Biblical meaning of flowers in a dream (Spiritual meanings of flowers in a dream)

I have loved flowers since childhood. I have planted many types in my yard. One time, I had an interesting dream where I was receiving flowers. At first, I did not think much of it and associated it with my liking for them.

However, after dreaming about them several times, I had to research the Biblical meaning. Given my Christian background and my interest in theology, the following week, I read various articles and journals addressing the issue.

That was not all; I consulted my former theology lecturer, who gave me some insights.

Coincidentally, yesterday, one of the members of my online Christian forum raised a similar issue. She shared that she had dreamt about flowers thrice in a row, which made her wonder whether there was more to that.

What followed was a discussion as each member shared their thoughts. I guided the forum since I had a better understanding of the topic.

So, what is the Biblical meaning of flowers in a dream?

The Bible does not explicitly mention the spiritual meanings of flowers in dreams. However, Christian scholars imply that dreaming about flowers has a deeper meaning. Most of them associate dreaming about flowers with positivity. For instance, some scholars believe that dreaming about flowers means having contentment and fulfillment about life and showcasing virtues of faith and love.

Join me in the article below as we look at the Biblical meaning of flowers in a dream. Learn some Biblical interpretations of receiving, picking, planting, and being in a field of flowers in a dream.

Also, I have highlighted the Biblical meanings of some of the common flowers as they appear in a dream. Read on to find out about these and much more.

What do flowers symbolize in dreams?

Most of us perceive flowers to symbolize beauty. However, people have different interpretations of flowers as they appear in dreams. Some have spiritual meanings, while others interpret these dreams Biblically.

Based on dream analysts, they believe that the meaning of dreaming about flowers depends on the person’s recent life events and personal details.

According to biblical interpretations of flowers, as they appear in dreams, they have various meanings depending on the flowers’ setting, type, and color.

Therefore, you should look for these aspects in the Dream and get an in-depth sense.

Most people associate dreaming about flowers with positive outcomes. They include feelings of contentment or fulfillment with their current position in life.

People suggest that it means one is at peace and happy with one’s life. Also, they believe it signifies the person has embraced their journey and is content with their path.

Some imply dreaming about flowers symbolizes generosity. In the context that one is gifting another person flowers, people suggest that it means the dreamer has a selfless nature and places other people’s comfort and joy ahead.

Also, some imply that such a dream fosters the feeling of being more aware of other people’s needs.

Some suggest that dreaming about flowers symbolizes God’s presence, reassuring the dreamer that God is with them and will not leave their side.

Others suggest that it conveys deep emotions such as love and, in other circumstances, humility and grace.

People have associated flowers in dreams as a symbol of renewal and restoration. They believe it means that the person is on a path of transformation leading to growth— which they suggest signifies a season of new beginnings attracting abundance and God’s grace.

What do flowers mean prophetically?

Spiritual meanings of flowers in a dream
What do flowers mean prophetically? Image source: Pixabay

Most people associate flowers with beauty. When one dreams about them, there are different prophetic meanings related to the Dream. For instance, people believe it means that beautiful things await you.

Flowers are fragile, and some suggest that it prophetically implies the fragility of something.

People suggest that flowers demonstrate new beginnings or seasons that one will embark on. Also, they imply it signifies growth and restoration.

Since flowers represent beauty, people speculate they indicate the possibility of beautiful outcomes such as success, happiness, and renewal.

What is the Biblical meaning of seeing flowers in your dreams?

The Bible does not specifically mention the meaning of seeing flowers in dreams. However, Christians reference the scripture to understand what these dreams mean.

For instance, Song of Songs 1:14, 2:1-2, 12 mentions flowers as a reference to love. People imply that dreaming about flowers signifies love, gratitude, appreciation, and joy.

Most believe that seeing flowers in your dreams is a positive sign. Hosea 14:5 and Isaiah 55:13 mention the blossoming of flowers, and in this context, people suggest dreaming about flowers refers to growth, revival, restoration, new beginnings, hope, and new chapters.

Most people associate flowers with beauty, as also seen in the Bible. Isaiah 40:6 talks about flowers’ beauty. Hence, people think that when you dream about flowers, it symbolizes beauty, happiness, abundance, and positivity.

Common flowers and their Biblical meanings in a dream

Spiritual meanings of flowers in a dream
Common flowers and their Biblical meanings in a dream. Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not give literal meanings of flowers in dreams. However, Christians use the guidance of the scripture to suggest what these dreams mean. Here are some common flowers and their Biblical meanings in a dream.


Some Christians suggest that when one dreams of roses, it symbolizes God’s presence in one’s life and assurance that He will never leave our side (Ephesians 3:12).

Therefore, when one dreams about roses in moments of solitude and distress, people believe it is a sign from God that one is not alone but is in God’s companionship.

Rose flowers are stunning and are often presented as a gift. Hence, people suggest it symbolizes beauty that radiates in one’s life. Also, people have suggested they represent deep emotions of passion and love that they liken to God’s love for us.


