Biblical Meaning Of Spiders In Dreams (Symbolic And Spiritual Meanings)

At theology school, I developed a keen interest in understanding different Christian beliefs. As I continued to learn, I was drawn to several Christian and human beliefs as I delved deeper into Christian Anthropology and the significance of spiders spiritually.

During my research, I pored through countless books, online articles, and publications and spoke to several Arachnid experts and my church pastor.

Last week, my college theology students asked for the meaning behind dreams involving spiders. Most of them were petrified by the idea of spiders.

Based on my years of research, I was able to provide them with comprehensive answers to their questions.

So, what’s the biblical meaning of spiders in dreams?

There’s no mention of dreams about spiders in the Bible, but spiders are believed to represent fear, anxiety, and protection. Spiders are mentioned a few times in the Bible, in Job 8:13-15 and Isaiah 59:4-6 where it’s suggested that spiders carry negative connotations such as death and weakness. Spiders are also believed to symbolize an anxious or worrisome mind, and it’s suggested that seeing spiders in dreams may be a reminder to Christians about the importance of trusting in God, even when unsure and scared about what may or may not happen. 

In this post, I’ll share insights into the biblical and spiritual significance of spiders in dreams and interpretations of the common dream scenarios involving spiders.

So, let’s jump right into it!

What is the symbolic meaning of spiders?

Biblical Meaning Of Spiders In Dreams 
What is the symbolic meaning of spiders? Image source: Pixabay

The meanings attached to spiders tend to be multidimensional, depending on the events surrounding the spiders’ appearance and culture.

Here are some of the common beliefs held about spiders:


While spiders evoke feelings of fear and crippling anxiety in some individuals, these arachnids are also known for being skilful and creative in how they live and survive.

As a result, some people believe that spiders are symbolic of artistry and talent. The belief that spiders represent artistry is also suggested to come from their patience and attention to detail, which allow them to build beautiful and elaborate webs.

They create their webs meticulously and create art as a result, so some people deem spiders creative animals. Thus, individuals whose spirit animals are spiders are also believed to be exceptionally gifted with creative and vivid imaginations.

In the same breath, spiders are also believed to symbolize patience – an artist is as patient, and spiders, according to research, are believed to spend between 1 and 4 days to complete their webs. 


Some people also believe that spiders symbolize manifestation. It’s suggested that spiders, as spirit animals, are represented by some of the most genuine people, who are said to have the power to attract positivity in their lives through manifestation.

Symbol of ancient wisdom

One study in the United Kingdom determined that spiders are among the oldest creatures, having lived for more than 300 million years on Earth.

As a result of this finding, it’s believed that spiders represent ancient wisdom. Spiders are also said to represent open-mindedness and understanding of life and the many life changes. 

Thanks to the ancient wisdom that spiders are associated with, some cultures associate the spiders with leadership and intelligence. 

Female Empowerment 

According to research into these arachnids, the female spiders are the one that wields an incredible amount of power.

The female spiders are also said to be larger and to have longer lifespans compared to the male spiders – and they also bear stronger defensive powers, which is why they are believed to carry and symbolize feminine energy. 


While spiders are scary to many, which explains the widespread use of spiders in Halloween decorations, it’s worth noting that they are also believed to represent a state of balance.

Whether small or relatively big, spiders are primarily venomous and can kill; however, they aren’t all bad since they are also said to carry the capacity to support life while keeping the ecosystem balanced. 

Spiders are also believed to represent the interconnected state of life. Their webs represent unity, networks, family relationships, and other bonds between humankind.

So, seeing spiders shouldn’t be construed as an all-bad thing because spiders are also suggested to represent a positive sign of strong bonds. 


Some people also believe that spiders represent infinity because, unlike other insects with 6 legs, spiders have eight legs. In other species, 8 eyes.

8 is believed to symbolize infinity in spiritual spheres and numerology. So, spiders are also suggested to symbolize longevity in your life and the life of your beloved. 

With these meanings in mind, different encounters with spiders are suggested to carry different meanings, ranging from fear and bad luck to creativity, self-expression, or even humility,  

What do spiders represent in a dream? 

Biblical Meaning Of Spiders In Dreams 
What do spiders represent in a dream? Image source: Pixabay

Spiders are believed to represent different things in dreams, depending on the events or place where you encounter the spider in the dreams.

