Can I still go to heaven if I’m not a virgin? (Does God care that I am not a virgin?)

As a theologian, I try to understand all the concepts that have been recorded in the Bible to fully understand what God wants of me as a believer and what he doesn’t. I was recently intrigued by God’s stand on sex and how he wants his people to practice it. Since the Bible warns against sex practiced outside of marriage, I wondered if those who lost their virginity before marriage would go to heaven. I decided to do extensive research on this topic and even involved different theology professors. Last week, a member of my online Christian forum wanted to know if she would still go to heaven, as she had practiced premarital sex and lost her virginity. The question had come from our previous discussion on sex before marriage. Having gained vast knowledge from my research, I had the answer at my fingertips. So, can I still go to heaven if I’m not a virgin?

You can still go to heaven if you are not a virgin, as long as you confess your sins and repent, as stated in 1 John 1:9. The scripture reveals that if we confess our sins to God, He is faithful and will forgive us and purify us from our unrighteousness.

I invite you to join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss if God cares that you are not a virgin, if God will forgive you if you had premarital sex, and if born-again virginity is possible, among other topics.

Does God care that I am not a virgin?

Does God care that I am not a virgin?
Does God care that I am not a virgin? Image source: Pixabay

God cares that you are not a virgin because you fell into sin when you practiced premarital sex, a form of sexual immorality that God warns us against in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20. According to this scripture, sexual immorality is a sin against your body, which is worse because the Holy Spirit dwells in the same body you are defiling. Practicing premarital sex is defiling the temple of God, and that is something that cannot please God. However, our God is merciful and forgiving, as recorded in Daniel 9:9, and will forgive you this sin if you confess and repent.

If I had premarital sex, would God forgive me?

God will forgive you any sin, including premarital sex, as the Bible tells us in 1 John 1:9 that He will forgive our sins if we confess because he is a faithful God. Premarital sin was a grave sin in the Old Testament, and a woman found to be not a virgin was subjected to death, as recorded in Deuteronomy 22:20-21. The only sin that was not forgiven was Blasphemy in the New Testament, as revealed in Luke 12:10. God reminds us in Isaiah 43:25 that He is the one who wipes away our sins and does not remember them. The scripture above tells us that God cannot hold our premarital sex sin against us and is willing to forgive us as long as we return to him.

Why is virginity important in the Bible?

Can I still go to heaven if I’m not a virgin?
Why is virginity important in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

Virginity is so important in the Bible because it is an act of obedience, as recorded in 1 Corinthians 6:18. God commands us through this scripture to flee from sexual immorality, and practicing it will be disobeying God.

Virginity is also important in the Bible because it is God’s will for us to remain pure until marriage, as seen in 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7. This scripture states that God wants us to be sanctified and avoid sexual immorality. He also wants us to control our bodies in honorable and holy ways. The scripture further states that God called us to be pure, live a holy life, and retain our virginity until marriage as God’s will to us.

Is born-again virginity possible?

Bible scholars from Got Question organization suggest that born-again virginity is impossible because the ‘damage’ has already been done. Some believers believe that God can restore their virginity spiritually if they keep themselves pure. While God can restore the non-virgins spiritually by forgiving them and removing the guilt from their hearts, He cannot physically take back the physical ‘damage’ that has been already done. It does not matter if you become a virgin after turning to salvation, as God will have already forgiven your sins and will not remember them, as stated in Jeremiah 31:34.

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