Did Jesus Die in Walking Dead(What Really Happened)?

Although The Walking Dead series ended a few months ago, the fandom still lives on, and some fans were left devastated, disappointed, and shocked regarding the fate of some of their favorite characters. ‘Jesus’ is a character whose fate left many shocked and with endless questions, one being, “Did Jesus die in Walking Dead?”

Jesus, a.k.a Paul Monroe or Paul Rovia, died in The Walking Dead series. This was one of the most unexpected deaths in the film that brought out extremely mixed feelings in fans and among the cast members. The fact that this death was never hinted at and was perfectly executed added to the shock. Being a character who still lives on in the comic story, ‘Jesus’ death in the tv series was startling.

This post is for you if you haven’t caught up with what happened to Jesus in The Walking Dead. How did Jesus die in The Walking Dead? Who killed Jesus in The Walking Dead? In what season of The Walking Dead did Jesus die? Will Jesus return in The Walking Dead? To answer all these queries and discover much more, continue reading.

How did Jesus die in The Walking Dead?

‘Jesus’ was murdered in The Walking Dead by a Whisperer. The unknown Whisperer stabbed ‘Jesus’ from the side to his heart during a fight. If you didn’t watch it, let’s try to recreate the scene for you; Jesus and Aaron were trying to help Eugene, who was wounded, escape when ambushed by a bunch of Whisperers. This took place in a foggy, horror-like graveyard. As Jesus was fighting the Whisperers, one of them ducked his sword, got behind him quickly, and drove a knife from the side to his heart, killing him.

Because the scene is very foggy and dark, it is hard to determine what’s happening, but fans are quickly taken aback when Jesus is stabbed, being the skilled fighter he is. One of the questions the devasted fans kept asking was, “How could the capable ‘Jesus’ be killed in such a fashion and so quickly?” Other fans expressed their respect for the character saying, “He went out a brave man.”

Besides the mixed emotions about Jesus’ death, Tom Payne, the actor, says he was satisfied and impressed by how the character was killed off the series. He stated that he was pleased by how the story turned out and appreciated the surprise and shock factor the scene had on the fans. He, however, also admits that that was one of the most shocking deaths in the series.

Did Jesus Die in Walking Dead?
Who killed Jesus in The Walking Dead? See below

Who killed Jesus in The Walking Dead?

‘Jesus’ was killed by a Whisperer who had disguised himself as a walker with a skin mask. As ‘Jesus’ attempted to slash the Whisperer with his sword, the Whisperer dodged and stabbed Jesus from his side to his heart. The Whisperers was a group of survivors who wore skin masks to blend in with Walkers.

Although Jesus’ death was shocking to fans, it was something that he had suggested and planned for. Tom Payne stated in an interview with ComicBook in 2018 that he advocated for Jesus’ exit from the series after he noted that despite the ongoing war with the Saviors, not enough people were dying.

According to Tom Payne, after they had agreed to kill off Jesus, he began wondering how the death would occur. He stated that he was satisfied with how Jesus’ death was executed and described the scene as “cool.” In the interview, he also mentioned that Jesus’ death was an exciting way of introducing the ruthless Whisperers.

In what season of The Walking Dead did Jesus die?

‘Jesus’ died in the midseason finale (episode 8) of season 9 of The Walking Dead, named “Evolution,” after being ruthlessly stabbed by a Whisperer during a fight. Although many fans were heartbroken by Jesus’ death, Tom Payne was happy with the exit noting that it was a cool way of introducing viewers to the antagonists, the Whisperers, who hide under skin masks. Jesus’ death came three seasons after his debut in the series, in “The Next World’ episode in season 6, when he bumps into Rick and Daryl, who are on a supply run.

Will Jesus return in The Walking Dead?

Jesus does return in The Walking Dead series, but just as a flashback. Tom Payne hinted in an interview that Jesus might return when the show airs the events that took place in the six-year time jump between episodes 5 and 6. Although not permanently, Jesus’ fans were still thrilled to learn he would make an appearance for one more episode.

In the flashback scene, Jerry informs Ezekiel and Carol that Nabila is expectant when Tara, accompanied by Jesus, arrives at the scene on horseback. With the unpredictability of the tv series, many fans were hopeful that Jesus would be brought back permanently, but that never happened.

Did Jesus Die in Walking Dead?
Does Jesus in the Walking Dead play Jesus Christ? See below

Does Jesus in the Walking Dead play Jesus Christ?

No. Jesus’ actual name in The Walking Dead series is Paul Rovia or Paul Monroe. The Walking Dead is not a spiritual or religious series, and neither does Tom Payne, a.k.a ‘Jesus,’ play the actual Jesus Christ in the series. The name ‘Jesus’ was given to him simply because of his hair and beard, making him look like the character who plays Jesus Christ in most Christian movies. Jesus is just a nickname Tom Payne got because of his “christ-like” looks.


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