It’s also believed that seeing spiders in dreams and the meaning attached to the critter varies depending on your mind’s conscious and unconscious processing of the experiences that you could have gone through in life.

It’s further suggested that the dreams involving spiders differ depending on the kind of personal history someone has with regard to spiders. 

A reflection of one’s reality

Some people believe that spiders in dreams for someone who’s lived in or been to a place with spiders everywhere may have to do with the reality they faced.

In such cases, it’s believed that seeing spiders in dreams reflects the fear of being bitten by the spiders or the spiders killing them. In other words, this dream is believed to represent an actual fear of spiders. 

Web of Support and love 

It’s also believed that seeing spiders in dreams, especially when you dream about spiders spinning or weaving webs patiently around you, the spiders may represent a positive sign.

Some people believe that such dreams represent love and support from the people around, even unexpected strangers, especially if you have thing dream when going through tough or uncertain times. 

Deceit or criticism

Some people believe that a dream where a spider bites you may represent feelings after receiving criticism or that someone close to you has done something biting or deceitful behind your back.

Some also suggest that such a dream may represent narcissists present in your life. Therefore, the dream calls to your attention the need to exercise caution and to be more careful with the people you interact with regularly. 

Warnings about ignored red flags

It’s also believed that dreaming about spiders too frequently is a sign of the universe trying to warn you about something you have been ignoring, such as red flags.

The spiders in dreams are suggested to point to a subconscious message warning or bringing your attention to that person or situation in your life that isn’t sitting quite well with you.

So, the repetitive dream is believed to imply a call for immediate action, which is suggested to have the effect of ending such recurrent dreams.

Spiritual reasons why you are seeing spiders in your dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Spiders In Dreams 
Spiritual reasons why you are seeing spiders in your dreams. Image source: Pixabay

Reminder of Intrusion into your physical or energetic boundaries 

It’s suggested that a dream about spiders crawling all over your body signifies an urgent need to establish solid boundaries and protect them.

The spiders crawling all over are believed to symbolize a reality in which you’ve let people disregard and push your boundaries, resulting in a state of apathy because the people in your life are also sapping your energy away.

Since energy vampires take away your vibrance and others may take advantage of your beautiful soul, you will suffer the consequences in a lowered state of well-being and absence of peace of mind.

So, it’s implied that dreaming about spiders crawling over your body is a sign to draw stronger and taller boundaries and to keep away people that drain your energy.

Overlooking red flags and warnings

If you keep seeing spiders in your dreams recurrently, some believe this happens because the universe is trying to send you a message through your subconscious mind.

In most cases, the message is believed to call your attention to what you have ignored for some time. This dream is also suggested to point to the serious red flags you’ve been ignoring, and it’s posited that not attending to that issue may leave you in deep trouble later in life. 

A diminished state and sense of power

Since spiders are tiny animals that represent fear and spark feelings of anxiety, even imbalance in grown adults, it’s believed that such dreams signal a loss of power or a feeling of powerlessness in your physical life.

Spiders in dreams are also believed to symbolize low self-confidence or feeling helpless about life or one’s circumstances. 

However, while this dream is believed to bring your attention to the problem, some people suggest that the dream is an invitation for you to take necessary action that will lead you to regain your sense of power and control and become more confident.

This belief is suggested to come further from the spider’s resilience and strong belief in itself as it works to weave a web before positioning itself at the centre where it can easily catch prey.

In the same way, some people believe that putting in the work and letting go of fear helps in meeting one’s objectives and living the life of their dreams.

Response to life

Individuals who react to life reactively or proactively may also have dreams about spiders. It’s believed that when this happens, the spiritual world may be warning you about your responsiveness when faced with complex challenges. 

In a dream about a spider landing on you, it’s believed that chasing it away or reacting fearfully may represent a reactive approach to life, which is also suggested to represent someone who spends a lot of time putting away fires in the lives of others.

On the other hand, shooing or brushing it away without making a fuss implies a proactive approach to life and channelling energy the right way.

The proactive approach to problems further implies not solving people’s problems and, instead, utilizing the energy to manifest the life of your dreams.


According to different cultures, spiders are considered master manipulators thanks to their artistic and incredibly intricate webs that trap prey and how they will destroy the same webs and then rebuild them perfectly, trapping the prey every time.

With this in mind, people believe that dreams involving spiders may represent manipulative behaviors common with narcissists. Therefore, it’s believed that such a dream warns about narcissists in life and to do all possible to escape them. 

