Can you kiss in Heaven? (is there physical intimacy in Heaven?)

I have grown to love and honor my marriage with my partner years after getting married. This is because, as a theologian, I have read the bible and understood why God created this beautiful institution and its purpose for his creation. A few months ago, I developed an interest in knowing if we will still have romantic relationships in Heaven, as I could not imagine my romantic relationship not continuing in Heaven. I then decided to conduct extensive research by reading different theology books. I also visited various theology professors to understand what the bible says. Last week, a member of my online Christian forum wanted to know if he could kiss his wife in Heaven, as she had recently passed. This question stemmed from our previous discussion on romantic relationships in Heaven. Having comprehensive knowledge from my research and what the theology professors had to say, I explained the answer better. So, can you kiss in Heaven?

There will be no kissing in Heaven, as there will be no marriage in Heaven, as stated in Matthew 22:29-32. A kiss is part of physical intimacy, which happens between married couples. The scripture above reveals there will be no marriage in Heaven. If there won’t be marriage in Heaven, there won’t be couples who will need to engage in physical intimacy such as kissing.

I invite you to join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss if there will be physical intimacy in Heaven and if we will have romantic relationships in Heaven, among other exciting topics.

Will we have romantic relationships in Heaven?

The Bible reveals that we will not have romantic relationships in Heaven through various scriptures. Romantic relationships occur between a man and a wife who have come together before God to be one, as recorded in Mathew 19:5-6. The Bible also further reveals in Romans 7:2 that a woman is only bound to her husband as long as he lives and ceases to be his wife when he dies. This scripture reveals that marriage ends on earth, and no romantic relationship will be carried in Heaven.

Is there physical intimacy in Heaven?

is there physical intimacy in Heaven?
Is there physical intimacy in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

As stated earlier, there will be no physical intimacy in Heaven because people will no longer marry or get married, as recorded in Matthew 22:29-32. Physical intimacy can be used to mean sex. God introduced sex between man and woman for procreation, as stated in Genesis 1:28. As we have already seen, there will be no marriage in Heaven because procreation won’t be needed anymore. Physical intimacy is supposed to happen between married people only, as God is against any act of physical intimacy happening outside marriage, as seen in Exodus 20:14. Physical intimacy will not be needed in Heaven anymore because there will be no marriage.

How will we show affection to each other in Heaven?

The Bible does not contain any scripture that tells us in detail how we will be able to show affection to each other. However, we can understand how we will show affection to each other in Heaven by looking at what we will do in Heaven. Revelations 7:9-12 records a great multitude of people from every nation and tribe gathered together, worshipping the Lord. This scripture shows the unity that will be in Heaven between believers. Unity starts with loving one another first; to love, one must have affection toward the other person.

Are there emotions in Heaven?

Billy Graham, a bible scholar, suggests that there are emotions in Heaven. Examples of emotions we experience as normal human beings include anger, joy, sadness, happiness, fear, and anxiety. As believers, we are assured to be like Jesus and have new bodies like him in Heaven, as stated in Philippians 3:21, meaning that we shall no longer have our ‘Adam’ sinful bodies. This means that our new bodies will no longer have weaknesses or jealousy, and therefore we will not have negative emotions. We will, however, experience positive emotions such as happiness and joy, as recorded in Revelations 19:7.

2 thoughts on “Can you kiss in Heaven? (is there physical intimacy in Heaven?)”

  1. I completely agree that relationships amongst people will be different in the New Heavens And New Earth and that the one marriage everyone will equally experience will be however it will be set up with the Lord. Anything marriage material that we experience here is a signpost to how things will go the real way since eternal life is going to be our real life for all Christians.

    However I do think in my opinion that hugging and kissing people will happen and it will be better than ever there since there will be no sin, but it won’t have any romantic feelings with it. I know to a lot of people that can sound heartbreaking and I am perfectly fine to not get married in this life since it’s not the real ultimate kind, but the thing we gotta remember is the New Heavens And New Earth will be exciting since we will spend it with God without any interruption. I haven’t gotten a kiss on the lips from a female and I can go the rest of my life here without having that happen which is a genuine true remark from me. If I was a lot younger I would be upset with this and would want to harm people who tell me those things that would burst my bubble. I do feel God has helped me to look at the future in a way that would comfortably give me peace and happiness for what will come and the main focus on that is knowing that God will erase all evil in the presence of Christians and anything He has prepared for us will keep us in the joyful mindset forever and ever.

    My name is Matthew and I’m an autistic Christian so if anybody responds to me, please be kind. Thank you. 🙏😇

    • I lost my wife of 45 plus years almost 8 years ago. We were high school sweethearts and met at age 15. She was my life, my everything and without her, I’ve been so empty and alone inside. The thought of not allowed to hug or kiss my love hurts more than when I lost her. It’s hard for me to understand or believe that when God put 2 people together that love each other so much, that if and when we go to heaven, it’s like it never happened. When 2 people did their best to do everything wright, and God is Love, then what’s the reason or purpose for no love, hugs or anything like that in heaven. If all that is true, then I feel like everything I did while we were married was for not. If I would have known all this before, I wouldn’t have gotten married to have all my hopes crushed.


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