.

It also suggested that people who see menstrual blood on the floor are probably oblivious to something they should know about.

Spiritual meanings of menstrual blood in dreams

The following are possible spiritual meanings of seeing menstrual blood in your dreams;

Someone wants to ruin your home

Some spiritual enthusiasts suggest that period dreams signify allowing the wrong person near your family and home. They believe that dreams about the menstrual period are a warning that you could be exposing your loved ones by oversharing information about them.

This theory applies to couples whose marriages are on the rocks.

It’s time to take some time off

During the menstrual period, most women tend to experience some physical discomforts, which makes them cut back on their normal productivity levels.

This is why some people propose that a dream about menstrual blood could indicate that you need to relax more.

Someone is deceiving you

Menstruation is usually a personal affair that women should keep private. While everyone knows it happens, there is a certain level of discretion.

Therefore, some people see period dreams as warnings that someone close to you is lying to you. Others say that menstrual blood in your dreams suggests that someone is hiding crucial information from you.

You are facing a shameful situation

Many people admit that period dreams conjure up feelings of shame. In some cultures, menstruation is seen as shameful and unsanitary.

In light of this, these people believe that seeing menstrual blood in your dreams indicates forthcoming embarrassment.

Prepare for a financial crisis

Some people propose that menstrual dreams signify a forthcoming financial crisis. People who believe in this theory say that period dreams are an early warning to help you prepare for the worst.

You’re letting go of traumatic memories

Experts in spirituality say that dreaming of menstrual blood stains on your clothes is a sign of trauma. According to these beliefs, such dreams ought to prompt you to start addressing and tackling the pain that is holding you back.

What does dreaming about menstrual blood mean in different cultures?

Biblical meaning of menstrual blood in dreams
Dreaming about menstrual blood meaning. Image source: Unsplash

Asian culture

Some Asian cultures harbor many negative theories about menstruation. Several parts of South Asia consider it impure. Dreaming about it is, therefore, viewed as a bad omen for most of these people.

They say such a dream is an indication of looming danger. According to South Asians, menstrual dreams indicate that someone could be trying to put you in harm’s way.

This is not surprising since Indians from areas like Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh believe that menstruation is a disease. Such notions are the reasons why Asians think dreams about menstrual blood are bad premonitions.

African culture

In countries like Zambia, Menstruation is seen as a sign of fertility. When a girl got her period, traditional Africans knew she was ready for marriage.

That is why many people in the African culture think menstrual blood dreams are good omens. They see it as a sign of good things to come.

Countries like Ghana have a negative view of menstruation. According to them, dreaming about menstrual blood indicates weakness in real life.

American culture

Although the American culture is quite progressive, there are still feelings of shame about menstruation. Dreams about menstrual blood are not openly discussed because they are seen as symbols of hidden shame.

For them, having a menstrual blood dream means you are doing something that you wouldn’t want people to know about.

Should I be worried about seeing menstrual blood in my dreams?

There is no definite answer to this question. That’s because the interpretation of dreams depends on a person’s circumstances and ethnic beliefs.

In cultures where a period dream is seen as a bad omen, one should be cautious after having them. For instance, some people believe that when pregnant women have dreams about menstrual blood, they should take it as a warning.

They should take it as a cue to stop overworking and enjoy pregnancy.

Cultures that take period dreams as symbols of good luck propose that one should embrace them. Those who believe it signifies fertility suggest focusing on a project because it could become a big success.

The various spiritual interpretations discussed in this article indicate the complex nature of menstrual blood in dreams.

What should I do if I keep dreaming about menstrual blood?

As a Christian, you should start by saying a prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the mystery of these dreams. Second, you should sit down and write down everything you remember about the dream.

Although processing dreams is normal and easy to forget, some dreams have deeper spiritual meanings and are harder to ignore. Therefore, it is important to document the events in the dream and your emotions during and after waking from the dream.

Mental health experts suggest keeping a dream journal. That way, you can approach knowledgeable individuals such as theology scholars and ministers to help you interpret these dreams one by one.

As discussed earlier, if you have recurring dreams about menstrual blood, you should take a step back and analyze various aspects of your life.

This may help you figure out the message your subconscious is trying to send to you.

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