Some Christians suggest dreaming about lilies biblically symbolizes purity and innocence. They imply it reminds one of the vitality of living a life dedicated to God, which is holy and free from sin (Philippians 2:15-16).

Therefore, it calls one to examine one’s life choices and seek forgiveness for their shortcomings. In this way, it fosters the admiration to lead a holy spiritual life.

People imply dreaming about lilies that it sanctions you to look at your life choices and standards. In this way, it steers you from sin and acts that will draw away your attention from God.


Some believe daffodils show boldness and assertiveness. They suggest it encourages one to be confident, bold, and stand up for the right thing.

Also, they think it fosters the courage to speak your truth and allows personal growth. People suggest that this flower implies that God wishes His children to be well-spoken and inspire those around them.


Sunflowers are vibrant and bright-looking flowers. In the biblical context, some believe it symbolizes energy when one dreams about sunflowers.

Some believers suggest that it signifies God’s blessings on you for prosperity and abundance; 2 Corinthians 9:8. Therefore, in this regard, it implies that you will enjoy the fruits of your hard work or a project you set up.

Others believe it is a sign of happiness that you are going through joy.


In Biblical terms, people suggest that the passionflower reminds of Jesus’ sacrifice, his crucifixion, and resurrection. It reminds one of the sacrifice Jesus took for our benefit.

People suggest it symbolizes new life, which they believe means spiritual transformation and growth.


When you dream about anemones, people attach Biblical meanings to such dreams. Given their unique nature of thriving in winter, people suggest dreaming about this flower reminds one to look at their individuality as God reminds us in Romans 12:3-5.

Therefore, some imply it promotes the concept of self-identity and encourages one to embark on self-discovery.

People suggest that such a dream encourages one to not set back from embracing one’s true self. Also, some believe one can achieve this by digging deep into ourselves and uncovering aspects that God uses to make us unique.

People think that when one understands this, they will live according to God’s purpose for our life.


In the biblical context, people believe it signifies optimism and hope when you dream about tulips. In this regard, they suggest that the dreamer should be optimistic about their future.

Also, you should find comfort in knowing God has good plans; therefore, you have hope in the future.


Most people use angelica for medicinal purposes. When you dream about Angelica flowers, people suggest that God communicates that healing is coming.

They also believe it signifies restoration and renewal, which brings hope and assurance of better things in the future.

Also, some believe it reminds us that God is the sole healing provider, as stated in Psalm 147:3, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Balloon flowers

We know balloon flowers’ abilities to withstand harsh weather conditions. When you dream of this type of flower, people suggest it signifies resilience.

They also believe it awakens one’s spirit of endurance and strength. Christians think balloon flowers in a dream remind us that we possess unique power from God, which can take us through difficult situations.


If you dream about bell flowers, people suggest that it biblically means God will provide you with all your needs. They believe that it beckons one to cast all their worries before God.

In this way, it implies the power of prayer, that one can experience God’s abundance through this channel.


In the Biblical aspect, people imply begonia flowers represent growth. Therefore, when one dreams of begonia, some suggest it signifies the start of a new chapter in life; 2 Corinthians 5:17.

However, we must work hard and exercise patience for this to happen. Also, some suggest some rewards follow the growth process. Some believe it encourages growth and the waiting period that comes with it.


For a long time, people associate hyssop with purification and cleansing. In the scripture, hyssop played a role during cleansing ceremonies.

Therefore, people believe that dreaming about hyssop signifies purification, urging you to purify certain aspects of your life. In this way, some imply it encourages you to examine your soul and release any burdens.


People believe dreaming of calendula signifies peace. They suggest it means that you should cast all anxieties to God as it will bring you emotional stability and peace.

Some imply that when one trusts God’s providence, especially in wavering storms, He will ensure you find solace.

Biblical interpretations of common flower dream scenarios

Spiritual meanings of flowers in a dream
Biblical interpretations of common flower dream scenarios. Image source: Pixabay

As mentioned, the Bible does not give interpretations of flowers in dream scenarios. However, Christians use the scripture to guide their interpretations of such dreams.

Below are explanations of some common flower dream scenarios.

Biblical meaning of someone giving flowers in a dream

In the Biblical context, when you dream about giving someone flowers, people believe it signifies your ability to share love with other people.

Also, they believe it shows your kindness and generosity towards other people. In this regard, they imply it portrays your willingness to share your blessings.

That aside, people believe it’s a sign that your life is abundant and that you are fertile. Also, they are ideas that you are willing to share with those around you (Proverbs 11:24)

Biblical meaning of receiving flowers in a dream

People suggest that biblically, when you dream about receiving flowers, you are getting acknowledgment and appreciation for what you have completed.

People believe receiving flowers in a dream primarily represents positive aspects of life. They also think it is a form of gratitude from the person giving you the flowers in the Dream.

