13 Biblical Meanings of a Ring in Dreams (Ring Dream Meanings)

During December Holiday, I dreamt of rings for three consecutive days. The situations in the dream were different, but the ring was the same, so I had to consult with my mother, a Christian and gifted dream interpreter. I learned a lot about the meaning of a ring in dreams. You should never ignore a dream about a ring because of the spiritual weight it carries. So let me help you understand the Biblical Meanings of a Ring in Dreams.

It is implied that a ring in a dream often has positive meanings. When you dream of rings, it is believed you are getting a message from God that He is protecting you. Also, other meanings are centered around power and authority, according to Genesis 42:42, confidence, wealth, wisdom, and wholeness. For leaders, a ring in the dream could be giving you a message that you will soon be elevated and your status will rise to an elite position.

Join me in this article as I delve into the Biblical meaning of a ring in dreams. I will focus on the biblical spiritual meaning of rings and their symbolism. I will go further and list different meanings of rings in dreams and what the Bible says about rings. Read on to understand more about rings in dreams.

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Spiritual meaning of a rings

Biblical Meanings of a Ring in Dreams
Spiritual meaning of a rings. Image source: Pixabay

Apart from rings being used as simple accessories in fashion, wearing rings have a deep spiritual meaning. In the spiritual aspect, people wear rings to signify their spiritual devotion and commitment. You can wear rings on any finger to symbolize different spiritual aspects.

Ring on the thumb

When you wear a ring on your thumb, it could signify spiritual strength because it is the strongest finger on your hand. Also, when you wear it on the thumb, it is believed to be a sign that you might be spiritually tapping into your mental health and that you are staying in control. Also, a ring on the thumb implies that you are always devoted to remaining faithful in relationships.

Ring on the index finger

Wearing a ring on the index finger has several spiritual meanings depending on the individual’s culture. In some cultures, like the ancient Jewish culture, women wore a gold ring on the index finger during their wedding rituals to show that they were spiritually ready for marriage. Also, in the current world, most religious leaders wear their rings on the index finger. The ring on the index finger could signify their spiritual devotion to their calling as religious leaders.

Ring on the middle finger

Contrary to what most people think, wearing a ring on the middle finger could have positive spiritual symbolism. It could signify that the wearer has a balanced spiritual life. However, most people put a ring on the middle finger for statement fashion because it stands out among fingers, implying that they are not doing it for spiritual purposes.

Ring on the Ring finger

In many religions like Christianity, wearing a ring on the ring finger is mostly a seal to a marriage or promise . Most cultures believe that the ring finger and the ring symbolize a spiritual covenant that makes people stay faithful. That is why in Asia, the ring that is worn during a wedding on the ring finger is tailor-made of wood so that when you try to remove it, you are breaking a promise. Therefore, spiritually the ring on this finger means loyalty.

Ring on the pinky finger

The ring on the pinky finger could mean that you are bonded with your family.

Biblical meaning of a ring

Ring Dream Meanings
Biblical Meaning of Rings. Image source: Pixabay

A ring is a symbol of authority

In the Bible, Pharaoh gave Joseph a signet ring to show that he was in authority. Genesis 41:42 implies that a signet ring was necessary for Joseph to wear to symbolize his authority because Pharaoh himself gave him a ring, making him in charge of Egypt.

A ring means that you are favored

In the Bible, God said He would make Zerubbabel a signet ring to show that God favored him, Haggai 2:23. This scripture implies that people who are favored by God, like Bishops, Pastors, and evangelists, can wear rings to symbolize the favor that is upon them. However, there is a case in the Bible when God happens to withdraw His favor on someone in Jeremiah 22:24.This verse implies that when a ring of favor is removed from someone, then the favor too is withdrawn.

The symbolism of rings in a dream

A symbol of completeness

The symbolism of rings in a dream could be completeness. Rings are always round, so it is often interpreted to symbolize completeness.

A ring means eternity

When a ring appears in a dream, its circular nature is often connected to eternity. It implies that it symbolizes eternity.

A symbol of a covenant

Rings have been used in the past and in the present as a symbol of a covenant because they act as seals. This is the reason why most marriages are sealed with a ring.

A symbol of promises

Some people believe that rings could symbolize a promise when they appear in dreams. This is because they hold you accountable and remind you that you need to keep the promise. As earlier mentioned, rings are often seen a symbols of promises or covenants.

13 Biblical Meanings of a Ring in Dreams

Biblical Meanings of a Ring in Dreams
Biblical Meaning of Rings. Image source: Pixabay

This a reminder that life is cyclic and things happen in God’s time

When you have a dream about rings, and you have been working towards some goal, it could be a message from God that He will make everything happen perfectly in His time. In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-4, the Bible describes that there is time for everything, good and bad. This is to mean that life is a cycle and good times last, not mean that bad times do not exist. They both combine to form our life experiences, and sometimes it could be God reassuring you through the dream that everything is in order.

