Did Simon of Cyrene go to Heaven? (what happened to Simon of Cyrene in the Bible?)

In theology school, I developed an interest in the topic of Heaven and its inhabitants. I specifically liked learning about different people in the Bible and their connection to Heaven, like Simon of Cyrene. He is mentioned a few times, but he made history by helping Jesus carry the cross. Since he was the only man who helped him in His worst state, thoughts of the probability of him being in Heaven crossed my mind, and I decided to delve into research. I read Christian history books, consulted with fellow theologians, and confirmed with Bible verses to get answers. So, last month, someone in our online Christian forum asked about the fate of Simon of Cyrene. This stemmed from our previous topic on the final journey to the cross. Being well-versed in the topic, I covered it comprehensively. So, did Simon of Cyrene go to Heaven?

The Bible does not record anywhere that Simon of Cyrene went to Heaven. However, he is believed to be a saint, and saints are in Heaven. Therefore, Simon of Cyrene could be in Heaven.

So, join me as I write about what happened to Simon of Cyrene after the crucifixion. I will cover his death and fate after the crucifixion, among other exciting topics. Read on to find out more.

What happened to Simon of Cyrene after the crucifixion?

Whatever happened to Simon of Cyrene after the crucifixion is unknown because the Bible talks little about him. However, the fact that he helped Jesus carry the cross, meaning that he was so close to him, makes people suggest that his life must have changed after the crucifixion. It is believed that he converted to Christianity and influenced his wife and sons to Christianity too.

According to Matthew 27:32, Simon of Cyrene was forced to help Jesus carry the cross. It is deduced from this verse that he could have been a pagan because he did not do it willingly.

Also, a 19th Century writer, Catherine Emerich, implied in her book that Simon was a pagan, and it is the same reason that the soldiers forced him to help Jesus. In her book, she says that the soldiers could tell he was pagan just by his dress code. Also, she suggests that while Simon was carrying the cross with Jesus, they didn’t go for a long distance before God’s grace touched his heart. Then, He had a change of heart and perspective. Similarly, his children, Alexander and Rufus, were touched and became Christians. The youngest child also became Christian and went to live with St. Stephen. Therefore, it is believed that after the crucifixion, he joined Christianity with his family and was among the first Christians.

Did Simon of Cyrene become a saint?

Did Simon of Cyrene go to Heaven? 
Did Simon of Cyrene become a saint? Image source: Pixabay

While most churches do not refer to him as a saint, John Grondelski, a Ph.D. holder and Theologian, suggests that Simon of Cyrene became a saint. He names him the Patron Saint of Bystanders. According to him, Simon was a passer-by who took a stand to help Jesus even though he was forced. He argues that God gave all of us free will, including Peter, who willingly denied Jesus. Also, he refers to Emerich, who suggests that Jesus gave Simon a gaze that changed his heart. So, if God picks a bystander to help His son, which changes his life, he suggests that this makes him an excellent example to bystanders. We should not just stand and watch; we should be like Simon. These arguments lead to the conclusion that Simon is the patron saint of bystanders.

Also, some other believers, especially Catholics, believe he is a saint. They say that just because the church does not recognize Simon as a saint, it doesn’t make him less of a saint.

How did Simon of Cyrene die?

The death of Simon of Cyrene is not recorded anywhere in the Bible. However, it is suggested that He was part of the early Christians, and we know most of them were persecuted by Jews. Therefore, he could have been among the persecuted Christians, but it is not proven.

Does the Bible say Simon of Cyrene went to Heaven after he died?

The Bible does not record Simon of Cyrene going to Heaven after he died. However, it does not mean that he is in hell because it is suggested that He is a saint. According to many churches, including Catholicism, saints are in Heaven. Therefore, those who believe that Simon is a saint believe he could be in Heaven.

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  1. In using the phrase “patron saint of bystanders” I never intended to take a stand on the canonization of Simon of Cyrene. The term is used in that article as a literary device, not a theological conclusion.


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