Can nuns go to the gym (Do nuns exercise)?

Can nuns go to the gym

In theology school, in a certain class, our teacher introduced us to an interesting topic about nuns. We learned about their ways of life from one religious order to another. During the discussion, our teacher raised an intriguing question about whether nuns exercise. Since none of us could answer, our teacher gave us an assignment … Read more

Do Nuns Renew Their Vows (How Often Do Nuns Renew Their Vows)?

Do Nuns Renew Their Vows

As a theologian, I take an interest in understanding religious practices. I particularly found the ritual of nuns taking and renewing vows irresistible. As a result, at theology school, my research was focused on understanding the ceremony of vow renewal. I spent years learning from reputable theology professors and read countless theology resources on the … Read more

Can Nuns Go To The Movies (Can Nuns Watch TV)?

Can Nuns Go To The Movies

As a theology major, I was always heavily interested in the concept of nuns consuming secular media, particularly movies. It was an assumption that watching films was against their religious vocation, but to get the truth, I researched. Visiting several convents and discussing the matter with nuns helped me discover they can actually blow off … Read more