Is Jesus a Jojo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)?

When I was a theology student, I enjoyed watching action-packed anime series during my free time. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was my favorite since I was intrigued by Jesus’ role in the series.

I once tried to convince my roommate to watch the anime with me, and he had so many questions regarding the power of Jesus in Jojo. I remember him asking, “Is Jesus a Jojo?”

It is commonly assumed that Jesus is a Jojo. One of the first, most powerful, and most powerful. The series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure features characters whose names contain “Jo’s,” so the protagonists are frequently referred to as “Jojo” in the manga about their names. Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro, and Jolyne are the protagonists’ names. Because Jesus’ name is spelled Joshua in Hebrew and English. Jesus is known as a Jojo.

In this article, I will delve into Jesus’ character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Join me in this exploration to discover what Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is based on and find out the power of Jesus in Jojo.

Keep reading to learn whether Jesus is the strongest Jojo and much more!

What is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure based on?

Jojos Bizarre adventure is one of the longest and most popular Mangas that have ever existed since time immemorial. It is thoroughly enjoyed by Japanese and other people in different regions of the globe.

The adventure is based on the Joester Family, who are depicted as having extraordinary intense psychic strength. The anime series also shows each family member’s adventures and mysteries throughout their life journey.

Hirohiko Araki’s the creative brains behind the series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, also shows us the battles between evil forces and the Joester Family lineage, who are believed to be under a curse.

The first part of the story commences in 1880 and shows Jonathan Joestar’s upbringing from childhood, it shows us the kind of child he was, the powers he possessed, and his abilities before bringing us to the time when Jonathan eventually faces off against his adoptive brother Dio Brando.

Dio Brando is known for his ruthless cunning traits. He is not liked by many, let alone his half-brother. The second part of the manga takes place in 1938.

It chronicles the misadventures of Joseph Joestar, Jonathan’s grandson, as he learns how to use the Ripple to battle the Stone Mask’s hostile antiquated superhumans known as the Pillar Men.

The series is built on a whole family affair shrouded in secrecy and mystery, and only time can tell what is next for this exciting, action-packed manga.

Is Jesus a Jojo?
Is Jesus a character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? See below

Is Jesus a character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Jesus is implied to play a role in Jojo’s Bizarre adventure. This series is well-known for strange plot twists that viewers could never have predicted, and the introduction of Jesus as one of the strongest characters was unexpected.

Many people have objected to using Jesus in this way because he is a sovereign entity in Christianity. Still, others have praised it because, in the manga, Jesus is depicted as the strongest, often referred to as the first most powerful Jojo.

Jesus is introduced in the seventh installment of the series. The series returns to the beginning to show us Jonathan Joestar’s life as the original protagonist before taking a surprising turn.

In the series, the president of the United States, Funny Valentine, wants to use the Joestar lineage to assist him in locating some mysterious relics called the Saints Corpse.

This corpse is split 9 times and scattered through the country, and when put together, the split piece’s form around them is considered the Devil’s palms, which is extremely dangerous.

Additionally, this saint’s corpse is believed to enter the bodies of those who find them, giving them additional great powers and strength, but where things get interesting is who the owner of the corpse is said to be.

Because the hands on the corpse bear the nail marks Jesus received during his crucifixion, there is a strong implication that the saint’s corpse belongs to Jesus.

What does it mean Jesus is the first Jojo?

Fans of the action-packed manga have proposed theories to explain what it means that Jesus is the First Jojo. Many people believe that Jesus existed before everyone else.

He was present from the beginning, before the creation of the universe, as mentioned in the Bible, and many believe He was the first Joestar to exist. It is also implied that he had other children.

The name Jesus can be anglicized to Joshua, it has the ‘Jo’ characteristic of the Jojo’s, and these are the small pieces of evidence that fans assemble to prove that Jesus was a Joestar and the very first Jojo.

Jesus is also depicted as having lived his entire life in North America, implying that he had descendants who could be traced back to the Joestar lineage. The idea of Jesus being a Joestar has added a dynamic and intriguing twist to the series, keeping viewers glued to their screens and waiting for the next adventure.

What is the power of Jesus in JoJo?

If you want to understand Jesus’ power in Jojo, imagine the real Jesus, the son of God and God himself, and imagine his powers. These are some of the abilities highlighted in the series.

The manga depicts a risen Jesus who is alive. He is also depicted as having powers to heal and remove diseases and the ability to redirect misfortunes and send them far away.

Anyone who comes into contact with his parts, which are dispersed throughout the nation, also gains supernatural abilities and powers, which increase their strength significantly.

The united states president, Funny Valentine, embarks on a serious mission to achieve this and obtain the powers from the split Saint Corpse. Everyone wants to come to contact with the saint’s corpse to obtain the powers it inhabits.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Is Jesus the strongest Jojo? See below

Is Jesus the strongest Jojo?

According to the manga’s plot, Jesus is the most powerful Jojo. Nobody can compete with his strength and abilities. Everyone is trying to contact him to obtain some power and strength.

One of his supernatural characteristics is the strength he possesses that can be distributed and passed on to others while remaining the strongest.

He possesses all of the universe’s power because he existed before the world was created. This power was believed to be passed down through the Joestar lineage, whose people exhibit traits of Jesus’ supreme power.



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