How long will we be in Heaven? (do you live forever in Heaven?)

At theology school, I grew interested in understanding Heaven and what will happen there. A concept that arose curiosity in me is how long believers will be in Heaven. I poured a lot of resources and time into understanding this concept. I also consulted various theology professors to get their understanding and biblical interpretation of the same. A few weeks ago, a believer approached me after our Sunday service and asked me, how long will we be in Heaven? It was pretty interesting to find out that he had read one of my articles about Heaven online and developed the same curiosity I had while in theology school. He wanted to learn more about Heaven and the duration believers would stay. Thanks to my in-depth research on the topic, I explained everything he needed to know. So, how long will we be in Heaven?

According to the scripture and Christian beliefs, we will have eternal life in Heaven (John 5:24). Well, after the final judgment, that is, the second coming of Jesus Christ, those who died in Christ will be resurrected and given new immortal bodies. The righteous are expected to receive eternal life and live forever in New Jerusalem (Heaven on Earth).

Today, I will extensively discuss some interesting facts about Heaven. I will focus on whether we will live forever in Heaven, how time is experienced in Heaven, how long we will stay in Heaven, and if we will age in Heaven. Read on to find out more.

Will we live forever in Heaven?

The scripture promises us eternal life, meaning we will live in Heaven forever (John 5:24). Eternal life is the reward that God promises to believers who will live according to the teachings of the Bible. But it is difficult to think what will keep us occupied through eternity. Well, we will be busy performing God’s ongoing work of salvation. Traditionally eternal life means continued life after death. Although, in some references in the New Testament, eternal life begins in the earthly life of a believer, which is viewed as inaugurated eschatology.

According to Christian theology, after the death of believers but before the second coming of the Messiah, the saved ones will live with God in an intermediate state, but after Jesus’s coming back, they will experience the physical resurrection of the dead and the physical recreation of a new earth. According to Catholic Catechism, when a believer dies, the soul is separated from the body, but during the resurrection, God will give us new bodies so that we may live forever, just as Christ rose and lives forever.

How will we experience time in Heaven?

How long will we be in Heaven?
How will we experience time in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible is not clear on what time will be like in Heaven. The new Jerusalem (Heaven) is where believers will dwell with God and Jesus Christ forever. According to (Revelation 21:23), the Bible says the city has no need for the sun or moon to shine on it. Some interpret this as there is no time in Heaven because we somehow base our time here on Earth on the moon and the sun.

In addition, in (2 Peter 3:8) the scriptures indicate that God is not bound by time, for one day on Earth can be a thousand years in Heaven and vice versa. And because Heaven is a dwelling place for God, most likely, those who will dwell with him will not be bound with time also.

However, the Bible does refer to time in Heaven in (Revelation 8:1). This verse notes that there was silence in Heaven for half an hour when the lamb opened the seventh seal. However, we are not sure if John counted half an hour as the same as on Earth or if it was a heavenly time.

Does the Bible say how long we will live in Heaven?

Well, the Bible does not provide a specific duration of how long we will live in Heaven, but rather, eternal life is promised, which is living forever. When the scriptures talk of eternal life, it is the gift that God grants believers through Christ (Romans 6:23). It comes to those who believe in Jesus Christ and is perpetual (it has no end). There are several scriptures in the Bible that reference eternal life in Heaven. John 3:16 says that those who believe in Christ shall not perish but will be given eternal life.

Will we age in the same in Heaven as we do on Earth?

do you live forever in Heaven?
Will we age in the same in Heaven as we do on Earth? Image source: Freepik

The Bible does not directly talks about aging in Heaven. Although some people do believe that the age at which you die will be the same as you will be in Heaven. Others believe that in Heaven, we will be around the 30s, the age at which Jesus was crucified. However, the Bible does not provide a direct answer to such, but by putting together the facts that we know, we can find a reasonable answer.

According to (2 Corinthians 5:1), in Heaven, we will have our eternal house (new body), which will take our mortal part, thus leaving us immortal. It will be a heavenly body that does not age, suffer, or sin. Therefore, if this verse is anything to go by, aging is not a reality in Heaven, for we will live forever, perhaps time will pass, but it will not affect our bodies.

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