Devil vs. Demon (What is the main difference?)

Devil vs. Demon

Ever since I became a born-again Christian and enrolled in Bible school for my Theology degree, I have encountered many people who ask me about different spiritual beings. In particular, I noticed that many people use the words “demon” and “devil” to refer to the same thing – evil spirits. However, they are not the … Read more

Is Devil Capitalized? (Do You Capitalize the Word Devil)

Is Devil Capitalized?

As a Sunday School teacher and minister, I regularly give them homework to work on during the week. Well, recently, I noticed something interesting. So many kids don’t know if, when, or where to capitalize the word ‘devil.’ It’s not just the young ones, though. Even the older preteens improperly capitalize the word. When I … Read more

Do not be ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11)

Do not be ignorant of Satan’s devices

At our weekly Bible study, we were discussing the spiritual battle that exists between good and evil. We learned that as born-again Christians, we shouldn’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices – his tactics, strategies, and methods of attack as ignorance can leave us vulnerable to his plans. So, if you’ve heard, “Do not be ignorant … Read more