2 biblical meanings of dreaming about spiders

While the Bible doesn’t expressly mention dreams about spiders, there are a few mentions of spiders that have been interpreted spiritually. Some of the biblical meanings attached to dreams about spiders include:

Punishment for non-believers

Job 8:13-15 states that the people who don’t believe in God or don’t trust His teachings will fail. These individuals will perish by not following God’s teachings and leaning on their own hypocritical ways.

Some people believe that the use of spiders represents the wrath of God towards non-believers.

Placing value in financial security

According to the bible teachings, wicked people and non-believers build their homes on unsteady grounds like temporary huts or spider webs.

Here, the Bible associates spiders with weakness, so it’s believed that a dream about multiple spiders implies placing importance on stability and security that comes from secure finances.

On the flip side, it’s suggested that this represents a warning about how easily wealth is lost, especially for the unfaithful. The book of Job teaches the importance of faith, and the presence of spiders in dreams may imply a lack of faith and how easy it is for people to lose it all.

If you are a Christian, this dream may imply the need to build a stronger relationship with God and to have faith in only Him.

Job 8:13-15 also associates spider webs with weakness, and dreams about spiders are believed to suggest weakness in terms of being faithful to God.

Interpretations of spiders’ common dream scenarios 

Biblical Meaning Of Spiders In Dreams 
Interpretations of spiders’ common dream scenarios. Image source: Pixabay

There is no expressive mention of spiders appearing in dreams in the Bible, and so, the interpretations below are based on different spiritual beliefs rather than bible scripture.

The biblical meaning of baby spiders

While baby spiders don’t appear in the Bible, it’s believed that dreams about baby spiders carry important spiritual meanings.

Baby spiders represent innocence, vulnerability, potential, and rebirth. It’s also suggested that the baby spiders call attention to small and delicate details in life while pointing towards growth, parental instincts, and new beginnings

The biblical meaning of giant spiders

Giant spiders in dreams are interpreted differently, but they are spiritually suggested to be a sign of good news, wealth, great fortune, the flipside, fear or change, manipulators in your life, or feelings of being overwhelmed.

It’s believed that seeing giant spiders in dreams represents different things depending on the current life circumstances of the person who dreams about the spiders.

The biblical meaning of killing spiders

According to spiritual believers, dreaming about killing spiders is believed to be a sign that someone is facing and overcoming challenges and fears and has gained control over life or situations.

But it’s also believed that it may have negative connotations such as a threat or bad luck.

The biblical meaning of spiders crawling on your body

It’s suggested that dreaming about spiders crawling on your body is a message from the spiritual realm calling to your attention the importance and need for stronger personal boundaries, the need to let go of negative emotions and influences, or a sign that someone close to you may bring a challenge to your life .

While the crawling spiders aren’t mentioned biblically, spiritual people believe that the dream may also symbolize an auspicious sign of universal protection and luck.

It may also symbolize growth and transformation. 

The biblical meaning of venomous spiders

Dreams about venomous spiders are believed to carry different meanings, but most people interpret such dreams as symbols of comfort, relaxation, togetherness, and intellectual capabilities.

Others believe that the venomous spiders symbolize the end of important situations or conditions or even deadly force and treachery. 

The biblical meaning of spider biting you

Some people interpret dreams about spiders biting the dreamer as symbols with positive and negative connotations. For some, it’s suggested that when the spider bite isn’t painful, it symbolizes loyalty and support, while painful spider bites are believed to represent jealousy and betrayal.

The spider bite is also suggested to imply someone or a situation that drains your energy or hinders your progress. It’s also believed that this dream warns of looming danger if action isn’t taken to address bad habits or behaviors. 

Dreaming of spiders in your bed

If you dream about spiders in your bed, spiritual believers suggest that the dream may represent the fears or threats you may be facing. It’s also implied that the dream is about feeling violated, betrayed, or vulnerable around people close to you.

Others associate it with feelings of indecision and confusion, and it may also imply that something needs your urgent attention. 

Dreaming of spiders in your hair

While some spiritual individuals interpret dreams about spiders in hair as a refusal to access all the consequences of one’s actions, others suggest that this dream symbolizes the fears in your life or even a protective force over your life.

It’s also believed that it’s a sign that the universe wants you to act immediately. 