This a warning to let go of your ego and embrace unity

God can send a ring to signify the need for unity between you and others or just as a person. Sometimes ego might control you and make you feel like you do not need other people. However, as a Christian, you should remember that we are supposed to be one; we should stay united as Christians. Meaning that you should put your ego aside and reach out to people because the Bible says that we are strong when united and we are equal before God. Theologians interpret such dreams based on Luke 15:22, even though it is not directly mentioned in the Bible. This verse is about the prodigal son returning home and being accepted; he was given a ring as part of his outfit to imply that he is united with the family.

God is protecting you

When you are in danger, maybe you are sick, and you dream of a ring, it might mean that God is protecting you. The ring could symbolize God’s love, compassion, and promise to defend you from evil.

New projects and opportunities are coming your way

A dream about rings could mean that a new opportunity or project is coming your way. In this case, you need to pay attention to detailed parts of your dream so that you know which opportunity or project is coming. In the Bible, rings were used to seal deals or decrees, especially rings from Kings, so that no one can revoke the agreement; a good example could be found in the book of Esther 8:8. This implies that when you dream of a ring, it could mean that a project that is already sealed is coming your way.

A sign of wholeness

When you dream about a ring, it could mean that you feel complete or whole. Dreams are often said to be coming from the spiritual world, and whatever happens in the physical world has already happened in the spiritual world. So when you dream about a ring, and you are in your relationship, marriage, career, etc., it could be that that career or relationship completes you. It implies that there is a spiritual approval of your contentment in everything around you.

A sign of confidence

Dreaming about rings can also mean that you are confident. The presence of the ring in the dream could mean that you are in power in a certain aspect of your life, therefore, confident, which implies that in whatever situations around you, there is one that might be capable of controlling and shifting opinions about it. It could be your career, where you are confident enough to persuade your team or boss to follow a certain direction.

A sign of being wealthy

When you dream about a ring and all that you might have been doing is investing and trying to amass wealth, then it could mean that you are about to reap what you sow. You are about to become so wealthy, and it will extend to the people around you. In the book of James 2:2, rich men are described to be accessorizing themselves with rings. In such a situation, it’s better to wake up and thank God for the dream as you say words that show you claim the message.

You are becoming influential

A dream about a ring could come to you as a wake-up call that you are influential. This happens especially when you are not paying enough attention to the fact that you are influential. It could be at your workplace where the team or boss is impressed with your work and always consult with you.

A sign of a better position socially

When you dream about a ring, it could signify that you are socially in the right placeimplying that your social life is filled with love and happiness from family and friends. Theologians interpret such dreams based on Luke 15:22, even though it is not directly mentioned in the Bible.

A sign that you are committed or need to be committed

If you like it, crown it with your ring and own. You will hear this in reference to a relationship implying that a ring is meant for commitment. However, when you dream about a ring, it can be a message that you need to stay committed, not just in a relationship, but it could be your job, family, church, or friendship. This could be an assurance that whatever calls for your commitment really deserves you staying committed to it.

A sign of wisdom

Many cultures associate rings with wisdom, which is why in the ancient world, Kings and elders had specific rings. So if you dream about rings, it could be that the people around you are wise, and you are being urged to listen to them. In some cases, it could be an affirmation that you are a wise person and, therefore, you should not be afraid to execute your wisdom. In the Bible, Pharaoh acknowledged that Joseph was wise and gave him a signet ring while putting him in charge, according to Genesis 41:38-42.

This a sign that you are headed to a position where only elites are allowed

When you dream of rings, it could mean that your status in society is in the process of elevation, just like Joseph was elevated to be in charge of Egypt. It implies that you are being prepared spiritually for an elite encounter or position that only you can fit in. You might not hear many people say that they have dreamt of a ring, so if you have ever dreamt of a ring, it implies that you are unique—chosen.

Your uniqueness might lie in your personality, skills, talent, and creativity. Receiving a ring dream implies that one of those aspects is so unique yet so relevant, and only you are meant to use the talent or skill to make a difference. Other meanings of the ring in a dream.

Biblical Meaning of a Blue Ring in Dreams

Although dreams of blue rings are not directly mentioned in the Bible, theologians say that blue is the color of God and represents truth and heaven. For forgiveness to occur, there must be truthfulness to oneself and others. For this reason, a dream about a blue ring is often interpreted to symbolize the need for forgiveness.

However, sometimes you might dream of blue rings, and the message is not positive. Often instances you will see blue rings in dreams when you have lost your loved one, or maybe you are about to be separated. It could be that you are going to break up, divorce, lose custody of your child, or even your significant other is about to die. So, you should pray against separation when you dream of a blue ring and the reality points towards some separation.

Biblical Meaning of a Black Ring in Dreams

When one dreams of a black ring, it can signify that the person is almost giving up and major troubles are coming. Sometimes, you might be anticipating these troubles based on the events around you. On the flip side, you might dream of a black ring, and things that come your way bring unusual joy.

Biblical Meaning of a Silver Ring in Dreams

A silver ring in dreams could be a symbol of true love and the strength it comes with. True love makes you exude authentic emotions towards the other party. When you dream of a silver ring, you might become confident enough to confess your feelings to your significant other. It implies that you need to get over the fear of answering love’s call.

