Did Uriah go to heaven? (what happened to Uriah?)

David is one of the most controversial characters in the Bible. At theology school, I learned that his soldiers could not have sex while on duty. I found this ironic since David raped a soldier’s wife while the guy (Uriah) was in the field. After speaking to several seasoned theologians about the incident between Uriah and David, I learned that God is just in every situation. Last month, during our online bible study session, one of the members asked if Uriah went to heaven. We had earlier discussed his unfortunate death. Having had extensive discussions about this with other scholars, I took the opportunity to explain what I had learned. So, did Uriah go to heaven?

Based on the circumstances of his death and how he lived his life, theologians suggest that Uriah went to heaven. In addition to being a believer in Israel’s God, he was obedient to a fault. Uriah lived an honorable life of service. He also regarded the Ark of the Covenant highly.

In this article, we will discuss Uriah’s final days on Earth. We will learn how God responded to David’s murder of Uriah. Read on to learn how Christians view Uriah and where he went after death.

What happens to Uriah in the Bible?

Uriah was a skilled soldier and a man of integrity, as illustrated in 2nd Samuel 11. He served in King David’s army under the command of Joab. Uriah was also the husband of a beautiful woman named Bathsheba. According to 2nd Samuel 11:2, the king was taking a stroll on his palace’s roof when he saw Bathsheba bathing. The woman was so beautiful that he sent someone to find out who she was. The messenger told David that Bathsheba was Uriah’s wife and the daughter of Eliam.

Owing to his lust, David sent his men to bring Uriah’s wife to the palace, and the king raped her. After a while, Bathsheba learned she was expectant. She sent word to David, who began plotting the cover-up for his grave mistake. David sent a message to Joab asking his commander to send Uriah to the palace immediately. David hoped that Uriah would sleep with Bathsheba to make it seem that child was his (Uriah’s).

King David asked Uriah to go home, but Uriah insisted on sleeping with the king’s servants at the palace gate. Uriah told David that he could not go home to enjoy his wife, knowing that the army and the ark are stuck in the open country. David realized that Uriah would not go home, so he sent the soldier back to Joab’s camp with a letter. In the letter, David asks Joab to position Uriah on the frontlines of battle so he can die quickly. Joab obeyed the king, and Uriah died in battle during the siege of Rabbah. Once David learned that Uriah was dead, he married Bathsheba, and she gave birth to their child.

Did God punish David for killing Uriah?

what happened to Uriah?
Did God punish David for killing Uriah? Image source: Pinterest

David deliberately plotted the murder of Uriah so he could have Bathsheba all to himself. According to scripture, God was not happy with David’s actions. This is why God sent the prophet Nathan to confront King David about Uriah’s murder. Nathan began by telling the king a parable of a rich man and a poor man. The rich man was blessed with hundreds of sheep, while the poor man only had one ewe. When the rich man had a visitor, he took the poor man’s ewe and slaughtered his guest. When David heard this, he was furious and sought to punish the rich man for his cruelty. Nathan told David that in the story, he was the rich man, and Uriah was the poor man.

Through Nathan, God reprimanded David for using the Ammonite sword to kill an innocent man and rape his wife. As punishment, the Lord told David that his household would have to deal with the consequences of his actions. Furthermore, Nathan told David that the child he had with Bathsheba would die. True to this word, David’s son died seven days after Nathan’s visit. That is how God punished David for murdering Uriah.

Will Uriah ever receive justice?

If the Bible is anything to go by, Uriah already received his justice when God punished David. Theologians propose that Uriah’s devotion to the God of Israel secured his ticket to heaven. His refusal to engage in sexual intercourse during war spoke to his honor and respect for David’s throne. According to Matthew 5;12, every believer will receive a reward based on their actions on Earth. Based on this assumption, it is safe to assume that Uriah received his justice in the afterlife.

Did Uriah believe in God before he died?

Did Uriah go to heaven? 
Did Uriah believe in God before he died? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, Uriah believed in God before he died. Although he was a Hittite, Uriah converted to Judaism and worshipped the God of Israel. This is why he recognized David’s authority and that of Joab. Uriah was willing to risk his life to obey the men who he believed were men of God.

What do Christians believe was the eternal destination of Uriah?

In Christianity, Uriah was the perfect example of a humble servant. He was a selfless soldier who denied himself the pleasures of life to advance Israel’s cause. Uriah was so close to David that he lived near the palace. Considering his impeccable character, Christians trust that Uriah went to heaven like other believers in the Old Testament.

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