Do Mennonites Drink (Can Mennonites drink alcoholic drinks)?

In theology school, there were controversies about alcohol consumption in various religions. I was particularly interested in Mennonite’s view on drinking. For this reason, I decided to visit the Mennonite community for a better understanding. During my visit, I made friends with one of the Mennonites, who educated me about the community’s traditions and practices. Yesterday, one of my online Christian topics forum members started a conversation about the Mennonite’s view on drinking. Some members argued that Mennonite’s drink, while others argued that they do not. I had a lot to share, given my experience with the Mennonite community. So, do Mennonites drink?

Mennonites engage in drinking. In earlier years, Mennonites did not support drinking; therefore, they did it privately. However, as years went by, they embraced drinking. It is no longer an issue within the community. Given that the religion is currently racially and ethnically diverse, it encouraged new practices such as drinking. Some Mennonites have vineyards where they grow grapes for making wine.

In the article below, I invite you to join me as we examine the Mennonites’ drinking beliefs. I will discuss whether the Mennonite religion allows its members to drink coffee. Also, I will highlight the types of drinks Mennonites can consume and whether the community has rules that govern alcohol consumption. Apart from drinking, find out whether Mennonites smoke. Read on to learn more about Mennonites’ beliefs on drinking.

What do Mennonites believe about alcohol?

The Mennonite community does not have a clear stance on alcohol drinking. Mennonites follow Jesus’ ways and teachings, including views on alcohol consumption. Some Mennonites refer to the miracle where Jesus turned water into wine. Therefore, they deem alcohol as right before Jesus’ eyes. It is likely for one to find a beer or wine in a Mennonite family since some members are open to alcohol drinking.

In 1527, Anabaptists forbade members from taking alcohol or entering drinking premises. However, over the centuries, due to cultural diversity, Mennonites slowly normalized alcohol consumption in their homesteads. There have been no declarations against alcohol consumption within the Mennonite community.

There are Mennonites who have ventured into the alcohol business. Some start wineries, breweries, and others own vineyards. It shows that the community’s perception of alcohol is not as before. Mennonites are public about alcohol consumption, with some participating in activities centered on alcohol.

Based on a report of an event in 2018, different religions showcased exhibits of beverage collections. The Mennonites Heritage Center showcased a history of breweries from the 19th century. On their display, they had books documenting recipes for alcohol preparation from members of their community. It shows the Mennonites’ perception of alcohol consumption.

Are Mennonites allowed to drink coffee?

Do Mennonites Drink?
Are Mennonites allowed to drink coffee? Image source: Pixabay

Mennonites can drink coffee. The community does not have rules that restrict Mennonites from consuming coffee. Furthermore, the community is racially inclusive, with members from countries that are major coffee consumers.

Coffee is part of the daily lives of several people worldwide, Mennonites included. Other Anabaptists may have restrictions on drinks and meals allowed in their religion, but Mennonites are diverse. They embrace the modern way of life, which includes coffee consumption, a trend that took the world by storm.

What kind of alcoholic drinks can Mennonites drink?

Mennonites consume a variety of alcoholic drinks. The religion does not list acceptable alcoholic drinks as they do not discuss this topic often. However, there are some alcoholic drinks that Mennonites consume. The common drink is wine which you can find in most homes. Among the Mennonites are those with wineries and others who own vineyards.

In this regard, some Mennonites have ventured into winemaking and making and selling it. You can find a wine bottle in a Mennonite home. In a certain article, the writer, who happens to be a pastor in a Mennonite church, recalls his experiences with wine consumption.

Another drink that some Mennonites is beer. It may be more common in Mennonite communities with races that make beer. Also, numerous bars across the world mainly sell beer. Whiskey is another alcoholic drink that Mennonites consume. Since the Mennonite religion does not have drink limitations, its members can consume various alcoholic drinks at their pleasure.

Can Mennonites smoke?

There are Mennonites who smoke, whereas some are against smoking. The difference depends on the Mennonite subgroup, as some are Traditional while others are Modern. Tobacco use among Mennonites was fairly common in Europe in the eighties but has declined.

At first, the concept of smoking among Mennonites was not accepted. However, some groups have no issue with doing so. According to Fretz’s research, Mennonites who accept smoking are those who have embraced secularization. He mentions that Mennonites who smoke have conformed to social behavior. It may be confusing to tell apart the moral and ethical stance of Mennonites amidst the secularization of certain practices such as drinking and smoking. The adaptation to societal changes normalized these behaviors.

Are there rules governing the consumption of alcohol in the Mennonite community?

Can Mennonites drink alcoholic drinks?
Consumption of alcohol in the Mennonite community. Image source: Pixabay

There are no rules which govern alcohol consumption within the Mennonite community. Modern Mennonites have embraced drinking alcohol. Traditional Mennonites may have a different view on this as they abide by ethical and moral beliefs. Some make and sell alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer. In this regard, there are no regulations to restrict the Mennonites; if there were, they wouldn’t embark on the mentioned ventures.

One of the values that the Mennonites live by is nonviolence. In some instances, alcohol consumption has resulted in disorderly conduct, which goes against the Mennonite’s beliefs. Therefore, we may say that acts of violence from drinking alcohol challenge the Mennonites’ traditions.

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