Of course, there are other meanings when you see a silver ring in your dream; they include;

  • The dream might evoke courage to pursue and achieve mental and emotional stability.
  • It might mean that you need to control your emotions using spiritual techniques.
  • The ring in the dream could serve to awaken your spiritual potential to remain composed in difficult situations.
  • It might serve as an eye-opener, allowing you to discover your talents and abilities that you never thought you had.

Biblical Meaning of a Gold Ring in Dreams

Dreaming of gold rings could mean that you will experience multiple results from your efforts. It could be that you have been putting in more effort, and it was not giving off as expected, so God could send you a dream of a gold ring so that you stay the course because the time for you to get results will come, and the winner will be sweeter. It should serve as a motivation and affirmation that God will bless the work and sacrifice that you put in.

Other possible interpretations include the following;

  • Fertility for barren women. Gold is a sign of wealth, and children are a whole investment and wealth for women.
  • More children are coming your way.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming about a Multicolored Ring

A dream about a multicolored ring is often interpreted to symbolize the presence of God in your life. Ezekiel 1:28 says, ” that had in it all the colors of the rainbow. This was the dazzling light that showed the presence of the LORD. When I saw this, I fell face downward on the ground. Then I heard a voice” This implies that any sign that comes in multiple colors implies that God is present.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Ring on Middle Finger

This dream could mean that you are naturally focused on your dreams, and it makes you indestructible. However, this might make you a little rebellious, and people around you could think you do not care. However, the dream could be a reminder of your wisdom, power, and your high social standing.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Someone Else Wearing a Ring

Sometimes, when you are not contented and like to compare yourself, the spiritual world might send a message to you to stop. This message might come as the dream of someone you compare to wearing a ring. It would help if you instead focused on your purpose because it is unique.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Washing a Ring

This dream can come as a sign that you need to fix things in your relationship. It might only be you who can do it because you might be guilty of cheating, and now you are trying to cleanse yourself. It implies that you need to remove all the baggage in your relationship and start afresh. However, there is not much connection from the scriptures.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Ring Tightening

This dream could be a message to you to change your purpose. It might remind you that you are suffocating your spiritual purpose by focusing on wealth. When you use material possessions to define yourself, you deprive your soul of spiritual nourishment, and it is about time you focus on your spirituality more than your wealth.

Biblical Meaning of a Wedding Ring in Dreams

A wedding ring in dreams might mean that you are committed eternally to someone or something. It can be that you are entering into a long and happy marriage. However, if you are already married, the dream could be a message to you of the fourth coming trouble in your marriage.

Biblical Meaning of a Broken Ring in Dreams

A broken ring might be a warning in your life. When you see a broken ring in your dream, it implies that there is a part of your life that is being broken because you might have failed to give it enough attention. It could be your mental health, relationship, marriage, or just any important aspect of your life that you are neglecting unknowingly. The message could be that you have ignored the aspect for a long, but now you have to pay attention and fix it urgently. If you ignore the dream and fail to fix the issue, your life might be affected.

Other meanings include;

Biblical Meanings of a Ring in Dreams 
Biblical Meaning of Rings. Image source: Pixabay
  • A misunderstanding with someone close to you is about to occur.
  • You might break up with someone you love.

Biblical Meaning of Fake Engagement Ring in Dreams

This could mean that you have been having negative thoughts, and you need to stop. It could be that you are thinking negatively about your relationship or career that you are committed to, and the negative thoughts might influence your decisions. So you should pray to ask God for guidance.

Biblical Meaning of Engagement Ring in Dreams

When you dream of an engagement ring, it could mean that you low-key desire to get married. In most cases, you might be in and out of a toxic relationship that you are never able to leave completely, and you might get this dream as a direction for you to leave. This is because another relationship might be waiting for you.

Biblical Meaning of Receiving a Ring in Dreams

This dream could be a message to you that you are overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. It could be that you are worried about your partner’s infidelity. The dream could be a reminder that you should lessen your worries because you are losing yourself.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Giving Someone a Ring

This dream could mean that you are trying to gain dominion over the person that is receiving the ring. It implies that you are creating borders around that person. It implies that you might be heading into a relationship with that person.

Biblical Meaning of Finding a Ring in a Dream

Since most cultures use a ring to seal a marriage, when you dream of finding a ring, it could mean that you have found your rightful status. It implies that you are going to grow and increase financially and spiritually. So you should turn to God and tell Him to take control.

Biblical Meaning of Wearing a Ring in Dreams

When you wear a ring in dreams, it could mean that you are sealing a covenant with God. It could be God reassuring you that you are on the right track. It implies that your plans will happen and you will be successful.

What does the Bible say about rings?

A ring is worn to seal covenants and ensure promises are kept

Rings are mentioned mostly when God is making covenants with people. In the book of Genesis 15: 17-18, the Bible gives us an account of God showing up to seal a covenant with Abraham with a ring. Also, in Exodus 32:24, God gave Moses a ring to seal their covenant.

Rings are worn to symbolize authority

Rings are jewelry, but they symbolize authority. Pharaoh handed Joseph a ring so that they knew he was a leader in authority.

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