They also imply it means a person wants to express apologies or sympathy. It communicates the most profound feelings.

Seeing flowers in a vase

Biblically, there are fewer interpretations of dreaming about seeing flowers in a vase. One of the believed biblical symbolization when you dream about flowers in a vase that people suggest is that it’s a message for you to enjoy the peace in your life. (John 14:27)

Dreaming about being a field of flowers

According to the Biblical context, dreaming about being in a field of flowers is a positive sign. There are different interpretations, the first being that it implies you are at peace and happy with your life.

Others suggest that it shows you are energized and feel fulfilled, especially when the flowers in the field are blooming.

Some also believe that such a dream shows you are in a good place in your relationship with your friends, partner, or other people.

Dreaming about picking flowers

People suggest that dreaming about picking flowers signifies that you are learning a new skill or on a new path in life.

In the Biblical context, since the flowers have bloomed and not withered, people believe it means that your hard work will be rewarded accordingly. Also, they imply that it sends a message that you should enjoy your current way of life.

Dreaming about planting flowers

In the Biblical context, the scripture mentions flowers when referring to beauty and good outcomes. People have positive interpretations regarding dreams that involve you planting flowers.

When you dream that you are planting flowers, some believe it signifies that you are putting in good seeds, which will produce good produce. Some argue that it symbolizes optimism and hope for growth potential. (Mathew 9:29).

Dreaming about flowers blooming

Biblically, people interpret blooming flowers to mean positive things are coming into a person’s life. When flowers bloom, people suggest it shows that they have withstood the tough season and are coming out fruitful.

Therefore, when you dream about flowers blooming, some imply it signifies that you are getting rewards for your good deeds, which you should enjoy. (Jeremiah 29:11).

Dreaming about wildflowers

Wildflowers survive in harsh conditions in diverse environments. When you dream about wildflowers, people suggest that it signifies that one should trust God’s provision during challenging situations.

Also, they suggest that you should have faith that God will provide you during tough times. Some imply the wildflowers remind us that we can still emerge victorious despite hard times. (John 1:5).

Dreaming about someone sending you a pot of flowers

According to Biblical context, when you dream that someone is sending you a pot of flowers, people suggest it signifies that the person is showing you affection.

Also, they imply that it indicates someone’s expression of love or appreciation. Most people suggest it depicts a positive signification.

Dreaming about making a bouquet

In the Biblical context, people suggest that dreaming about making a bouquet symbolizes that you will experience positive aspects through abundance, success, joy, and uplifting experiences. Also, they imply that it signifies that you will receive good news. (Deutronomy 28:11).

Dreaming about sending flowers to someone

In the Biblical context, people believe dreaming about sending flowers to someone shows positivity. They suggest it symbolizes that you love the person receiving the flowers.

If you dream of sending flowers to someone, it also signifies that you are grateful to the person, thus showing appreciation. Others suggest that it is an expression of sympathy or apologies.

Spiritual meanings of flowers in a dream

According to spiritual teachers, dreaming about flowers has various spiritual meanings. These meanings rely on the Dream’s color, type, or setting.

Let us start with the spiritual meanings based on color. Some believe the flower’s color in the Dream signifies a person’s spiritual journey.

People think that dreaming about red flowers signifies love, intense emotions, or passion. Some suggest that yellow flowers spiritually symbolize optimism, joy, and happiness.

People imply that spiritually white flowers showcase innocence or purity. On the other hand, others suggest that dreaming purple flowers symbolize ambition, wealth, and loyalty.

Others suggest dreaming about flowers to showcase the person’s emotional state spiritually. Some believe it signifies joy, love, contentment, or sadness.

Also, they believe these dreams illustrate growth, inner spiritual healing, and the potential for a new beginning.

Some imply that the type of flower that appears in a dream symbolizes renewal and inner transformation. For instance, people believe roses spiritually symbolize beauty, love, or the need to nurture something to attain its full potential. Also, they imply lilies signify humility and grace and suggest tulips symbolize the start of a new journey.

Others argue that the setting of the Dream defines the spiritual meaning. For example, people suggest that if one dreams about receiving flowers spiritually, it means that the person is receiving recognition and appreciation.

They also believe giving flowers symbolizes spiritually the person’s values, such as kindness and generosity.

Should I be worried about seeing flowers in my dreams?

According to various interpretations of seeing flowers in dreams, they incline to positive outcomes and aspects of life such as peace, contentment, and love. With these in mind, people believe these reassure one that good things are in store and that all is well.

In Genesis 41:1-13, we read about Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s cupbearer’s Dream, which had blossomed and budded vine branches. He interpreted the Dream to mean that the cupbearer would receive restoration on his position, which came to pass.

This scripture’s example gives the idea of the possible good outcomes after dreaming about flowers. As the scripture says, we should place all our worries and anxieties on God.

Therefore, if you believe in the word and dream about flowers, you should consider that God has the best intentions for you.

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