How Do Protestants Convert To Catholicism (Reasons behind the Conversion)?

How Do Protestants Convert To Catholicism

The differences between Catholics and Protestants are historical. This branch of Christianity is known as “Protestants” because they sorted to reform perceived discrepancies, errors, and abuses in the Catholic Church starting in the 16th century. Christians, however, cross from one side to the other time. So, how do Protestants convert to Catholicism? Protestants converting to … Read more

Lutheranism vs. Roman Catholic Churches: What is the big difference?

Lutheranism vs. Roman Catholic Churches

Roman Catholics and Lutherans are both Christian faiths. Lutheranism falls under Protestants, a branch of Christianity, Just like Roman Catholicism. The history of the split between Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism is the main reason why Christians would want to know the differences and similarities between both churches. So Lutheranism vs. Roman Catholic Churches: What is … Read more

Who killed Jesus? (Who is to blame?)

Who killed Jesus?

The death of Jesus is among the most painful deaths ever recorded in the Bible. While most of the people who died in the Bible deserved their death, Jesus did not deserve to die the way he did, as he was of no sin. This story usually raises the central question among many Bible readers, … Read more

Did Jesus walk on water (where did Jesus walk on water)?

Did Jesus walk on water

As a Christian who believes in Jesus and follows his teachings, sometimes I wish I had been bornduring his time to witness his miracles. My extensive background in biblical studies has mademe more knowledgeable about Jesus’ miracles. One miracle that I find outstanding is whenJesus walked on water in the sea of Galilee. Since this … Read more