Dreaming of loads of spiders

Some people associate countless spiders with overwhelming or crippling fear when addressing current life situations. Others suggest that a dream about loads of spiders implies strength, creativity, and courage.

It may also symbolize patience, a creative approach to challenges, transformation, illusion, a web of lies, or deception. 

Dreaming of spiders and webs

Dreaming about spider webs is suggested as a symbol of a challenging time that an individual may be facing. Other spiritual individuals associate spiders and spider webs with webs of lies and deception and imply that when someone has such a dream, it suggests that they feel trapped or may be misled by the people in their lives.

It’s also suggested that dreaming about a spider spinning a web could be the universe’s way or the subconscious warning you about a relationship or situation that may trap you. 

Dreams about spiders multiplying

Spiritual believers suggest that dreams about spiders multiplying in large numbers represent sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. However, it’s also suggested to symbolize something positive, like high creativity and productivity. 

Dreams about tarantulas 

It’s believed that dreaming about tarantulas is one of the ways that the universe uses to communicate to you about important things like the need to have control over your life and situations.

It’s also implied that this dream may imply a fear of falling under the control of something or someone and the need to break free from anything that may constrain you, like hidden desires and emotions. 

Does the color of the spider in your dreams matter?

Since many people believe that the specifics of a dream hold a lot of meaning, the color of the spiders in the dreams may be impactful.

Dreaming about white spiders

According to cultural beliefs, a dream involving white spiders may symbolize something positive like new beginnings, positive changes, purity, freedom, divine protection, healing, spiritual journey, and optimism. 

Dreaming about black spiders

If you dream about black spiders, it’s believed that such a dream may imply that you are struggling with unresolved issues or hidden fears, which should be confronted quickly.

Some people believe that black is associated with the unknown, danger, and unconsciousness. So, such dreams are interpreted as messages from the spiritual realm about dangerous or sinister life events that must be addressed.

Other implications of black spiders in dreams include entrapment, vulnerability, or perceived threat.

Superstitions and omens around dreaming about spiders in different cultures

Native American Culture

According to Native American beliefs, spiders represent spiritual protectors or guides. In the Hopi tribe, for example, the spider woman created the world and taught these natives the art of weaving.

The Navajo tribe also believes that the intricate design of the spiderweb represents the interconnectedness of life and all living things.

Ancient Chinese and Japanese

According to the ancient Chinese, the spider web symbolizes success, with its intricate structure representing patience and diligent work. 

The ancient Japanese also believed that seeing spiders in the morning symbolizes good fortune and good luck. 

European Mythology

Most European mythologies portray the spider as a mysterious and cunning creature. The ancient Greeks portrayed a talented weaver, Arachne, who is said to have challenged Athena.

The weaver was then transformed into a spider. 

Norse Mythology also teaches about the god Loki, who took the form of a spider during one of his many mischievous escapades. 

African Folklore

Spiders are believed to be important symbols of wisdom and storytelling across most African cultures because of the belief that spiders hold immense ancient wisdom about the world.

For example, the Anansi people of West Africa believe that while spiders are tricksters, they teach more about problem-solving. The Ashanti people also share similar beliefs.

What should you do when you dream about spiders?

If you dream about spiders, it’s essential to consider what the spider may represent. It’s suggested that someone reflect on their life or the people in their lives, then using the interpretations above, determine what the spider may be communicating.

For example, spiders invading your home in dreams may symbolize someone invasive and that you should deal with them and draw strong boundaries.

It’s also believed that one needs to pay attention to the emotions that surround the dream because the emotions are implied to have the power to point you in the direction of necessary action. 

Is dreaming about spiders a symbol of good or bad luck?

For most spiritual people, dreaming about spiders can be a sign of good luck or bad luck; the context of the dreams and the emotions involved matters.

Dreaming about spiders is believed to carry many positive meanings, including rewards, wealth, recognition, growth or transformation, feminine presence, strength, protection, and connection to a higher power.

However, the dreams about spiders may also imply fear or danger, albeit in a way that encourages growth and positive change.

It’s also believed that dreams about spiders point to essential aspects of life that must be addressed. In some instances, however, spiders are believed to symbolize bad luck.

That said, it’s worth noting that the Bible doesn’t discuss dreams with spiders. The Bible also encourages Christians to trust only Him and remain faithful to him.

Bible teachings warn against worshipping or believing in things like astrology or gods. Exodus 20:3-4, Deuteronomy 6:14.

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