Do Snakes Go to Heaven? (What does the Bible say about Snakes?)

When I was in theology school, our teacher raised an intriguing topic about the Bible’s perception of snakes in a specific class session. What followed was a heated debate on whether or not snakes go to Heaven. Since we had split opinions, our lecturer assigned us to research the topic. I consulted theologians and Church leaders and read extensively; as a result, I collected conclusive information. Yesterday, in an online forum I moderate, we discussed how the Bible portrays the snake. In that line of discussion, one of the members asked whether snakes go to heaven. Given I had researched a similar topic while in theology school, I was able to answer the question. So ‘Do snakes go to Heaven?’

The scripture does not mention whether or not snakes make it to Heaven. Some believe that animals will go to Heaven. Since a snake is one of the animals, it may have a spot in Heaven. On the other hand, the scripture does not mention that animals will have eternal life. Therefore, it remains inconclusive whether snakes go to Heaven.

I invite you to join me in the article below to discuss the Bible’s perspective on snakes. We will discuss whether the Bible is against snakes. Also, you will learn the reasons behind the Bible depicting snakes in a negative light. Read on to find out more.

What does the Bible say about snakes?

According to the scripture, snakes symbolize evil and craftiness. From its appearance in the Garden of Eden, the devil appeared in disguise as a snake and tricked man into eating the Forbidden Fruit. God cursed the snake for having initiated man’s disobedience towards God. In that regard, people associate a snake with the devil, as featured in the story.

The Bible mentions snakes severally in different contexts. For instance, it appears in Exodus 7:12 as one of the plagues in Pharaoh’s court. Psalm 140:3, the Bible refers to the words of evil men as sharp as serpents. In most verses of the Bible, where it mentions the snake, it symbolizes negative traits.

Is the Bible against snakes?

What does the Bible say about Snakes?
Is the Bible against snakes? Image source: Pixabay

The scripture has nothing against snakes. It may seem as if it has something against snakes, given the context it mentions the snakes. The Bible calls out the evilness and craftiness that the devil displays. Sadly, Satan demonstrates this through the snake. It happens in the Garden of Eden as the snake tricked man. Following this, the scripture associates evil doings and traits with a snake. When Noah built an Ark, all animals entered; if God had something against the snake, it might have been left out. Furthermore, the snake is part of God’s creation.

Why does the Bible depict the devil as a snake?

The devil was disguised as a snake in the Garden of Eden. In this regard, the snake reflects the craftiness and evil ways of Satan. Adam and Eve sinned Satan’s lies and deceit disguised as a snake. In this way, the Bible narrates what the devil depicted.

Various Bible personalities associate wickedness with a serpent. For instance, in Micah 7:17, God says the Egyptians will lick the dust like a serpent. It shows the hardship that these people will go through.

In Mathew 3:7, Jesus condemned the Pharisees, calling them a brood of vipers. Likening the Pharisees to snakes shows the level of contempt Jesus had towards the Pharisees.

Do Christians think of snakes in a negative light since Satan was a snake?

There are those who have a negative impression of snakes, while others have a neutral view. The devil tempted man in the form of a snake which has since created a negative image of snakes. However, Christians can differentiate the snake from Satan, who did the deed.

Christians may associate snakes with sleekness and lies since the devil used these traits to trap Adam and Eve. Another feeling a snake provokes is fear; ear of getting bitten. A snake’s bite is poisonous, which displays the harm that it may cause.

Since Satan used the snake to trick humankind in the beginning, does it make it impossible for snakes to go to Heaven?

Do Snakes Go to Heaven? 
Snake to trick humankind in the beginning. Image source: Pixabay

As stated, Satan initiated the act, not the serpent. Therefore, we should separate the action from the snake. In this regard, snakes have an equal chance as other animals to go to Heaven. Humans have no place in ruling the impossibility of snakes going to Heaven. Only God knows who will enter the gates of Heaven. Furthermore, the snake received its share of a curse as Adam and Eve received. In this way, it had another chance to act according to God’s Will.

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