Do Amish get divorced (What is the divorce rate for Amish)?

I developed an interest in various religious doctrines while studying theology. I took a particular interest in the Amish religious doctrine and their view on marriage. I then decided to research the issue and learn more about how the Amish view marriage and how they handle divorce. I also visited an Amish community and spent six months around them, which helped me understand the issue more. Last week, during one of my lectures in my college theology class, a student wanted to learn if the Amish got divorced after I had assigned them to write a report on Amish marriage and separation. Having lived in an Amish community together with the research I had conducted, I knew I had all the answers. So, do Amish get divorced?

The Amish get divorced, but their divorce cases are usually rare because the Amish church believes marriage should be a lifetime thing, so Amish couples should stay together until death. Additionally, there are dire consequences placed on divorce, like being shunned, which encourages Amish couples to work on their marriage and make it a success.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss marriage laws for the Amish, what happens if an Amish person divorces their spouse, reasons as to why Amish people may divorce their spouse, and if Amish people marry after divorce, among other interesting topics.

What are the marriage laws for the Amish?

What is the divorce rate for Amish?
What are the marriage laws for the Amish? Image source: Pixabay

Sexual purity

The Amish young people are encouraged not to engage in sexual activities until they are married. The Amish usually marry or get married at a relatively young age, from sixteen to twenty years. During their courtship period, the boy and the girl are only allowed to have casual conversations and hang out to know each other better. They are prohibited from physical touch because it can lead to sexual temptations. Amish people will only get intimate after their wedding.

One can only marry or get married after being baptized

When an Amish youth grows until they are sixteen or seventeen, they usually go through a “rumspringa” period, when they experience more of the outside world. The youth is given freedom during this time to experience both worlds and choose the one they want. If an Amish youth decides to remain in the Amish community and faith after rumspringa, they are baptized, and only there can they start their marriage plans.

Marriage is only done Among Amish believers

Amish people strongly believe in God’s word and therefore believe marriage should only occur between believers. Under no circumstances is an Amish person allowed to marry an outsider or non-believer unless the other person agrees to convert to the Amish faith and be baptized.

What happens if an Amish person divorces their spouse?

Do Amish get divorced?
What happens if an Amish person divorces their spouse? Image source: Pixabay

As stated earlier, it is very rare for Amish couples to divorce. However, there are cases where couples fail to work through things and divorce. If an Amish person divorces their spouse, they may either be excommunicated from the community or shunned as a punishment for their actions. The couple involved will have gone against their baptism and wedding vows. The Amish church is, however, usually open to forgiveness and can forgive the person who issued the divorce if they repent and turn to God.

Reasons why Amish people may divorce their spouse

Amish people may divorce their spouses due to adultery. The Amish people are great believers and view adultery as a sin. If an Amish married person is caught committing adultery which is usually very rare, then their spouse may divorce them.

Amish people may also divorce their spouses if their partners abandon the Amish church and community to live the ‘worldly’ life. This way, the person cannot continue being married to them as the other person will be considered an outsider.

What is the divorce rate for Amish?

What is the divorce rate for Amish?
What is the divorce rate for Amish? Image source: Freepik

The divorce rate for the Amish is suggested to be at zero because the number of divorcees in the Amish community cannot even be rounded off to one percent. The Amish people do not recognize or encourage divorce cases among couples. An Amish believer believes that God ordained marriage; therefore, one would commit a sin if they divorced their partner. Amish married couples tend to commit to each other and try to make their beautiful union last.

Can married Amish people separate?

It is unlikely for Amish married people to separate, as couples are always encouraged to stay together until the end. However, if married Amish people choose to separate, they must be ready to face whatever will come, as this move is not taken lightly by church leaders and members at large. A married Amish couple may separate if one of them chooses to leave the Amish community and follow a different faith. Among the repercussions of a married Amish couple separating is being shunned from the community. This will mean that the people involved will be distanced from the rest of the people and may even be forbidden to attend church until they repent.

Can Amish people marry after divorce?

No, married people are forbidden from marrying after they divorce their spouses. This is because divorce is seen as adultery, and committing adultery should not be heard of in the Amish community. One is only allowed to marry or get married if they are widows or widows. The Amish people appreciate big families, and so they encourage these people to remarry to continue reproducing.

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