Did Herod Antipas go to Heaven? (what happened to Herod Antipas?)

As a Christian, I am highly interested in knowing who is in Heaven because going to Heaven is my ultimate goal. So, as a Christian Theologian, I have been studying different individuals in the Bible and their possible fate, people like Herod Antipas. When I was having an in-depth study of events around Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, I realized that I had yet to study Herod Antipas in length, so I scheduled that research for January this year. I read the Bible, Extra Bible books, and Historical books and consulted with well-experienced Theologians so I could get answers about Herod being in Heaven. Last week someone brought up the discussion about Herod and his final fate, and many answers proved that there is a lot of misinformation among the people. I decided to write this article to fix their arrogance. So, did Herod Antipas go to Heaven?

The Bible does not tell us whether Herod Antipas is in Heaven or not, nor do the Extra Bible Historical books record that. However, they both record his evil deeds, and at no point did he change, meaning he died in sin. If he died in sin, it is possible that Herod might not be in Heaven.

Join me in this article as I write about what Herod did to Jesus. I will also write about whether Herod is in Hell or Heaven. Read on to find out more.

What did Herod Antipas do to Jesus?

The Bible says that Herod Antipas wanted to kill Jesus. He also wanted to see him perform miracles, and later on, he mocked him. In the book of Mark 6:14, Herod showed how much He was threatened by Jesus because he thought that John the Baptist had been raised from the dead. He was scared of Jesus and intended to kill Him, based on what the Pharisees reported to Jesus. Jesus responded by calling Herod a Fox and being firm that He would not stop and would go according to His schedule as recorded in Luke 13:31-32.

Herod also asked Jesus to perform miracles during the time when he was judging Him. When Pilate assessed Jesus and found Him with no mistake, he sent Him back to Herod. Jesus was taken to Herod, who was so happy to see him because he wanted to witness the miracles he had always heard people talk about. According to Luke 23:8-9, Jesus did not answer any of Herod’s questions and therefore he did not perform any miracles and it made Herod angry.

Also, Herod, together with his soldiers, mocked Jesus when He was arraigned in his presence. Herod treated Christ with so much contempt and went on to help his soldiers dress Him in a fine robe while they mocked Him. He then sent Jesus back to Pilate, as written in Luke 23:8-9.

What happened to Herod Antipas after Jesus died?

what happened to Herod Antipas?
What happened to Herod Antipas after Jesus died? Image source: Pixabay

Herod Antipas is said to have been sent to exile by Caligula, who was the new Emperor who had replaced Tiberius, a friend of Antipas. Caligula did not like Herod even one bit, and he was friends with Agrippa, Herod’s wife’s brother. It is believed that both Agrippa and Caligula despised Herod. Caligula helped Agrippa become king, which made Herod’s wife jealous, and she asked her husband to demand to be made king by Caligula. It led to Agrippa accusing Herod of all his unlawful doings, and Caligula had to punish him. He sent him to exile and transferred all his things to Agrippa. His wife refused to divorce him and joined him in exile. However, these events are not recorded in the Bible. They are from historical books which have different accounts.

How did Herod Antipas die?

It is suggested that Herod Antipas died of very serious illnesses at his home in Jericho. It is said that he had been suffering from the sickness for a long time. The illness was described as a combination of ulcers, severely itching skin, Gangrene, fever, tumor on his feet, and convulsions. During his last days on earth, it is believed that there were people in Jericho Stadium who were important and so much loved. These people were to be executed the moment Herod died if they did not mourn him as they should!

Does the Bible mention that Herod Antipas went to Heaven or hell?

The Bible does not mention that Herod Antipas went to hell or Heaven. The Bible only records most of his evil deeds, including mocking Jesus and playing a huge role in his crucifixion. It also mentions his adultery when he snatched his brother’s wife and married her. It also records how he ordered the execution of John the Baptist out of fear of what he could do. There is no point where the Bible mentions his possible transformation and acceptance of Christ. From how the Bible records the story of Herod, we can conclude that he might have died in sin. We all know the wages of sin is eternal death which will be served in hell meaning that Herod might have gone to hell.

Do Christians believe that Herod Antipas went to Heaven?

Did Herod Antipas go to Heaven? 
Do Christians believe that Herod Antipas went to Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

Christians are in no position to say who is in Heaven or who is in hell because none of us is yet to be there, but there are some who comment from analysis of the situation. According to Christians, Herod took part in the death of Christ and continued to do horrible things. He was living in fear of public opinion, which would affect his political position, so he ended up being so evil. His fear is suggested to have led him to hell because he never transformed to be a believer. However, it is only God who can judge him and determine his fate.

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